Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya Provokes Jaya To Threaten Samar’s Family

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chachi scolds Jaya for returning guest’s gift to guest. Jaya apologizes crying and says mamma told to offload gifts and not keep burden with her. Chachi asks how can she return same guest’s gift to herself. Jaya continues crying and apologizes. Rama consoles her and says there is not difference between mother and MIL, she need not worry. Jaya apologizes for wearing dress instead of sari and says she could not wear sari, so mamma suggested to wear dress. Rama says she can wear whatever she likes and look beautiful the way she wants. Jaya smiles.

Jaya then returns to her room and continues crying. Rama returns from work and asks if she is still crying for muh dikhayi issue. She says yes and continues explanation. He asks her to relax and says they are going

out without their phones. She asks what if someone calls. He says he informed his mother already. She walks with him and gets excited seeing scooter. He says it is Lallan’s scooter. They go on a romantic long ride and enjoy chats, etc. Satya calls Jaya repeatedly and then Samar. When they both don’t pick her call, she calls Rama and asks where is Jaya, she did not speak to her since 3 hours. Rama asks her not to worry. Satya continues. Rama asks how did Jaya learn to ride bicycle. Satya says she taught her holding bicycle and then drew back her hand when Jaya learnt riding, asks what she means. Rama says she should do same now and not be behind Jaya always, Jaya is married now. Satya feels angry and disconnects call asking her to inform Jaya to call her when Jaya returns. Naani suggests her not to interfere in Jaya’s married life, but Satya as usual shuts Naani’s mouth and says she is worried about all her daughters and nobody can stop her. Naani helplessly runs to her room.

Jaya and Samar return home and describe how much they enjoyed. Rama informs Jaya that Satya had called and asked her to call back. Jaya calls Saya and describes how much she enjoyed. Samar gets intimate with her. She disconnects phone while Satya is still speaking and gets into the flow, submitting herself to Samar. Teri naam ki koi dhadak hainaaa….song..plays in the background. They are about to get more intimate when Jaya realizes her earring is missing and starts searching it. Samar says they can in the morning. She insists saying it is precious earring. Samar helplessly searches earring. Jaya finds earring. Samar suggests to keep jewelery with maa. Jaya agrees and insists him to go and give it to Rama right now. He says he will in the morning, but she forcefully sends him.

Satya calls Jaya again. Jaya describes how she dropped her earring and found it, so she gave it to her MIL. Satya scolds why did she give jewelry to MIL and asks to get it back. Jaya says Samar would feel bad and it is midnight. Satya insists to get it back and MIL doe snot give jewelry, she threaten her to go back to her maika/mother’s place.

Precap: Jaya insists Samar to get back jewelry from Rama, else she will go to her maika/mother’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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