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After having great time with kids kunj and yuvi leave they take romir with them.Kunj thinking about what she tells him. He told the driver to change the direction take him to Sarna Mansion..

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Driver turned and left for Sarna Mansion soon kunj reached he come out of the car.

And went inside after so many days later he come here feel good first hee went in Manohar room and see him he was alone in room sitting on wheelchair Kunj wiped his eyes and went near him.. He sits on his knees. In front of Manohar…

Kunj:how’s you papa..

Manohar just blinking his eyes Kunj see and give smile.he kissed on Manohar hand back palms.Papa I missed you like anything I just went from here can’t see you like this.That’s why I didn’t come here very much least come just to meet with MAA and don’t know what happened to her nowadays she behaving like greedy.
Still I know that night Papa how I crying lot.You select na twinkle for me see what she had done with me and today you are here just because of her..

I’m so lucky papa I have you and she most even my kamina yuvi .In this past years I lost lot but get too.I love them Papa I’ll not get marry again that’s sure my sweetheart with me. And that idiot as well who is crazy I m thanks to god that I went that night and meet with her if not who will save me today if she isn’t than Papa today kunj will not be in front of you..

I’ll take our revenge Papa at any cost I’m near my war it just a start I’ll show which pain I carry in my heart long back. Bygones and my old time never let me sleep after twinkle I thought I can live my life with her but what she give me and Leave Papa you know she is happy with vikram I saw her last in Abhay wedding didn’t you.

They have baby too Papa look at me I’m just empty I have no family beside me..

I started falling for her Papa thought after her that pain and revenge I have in my eyes will vanish after her love even she give me one more revenge..

she is nothing to me Papa. In heart Manohar crying to see kunj in what path he walking.Kunj said something to Manohar he started moving his hands.

Kunj: what happened papa Are you okay na just than there Usha come and found kunj..

Usha:Arey Kunj Puttar tum she give smile and went ahead and Kunj turned and look at Usha he give smile and look at Usha he get up and Usha cupped his face and hugged him and Kunj to back her..


Usha:mera bacha kesha kabhi apni Iss MAA ko bhi yaad kar liya kar..

Kunj:MAA aap bhi na Meri pyaari MAA. Aap hi toh ho Meri ek lauti MAA..

Usha:pata hai… aur bata kesha hai mere laal..Kunj cuddles usha..

Kunj:I’m fine MAA but you tell me..

Usha:I’m all good. Finally my son come back.

Kunj:MAA you know na why I didn’t come here.

Usha:yup I know:. Now tell me what you will have I’ll make it for you from my Hands.

Kunj:okay Meri pyaari Maa whatever you wanted I’ll loved what you’ll make it for me with love and care..

Usha:mera sab se acha beta Kunj.

Kunj:aur Maa how’s Anant Bhaiya and Niki bhabhi did they coming with ishaan.

Usha:you know na Anant he just busy in his work and Niki too so they can’t.
Usse kaha Meri parwaha hai shirf ek tu hi toh hai jo mujhe samj ta hai..

Kunj:because Meri MAA lakho me ek hai..

Mera Bach you go and sit I’ll come okay.Kunj went in hall and see even Yuvi too come.Romir and yuvi went to have ice cream.

Yuvi:hi bro..

They all sit together while usha went in kitchen and make kunj favourite food.

Kunj:Romir where is your bestie.

Romir:Chachu he went his home back.

Yuvi:literally this boy is totally awesome kunj.


Yuvi:what did you think about this project kunj..

Kunj:nothing very much Yuvi.

Yuvi:100Crores deal kunj isn’t it’s very good for us.

Kunj:yup it is Yuvi.Let’s see..

Soon usha come with food and sit beside kunj and started feeding him with her hands.

Yuvi: aww this mumsy and son moments.

Romir: Papa where is my mamma..

Yuvi: like as always your mamma went for shopping with your dadi..

Usha:true they both went for shopping. There maya come and see kunj give smile while kunj ignore her because she sticking to him she sit and looking at Kunj.

Maya:hi kunj hows you..

Kunj:good in cold voice.

Usha: maya you make kheer na go and bring for kunj.

Maya:yeah aunty..

Kunj:no maya you know na I didn’t like sweet things so please Maa you feed me.

Maya closed her fist..

Yuvi: are you going to staying here..

Kunj: let’s see Yuvi..

Usha: kunj at least you can come home at night.Whole day you didn’t come I can understand but in night too.

Kunj:Maa I work at night so sleep there only. What I’ll do to come here is nothing left to come MAA now I feels suffocating.

Usha: kunjj why you making yourself like this haa just because of that idiot girl twinkle.

Kunj:MAA I told you many times don’t take her name why..

Usha: acha then why you didn’t get marry to maya. Maya give smile while kunj get up..

Kunj: enough even one reason is this why I didn’t come here because MAA you always bring this question to marry maya.

Usha:haa Maa hu me Teri I can’t see you alone kunj.Everyone is happy in their life.
Usha cupped his face.Kunj look at me with wet eyes.Dekh kunj after marry to maya your life become good. Even I wanted to see you happy in your life with your own family kunj. Today see Romir didn’t you think about kids this not come in your heart haa even you too have babies kunj.

Kunj: Maaaa please..

I’m happy alone I don’t wanted anyone MAA.

Usha: acha you don’t wanted to marry maya okay fine did you have anyone other girl in your mind haa kunj tell me I’ll happy in your happiness. Kunj cupped Usha face.

Kunj:MAA we talk na lot still why you bring these. things and make me more sadder.I’m not interested in maya Maa.I just love her only.

Kunj went from there in his room he entered in room and see.

Now he didn’t like to stay in this room his memories with twinkle in every corner of this room echoing.this kunj can’t bear it.

he sit on his bed and with teary eyes.

Why MAA didn’t understand me she wanted to see me happy but happiness is not written in my destiny MAA bache he laugh out sarcastically.

Kunj get up and take out tape recorder and plugged earphones. Tears flowing down from kunj eyes..

Kunj went in balcony and stand there alone just thinking something in his mind.

Kunj:still that night didn’t let me sleep..

I was just waiting for day when I’ll take my revenge from you.Your time have come.

Kunj closed his eyes and remember something which gives him pain like someone pulled his soul out.
Kunj wiped his tears and giving painful smile.

Usha come there and keep her hand on kunj shoulder Kunj know who is??

Usha:you are angry with me kunj.. Kunj nodded his head in no..Usha smile and stand beside kunj.. Yuvi told me you were doing work on same project which project is it kunj..

Kunj:hmm hmm hai MAA you tell me you take 10k from office what happened.

Usha: you know Kunj Anant he wanted money that’s why I didn’t take your permission too sorry.

Kunj:MAA don’t be sorry MAA whatever is my only it yours..I’m just asking normally if you wanted more then you take my card it’ll be more good..

Usha:no I don’t wanted you just stay happy.Usha see kunj red eyes and tape recorder in kunj hands.Kunj today I’m telling you one thing stop living in past it will gives you only pain forget whatever happened.

Kunj:MAA I can forget everything but this I can’t till my last can you MAA didn’t you remember that horrible night which come in our life just in one night make our like hell haa we are so happy na see today papa in this condition.

Usha:kunj whatever this written in our destiny we can’t blame anyone..

Kunj:MAA I’m not blaming anyone this you know MAA. How can I forgot MAA my heart didn’t let me forget.

Usha:now what you’ll do it Kunj ha.This revenge fire i can see in your eyes kunj extinguish this fire…

Kunj:MAA never this fire I’ll not.Once my revenge will fulfil MAA I’ll sleep peacefully.

That sound of screams didn’t let me sleep.

Usha:kunj many years has been passed away that incident still you remember it.

Kunj:yes when I closed my eyes only that scenario comes in front of my eyes MAA. I remember still that incident MAA. Kunj look at Usha Maa I’ll take my revenge.

Usha:don’t know kunj what to say.One side I’m your mother who don’t wanted you do something wrong.

Kunj:MAA how can you forget your tears MAA.

Usha:kaha hai I’m so happy kunj.

Kunj:really Maa you are happy I can see you.You still not MAA. What doctors said about Papa health..

Usha:nothing kunj.After giving him the best treatments why not he becoming fine..

Kunj:and how’s aunty..

Usha:Anita is fine..

Kunj:okay.what about your sister.

Usha:even she too I call her.Kunj think about my words kunj.Leave this revenge and all’s one I lost don’t wanted one more.

Tears escaping from usha eyes kunj cupped her face and wiped it.. kissed on her eyes..

Kunj:Maa see this tears.Just became of him this tears is in your eyes we bear everyone humiliation.No more I can understand one thing MAA in this world only money is important on money power you can do anything sach ko jhoot And jhoot ko sach

Usha:kunj you walking on wrong path. Your Papa didn’t wanted this.Kya kare ga tu.

Kunj:kuch nahi MAA. I wanted one proof to prove that truth which nobody knows.. Meri MAA kitni rohi ti ek ek baate yaad hai mujhe Maa. Anita aunty Surjit tau ji sab ne kya kya nahi bola aap ko.Kaha ta Meri MAA ka fold still you bear na MAA. Now it’s there time to payback for Their sins MAA. I’ll not leave each and everyone Maa.Who was the reason behind our pain.. Usha just lost in kunj words.,

Usha:kunjj she turned to otherside hiding her tears from kunj.I try kunj that you leave this but today I see that fire I saw in your eyes that time.galt ke saath galt karna kaha shai hai Kunj.

Kunj:that I don’t know MAA this words suits in films not in real life.I come very far.This revenge grown up with me Maa.

So you can understand kitna bada and lamaba hai mera badla..

Usha:kar tujhe jo karna hai but remember one thing mere bete kunj ko kuch nahi hona chahiye samja because I cant live without him.kunj.One already don’t know where I lost.

My eyes everywhere finding.One lost i can  bear but that I can’t kunj.

Kunj:MAA forget about this na..

Usha:you were saying me this what about you haa even I too wanted kunj.You too forget everything.See Yuvi kunj how much he is happy I wanted to see my kunj happy.

Kunj:hehe he laugh out MAA you consider Yuvi as your son now happy for him at least.

Usha:I wanted to see my real son happy kunj you.He is to my son but like you na. We have only one son.

Kunj:Maa Anant Bhaiya hai haina why you say this haa he feel bad na.. 

usha:kunj you know na he didn’t consider me his mother what i have done with get marry bas so i can have too grand kids like Anita..I give him love but what I get. 

kunj: MAA this wish I can’t fulfil of yours.

Usha: okay now no more tears emotional MAA and beta..

Kunj:sometime MAA I thought no one understand me better than her but even my Maa to understand me lot in anger MAA I told you so many things sorry for that all Maa what I’ll do Maa when I turned and look at everywhere find myself alone maa. I told her too about you MAA but you know what she said MAA is the best.

Usha:haa I talk to her.Obviously she’ll understand you na kunj.She knows you very well more than me kunj.kunj cuddles Usha.

Kunj:MAA I love her lot❤️.just than Kunj phone beep kunj see the caller ID and give smile.My love of life.Kunj pick up her call.

Yes baby how’s you..

Girl:I’m fine kamine hows you..

Kunj:kamini I’m fine what about you bewadi..

Girl:acha 😛😝. Let’s meet na kunj.

Kunj: are you come back..

Girl: yes I’m come back. Today only so calling you first..

Kunj:okay I’ll Meet you soon.. Usha smiling to see kunj happy with her she went from there while kunj get busy with her..they both talk for sometimes lot kunj laughing like anything on her jokes..

At other [email protected]
Ammar come back home with mehar and her kids they went inside and see Leela and Rt sitting in living room they went towards them and sits with them.

Leela:hi mehar puttar hows you.

Mehar:I’m good maasi Maa..

Rt: what this bacha party doing.

Hiya: Rt nanu this ammar just love basketball huhh.

Ammar: nanu we play lot I win like always.

Rt: acha my winner 😎. Leela take him near to her and see his whole face drenched in sweat she wiped and caress his hairs.

Leela: ammar see you become so dirty if mamma will see you she’ll scold you.

Ammar: nani why this mamma behind me..

Mehar:Twinkle ka beta bhi.. badi badi baate karta hai bas.. just than little mira started crying. Due to her crying sound ammar closed his ears..

Ammar:mehar aunty please closed her mouth she doing so much noise pollution.

All like omg.

Mehar: acha noise pollution.. devil.. mehar went make Mira feeder and give to her she become okay after milk.. there twinkle and abeer come back twinkle lost in her thoughts they too come and joint them.

Abeer: my dear wifey you come here..

Mehar:yeah you both didn’t come at garden so we come back even Sasha too went.

Twinkle:we stuck in work that’s why. Twinkle see ammar. What is this ammar your clothes and your face..

Hiya:Twinkle massi he play basketball and become all dirty.. ammar give look at hiya.

Ammar:nani why this girls good in back b*t*hing 😛..

Twinkle: you wait I’ll tell you.. in what girls are good.. twinkle about to catch him while ammar run from there and went in room. Fuzu come back and went in his room he was tired so..

Abeer: today mr maamu went.

Twinkle: maybe get tired that’s why only nahi toh yeh ufff both maamu and bhanja eat my head taking whole house on their heads.

Abeer:and my this two princess too.. he kissed on his both daughters..

Rt: and twinkle beta what about your new project..

Twinkle: we got Papa.

Abeer:yes me and twinkle company selected for this project.

Leela: you all will do work together..

Abeer: yes aunty we too and two mores one is who approved for this project we’ll work together like a team..

Twinkle:don’t who this two. Did listen their names..

Abeer: na Arey.. they talk for sometimes after abeer and mehar along with Their both daughters they left for their house..

Twinkle:I’ll go and get freshen up and see him too.

twinkle went in her room and find ammar sleeping on bed.She smiled and went towards him sit beside he sleeping in very cute position.Mera bacha Twinkle said.

And she kissed on his forehead.. she take her clothes and went in washroom. And get freshen up come out and even change ammar night dress too. Twinkle did her some office work and than fuzu come and take ammar with he still sleeping. Twinkle too went downstairs Leela call them for dinner.

Leela: fuzu let him na whole day bas running here and there..

Twinkle:MAA send him school now. His school open.

Rt: so soon..

Twinkle:yes.. fuzu place him on couch and they all sit for dinner and having too.

Next Scene..

Kunj sifting with Yuvi near beach both having bottles in Their hands and drinking and laughing out.

Yuvi:Tere saath pine me maza hai. Didn’t you scared if usha chachi come to know about this..

Kunj: who told her you.

Yuvi: marna hai kya mujhe.. jungle me rakhe ke sheer se Biyar 

Kunj: should I take this in compliment or in some other way..

Yuvi: As you wanted bro. Kunj why don’t you do what usha chachi telling you kunj..m

Kunj: now you too not Starts again..

Yuvi:okay bro.. just than they both heard someone voice they know who she is. Both murmured aagi dayaan 😂😛😛. She come and take seat between Kunj and yuvi they sitting on rocks..

Yuvi: Arey you’ll live 100 years😛😂..

Girl: why..

Kunj: just now Yuvi doing your backbiting 😂.

Girl: he is kamina number one.. what you handsome 😛😛she cuddles kunj and give him kiss on cheeks while kunj smiling and hugged her back..

Kunj: aur madam how’s your vacation..

Yuvi: she must be enjoyed na kunj..aur . So girl is Aditi..

Aditi:kya I’m good.

Yuvi: your BF miss you lot..

Aditi: I know.. even I too miss my BF.
Aditi look at Kunj face didn’t you miss your GF Kunj..

Kunj:yup I too miss my GF lot baby..

Yuvi: kamini what you bring for us.

Aleena: tenga 😂😛😛😂..

Yuvi: b*t*h.. Kunj you should have maya hand kheer😛😂he said purposely in front of aditi.

Aditi: acha why did she is queen so have to eat huhu kamini always having bad eyes on my BF😛.. she cuddles kunj her hands around kunj neck you are only mine BF. I hate that maya always finding way to stick with you.

Kunj:MAA Meri MAA I know if I eat you kill me.. Kunj kissed on her forehead. I miss you lot aditi.

Aleena: even me too how’s she..

Kunj: fabulous as always.

Aleena: I miss her hand food. And what about your mom.

Yuvi: good something asked us too🙄😛😂..
Aleena: have some shame you have mahi for this. They sit and feel cool breeze..

Three of them lay down straightly on rocks.Aditi head resting on kunj and yuvi hands..Yuvi teasing her with his foot.

Kunj:god is great..

Next day..

At morning whole night Yuvi and aditi or kunj spend together in their nautiyness.

Kunj:good morning guys..

Yuvi:good morning great O.. he stop..

Aditi: yup owl😂😛😛..
Kunj and yuvi get call both went to meet with someone.. they went homes and get freshen up today Yuvi and Kunj have meeting with puru Dewaan..

Twinkle wake up and find her pa message her she read immediately went and get freshen and went downstairs and see Leela and Rt running behind ammar she laughs out and went towards them.

Twinkle:what’s going on.

Ammar:mamma see na nanu nani they both just feeding me this boring food..

Twinkle: acha bachu And now go get ready for school. You’ll get late.

Leela: yes I ready his all things..

Twinkle:good maa I’ll get him ready.. ammar making puppy faces and twinkle take him and get him ready for school. Ammar went school fuzu drop him.

Twinkle have her breakfast and left for office she too directly went deewan office.

Twinkle went inside and find abeer there already. Puru come and call them they both went inside and meet With him.They Shakes Their hands.

Puru:nice to meet with your miss twinkle Taneja. You are really a talented lady..

Twinkle:thanks sir for this..

Puru:where is our two more young man’s.
Yuvi knock the door.

Puru: come inn.twinkle and abeer back facing to Yuvi. Hey young man.

Yuvi:hi sir he went ahead puru hug him.

Puru:meet with him.. twinkle and abeer turned and see Yuvi twinkle was shocked like anything to see Yuvi. While Yuvi eyes went on twinkle standing in front of him. Abeer meet with Yuvi While Yuvi and twinkle still shocked. Arey you too meet twinkle he is Yuvraj Luthra. And she is twinkle Taneja.They both didn’t blink their eyes.Yuvi see twinkle fully she changed totally.He forward his hand to twinkle to shake hand with her twinkle didn’t  react first than she too they shake Their hands..

Yuvi:hi miss twinkle Taneja. with wet eyes.

Twinkle:hi mr Luthra..

Puru: take the seats they all sits. So I m making twinkle head of this project she’ll handle each and everything. If you don’t mind miss twinkle while doing this project till the end can we used your office because deewan office is very far still our work is going on hope you don’t mind..

Twinkle:why sir I’ll.
Abeer: even me and twinkle doing work  in same building our office on different floors. This is very good..

Yuvi holding his head and thinking..
Yuvi:if kunj come here and see twinkle come to know twinkle too working in this project I’ll can’t happen this after so much pain he become normal.. babaji what I’ll do for my bestie.this project also very important for us. Just than Yuvi get call from Anita. Excuse me.. he get up and went in side take her call. Yes mom.

Anita:Yuvi where are you..
Yuvi: mom I told you na I come to meet with mr deewan still you disturbing me..

Anita: good Yuvi you did your best don’t let kunj come first in this project Yuvi make faces. Where is kunj..

Yuvi: he didn’t come till yet.. I was calling him only..

Anita:great Yuvi don’t let him cone on time mr deewan get impressed with you my son used your brain sometimes Yuvi you were calling him.

Yuvi: okay mom bye.. he end the call and went back.

Puru: mr Luthra you seemed tensed..

Yuvi: no no sir he drink water and wiped his sweat.Twinkle seeing Yuvi.

Twinkle:Yuvi is here he too in this project. Hope kunj will not here babaji.they started discussing about project details.Twinkle went in washroom.She washing her face again and again.After see Yuvi she get nervous never wanted to face him. Kunj reaches deewan office he asked about Yuvi and pa tell him to go in conference room.kunj take step towards conference room. He open the door Yuvi heart started beating fast he is only Kunj. Kunj open the door puru see him Yuvi closed his eyes.,
Kunj see them and take step and puru get up and meet with him..

Kunj: hi sorry late I was busy.

Puru: it’s okay gentlemen come. Meet with him Yuvraj Luthra..

Kunj:hi mr Yuvraj Luthra.

Yuvi: hi…both give Fante smile..

Puru: he is abeer Malhotra.

Kunj: nice to meet with you..

Abeer:same.. just than twinkle come out of the washroom..

Puru:Arey lo even our head too come.. come here..puru hold her hand take her to kunj kunj turning.. while Yuvi closing his eyes he know what kunj next reaction will come after see her. Slowly slowly Kunj turned and see twinkle. First he didn’t believe in his eyes what he seeing while twinkle take deep breath.Kunj closed his eyes and again open see Twinkle standing in front of him.Sad sanjnave play in BG💔.
Kunj looking just on twinkle face.

Puru:what happened why you both looking at each other’s like this haa you both know each other’s both at them same time no we don’t know each other kunj and twinkle replied.. tears comes in Their eyes. Kunj she is twinkle and twinkle Kunj Sarna.She is our young women he give twinkle side hug Kunj see this.. both didn’t say anything they sit while discussing about project twinkle and Kunj see each
Others both still in deep shocked after 3 years later they see each other Yuvi see kunj and keep his hand on his hand. Twinkle see kunj while kunj turned his face.

Twinkle: in heart babaji kunj he is here i feel he is near me it’s mean that yesterday he is only. Look at him babaji..

(Kunj changed himself totally long beard with red yes intense look.) what he make himself babaji. His condition worse than when I saw him last time  in mumbai.. twinkle why you thinking this haa you don’t care whether he is happy or not did he care about you when you need him most even again he didn’t stand for me. She bring anger in her eyes.

Kunj:PoV.. twinkle here so that single lady she is.. what she doing here I mean business or twinkle.Kunj look at her.
she changed lot I mean totally different twinkle this modern clothes and anger too in her eyes for me.Where is her husband.

Why I care where he is or not. She cheat me for him now nothing is left between us longback we broke up everything between us even not last single connecting thing left between us. Now this would be great babaji we’ll on same project great( )

They share eyes lock.

Puru:so now you all must be ready for project they all nodding their heads in kunj and Yuvraj you both are in one team and twinkle and abeer in one.You four of them working together.All other details my pa will give you people so starts the work from tomorrow before let’s have celebration after all we are going to starts mega merger project.Abeer agreed with puru while kuvi and twinkle didn’t give any look.Meet you guys I’ll send venue address where we’ll have celebration.

puru leave from there.

Abeer:Twinkle don’t you happy I mean yaar.

Twinkle:I’m happy abeer she manage to give smile.. let’s go we should leave we have work in office..

Abeer:yup..bye you both new business men’s. Kunj and yuvi give smile.. twinkle look at Yuvi and Kunj she and abeer went from there Yuvi take deep breath.and sit

Kunj and yuvi looking at each other’s and talk in gestures.The scene turned immediately next scene come where twinkle sitting in her office in full anger.

Twinkle:I can’t work with him never why he come now what he wanted. I’ll tell about this to MAA and Papa first than I’ll think do I continue work on this project or else backoff.

Kunj in his cabin there Yuvi come with some papers and keep it on desk with sound. Kunj knows he give smile.. but didn’t turned.

Yuvi:abye oyy jaag ja bhai..

Kunj:bok now..

Yuvi: so backoff from this project you..

Kunj: nope..

Yuvi: than twinkle must be..

Kunj: didn’t you think she’ll be I just searched about her read it. She changed no more that emotional twinkle Yuvi.

Yuvi:now I’m toh continued..

Kunj:me too. 😎😎. But don’t wanted to work with her.. shitt..

Yuvi: hmm what to do.. bro.. Purushottam invited us for tonight celebration.

Kunj:we’ll go.. she’ll not maybe.. we’ll keep the celebration like this way. 😎😎

Yuvi:waha Arey mere.. lala… think. I’ll win this time 😏😏😏..

Kunj:chal tu apne raste me apne raste…

Yuvi: pata hai…

They both arguing badly started throwing things on each other’s both is in anger..
he went from there while kunj started working on his laptop see something and send it..

Otherside someone playing with girls in pool and smirking 😏 devil… 

the less you reveal the more people can wonder 


Here first I’m clear one thing.. 

Don’t think that Anant is Ushar son they have only Kunj..—-.. okay. 

They consider Anant as their son. Not biological parents.. 

now think.?? Who is good and bad in this mystery .Jo dikhta hai wo hota nahi hai aur jo hota hai who dikta nahi hai 

Reality is fleeting.. 😎😎😎.. just think who separate twinj😛😂😂.. 

And this 10 episode mistakenly I thought previous one is 10so sorry.. 😂😛.. 

Bye love you all.. 

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