Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant changes Mohini into Malmal

Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini telling Vikrant that she is not his Malmal. Vikrant says Malmal is my past and my future, and my dastaan to complete. He says I will tell you later, and says you are so beautiful, but so dirty clothes. Mohini asks him to shut up. Bhujang tells Vasudha that he has to give Agni pariksha to save the naag tatva, stop Vikrant and punish that betrayal Mohini. Vasudha says this fire can burn you. Bhujang says he has to do this. Vasudha asks him to take the pot and burn his sins which he hasn’t done. Vikram changes Mohini’s clothes with magic. Mohini asks him not to do this again and asks where are the kids? Vikrant says we have just a daughter and the other kids are her food. He says everyone wanted my end, but I am Anant and looks at her with red eyes. Mohini keeps eye on her ears and asks where are my kids? Chunnu and other kids are trapped in a room. One of the serpent tries to escape from the room but making a hole in the floor, but he fails. Chunnu says Vikrant will not do the same mistake and make our escape easy. Topi Danav comes there and tells that he came with Adhiraj and Mohini, but I came alone here. He says I will free you from this ball, but fails. He says only Vikrant can free you from this magic. Chunnu tells that he had read in the book that Bhujang had killed Vikrant in the past, but don’t know how.

Bhujang comes to the big tree and tells that Vikrant is back and asks them to help him to kill him. He sees the secret door opening and finds Adhiraj coming out. Adhiraj sees Bhujang. Bhujang asks how dare you to hinder my tapasya. Adhiraj says I can do anything, but didn’t want to come here. Bhujang blames him for manipulating Mohini and other serpents. He asks if he is with Vikrant. Adhiraj tells him that neither he is against him nor he is with Vikram. He says talking about Mohini, you will not get loyal Sainik than her and says even today she is risking her life to fulfill your orders. He says she had saved kids from Maha Maya, but Vikram captive them again. Don’t know what he will do with mohini. Bhujang says he will make her Malmal and says it is a big story. He says Vikrant wants to get Mohini. Adhiraj says we shall go and kill him. Bhujang says we can’t fight with him. Adhiraj says you killed him before. Bhujang says I had naag mandal’s teen tatva then and says if I fight with him now then I can die. He says I have to be alive as I am the wall between the naagmandal and the magical work. Adhiraj asks will you leave Mohini and the kids to die. Bhujang says I can’t leave my Tapasya and come with you, but I can help you. He gives him a liquid to break Vikrant’s magic and hopes he don’t break his trust. Adhiraj asks about Mohini. Bhujang says first kids need to be saved. He makes a secret door and sends Adhiraj.

Vikrant says he will make her do anything with his magic, but he will not do this as he wants to be hero in her eyes. Mohini asks Vikrant to stop this noise. Vikrant says you look cute in anger. She becomes snake and bites him. She becomes human. Vikrant asks don’t you know that snake poison don’t effect nevla and becomes mongoose/weasel. Mohini asks why did you kidnap the kids. Vikrant says I have work with you and asks her to agree to his sayings and save the kids. Mohini asks what do you want? Vikrant says I want to rule in this world with you, wants you to become maharani of this haveli and then we three will become aparajit. Mohini asks whom? He says you, me and our daughter Piku. Vikrant asks Mongoose about finding Piku. Mongoose says he will search her and found skeletons here. Piku traps him and says calls him Mongo Chacha. He talks in mind. She says she can read his mind. Piku asks him to come and says she will be free from this jungle and will do destroyal. She says Mamma must have come by now. Mohini says it is better to die rather than becoming your kid’s mother. She asks him to give her kids to her. Vikrant asks her to be quiet and asks her to see how he makes her Malmal from Mohini. Mohini keeps her hand on her ears and asks what are you doing? He calls Malmal. Mohini becomes Malmal and comes wearing clothes like of Malmal. She says Vikrant, we finally met and asks him to promise that they will never seperate. She hugs him. Vikrant says never, even if you want.

Precap: Vikrant and mohini dance together. Adhiraj rescues the kids, but Piku stops them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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