Main Bhi Ardhangini 3rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant cheats Mohini after taking magical promise

Main Bhi Ardhangini 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant telling Mohini that Malmal will be his from all ways. Mohini says what is the hurry. She says I said yes, but I have a condition. Adhiraj says what she is going to do. Vikrant says I agree to all your conditions. Mohini says my condition is my friends’ freedom from here and asks him to leave them all. Vikrant says nothing is precious than my malmal and thinks she shall think later what to do. Vikrant hugs her and asks her to do magical promise, and if she don’t accept that everyone will die. She says you have to kill Mohini and become my Malmal and for that you have to marry me in 3 days. Adhiraj asks her not to do magical promise and says you have to fulfill your dream even after death. Mohini apologizes to them. Vikrant makes them vanish from there. Adhiraj is trapped in a room while others are trapped in another room. Adhiraj shouts Mohini.

Mohini asks what did you do with them, where they went? Vikrant says I have sent them to different room, so that we can talk. Mohini thinks if he has done something to my children and Adhiraj. Vikrant tries to read her mind. Mohini shouts no. He says I want magical promise. Mohini says I promise you. He asks her to give magical promise to him and makes her fly in air to reach him and give promise. Mohini thinks what is happening to me, why I couldn’t stop myself. Vikrant hugs her and asks her to promise that she will become his Malmal. Mohini promises him. Adhiraj says don’t promise anything Mohini. Chunnu also thinks the same. Mohini faints. Vikrant thinks you can’t leave me even if you want. Mohini gains consciousness and asks him to fulfill his promise. She says she wants to meet them before. He says ok and goes to give good news to Piku that she will get her mother Malmal. Mohini comes to Chunnu and other Serpents. She apologizes to Chunnu. Chunnu says you did like others. Mohini says whatever I did is for your protection. Chunnu asks don’t you want to return to Naaglok. Mohini says you are an understanding naag and asks him to take care of them. Chunnu asks her to promise that she shall never love Piku as him.

Vikrant comes to Piku and tells her about Mohini promising him. Piku asks him to go and opens the door. Vikrant frees her from the ball and tells that Mohini gave him magical promise, but she wants her friends to be released. Piku asks him to do what she says.

Mohini comes to Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks her not to believe Vikrant and says he will not free us. Mohini says Vikrant will get Malmal. He asks what about us. Mohini cries and is about to go. He gets concerned for her. Mohini says I don’t know if I am doing right or wrong. He cries. Mohini asks him to remember that whatever she did is for him. Adhiraj says you gave me much pain by separating Adhiraj from you. He says this is our last meeting, don’t know if we will meet again or not. He says I want to tell you something today, wanted to tell you before also. He says I love you very much and asks her to remember this moment. Mohini hugs him and cries. Adhiraj also cries. Vikrant makes Mohini vanish from there. He asks if she met them for the last time. Mohini says yes and asks him to let them go. Vikrant says even I want to meet my guest, but will start with Adhiraj. He makes Adhiraj comes there with magic and asks if you both were cutting the onions there. Mohini reminds him of his promise and asks him to leave him. Vikrant asks which promise. Adhiraj becomes Adam baaz.

Vikrant says I remember that I will free this Adam baaz. Mohini asks him to free him. Vikrant says I will free him on your sayings and cuts his feathers. Adhiraj writhes in pain and shouts. Mohini tries to stop Vikrant. Vikrant says I am fulfilling my promise. Mohini runs to Adhiraj and holds him as he sits down in pain. She asks how can you be so cruel. Adhiraj says I asked you not to believe him, but you didn’t listen to me. Mohini asks Vikrant if he will do the same thing with her kids. Vikrant burns Adhiraj’s feathers and says it will suit me best. He says I promised that I will free the snakes, but didn’t say how many? Mohini asks what do you mean? Vikrant calls Piku. Piku and mangu bring Chunnu and others. Mohini asks why they are tied. Vikrant says I have promised Piku that Chunnu will be her toy. Mohini says he is not a toy. Piku says he is toy from now on. Mohini says Piku…you have betrayed me, you are like your Papa. Vikrant says even Malmal was like me.

Precap: Vikrant tells Mangu if Mohini expresses her love to Adhiraj then she will be freed from the magical promise. He hugs Mohini to trap her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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