Two hearts one soul (a swalak-ragsan tale) chapter 3

Ragini left that place very Furious she started walking but then sanskaar’s car kept following her, she did realize this but did not turn around. This went on for some minutes now ragini was very Furious she stopped and turned around sanskaar who was already looking at her realised this and stopped the car..
Ragini:what the hell is wrong with you??
Sanskaar:ok now please keep your ego aside and that’s let’s go I can’t leave you alone here it’s not safe..
Ragini:and what on this earth makes u think am gonna come with you??
Sanskar:you standing here proves me right. So just stop the dramas and sit in the car.
Ragini opens the back door.
Sanskar:I’m not your driver. Come and sit here (he points on the front seat)
She does as he says without saying a word.

Swara on the other hand was worried about ragini because her phone hasn’t been reachable for quite a while. But she even knew Ragini isn’t that irresponsible. She looked back at her phone n saw 2 missed calls. She thought it must be ragini but then she saw it was an unknown number. She called immediately expecting it to be her.
Swara:where are you?? I have been waiting since.
A man replied on the other side.
Man:Hi, sorry I’m Laksh. Laksh Malhotra

(Yayyyyy he  called❤❤❤)

Laksh:I hope I’m talking to Ms. Singhania.
Swara: yes I’m sorry I thought it was my sister.
Laksh: its ok… Sorry for calling you late night. I actually wanted to apologize for what happened today morning.
Swara:its okay don’t worry. I’m sure you didn’t do it intentionally.
Laksh:of course. Thank you so much.
Swara:I’m very sorry Mr. Malhotra. Actually I need to look for my sis,  Can I just talk to uu in a while??
Laksh:u seem worried. Is there anything I can help?
Swara:No I think I’ll manage.
Laksh:You mean u aren’t sure??
Swara:actually Ragini,  my sister left for home before me but she isn’t here yet and her phone isn’t reachable either.
Laksh: we can go look for her together
Swara: no,

Laksh:please. I insist.

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  1. Awesome yaar. Sanskar is so rude ?

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      Ikr?but honestly I think he’s perfect for Ragini

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      Ik he is but I think he’s perfect for ragini

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      Thank uu so much

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