Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Nilambari returns and decides to help Chitra

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Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sangram telling Nilambari about Vaidehi troubling them and making Madhav hers. Rani says some strange things happen in the house and that illiterate Vaidehi…She tells all the happening in the house. Sangram also tells her about Vaidehi doing puja outside the storeroom. He asks her to do something and kick out Vaidehi. Nilambari asks if everyone is done and says these things will happen, I have started this game and only I have the power to end it. She says let this game happen as it is happening and asks them not to help Vaidehi. Rani says we will not help her and tells that Pandit ji and Anuradha are helping her. Nilambari says I will see that Pandit, if he has that power to throw Chitra out.

Madhav comes to Vaidehi and asks did you call me. Vaidehi says yes and says she is waiting for him. Madhav sees the decorated terrace and asks did you do this for me. Vaidehi holds his hand and says for us. She says I want to tell you how important you are for me. Madhav asks if she is fine and looks at the marks on her back. he says he will bring the cream for her. Vaidehi asks him to see what she made for him. She shows handkerchief with M and V written in the hearts. Madhav says it is good. Vaidehi recalls Chitra’s word and asks how you will find me if I get lost. Madhav says with the smell of roses, your smell is of a rose. Vaidehi smiles and applies perfume on the handkerchief. She says she made this ittar with her hand and says such smell can’t be of someone else. She asks him to search her using the fragrance smell and remember that I love you very much. Madhav says you and your talks are cute. He holds her hand. Vaidehi checks the time, it is 6 pm. She sees Chitra standing and smiling. She asks God to protect her and don’t let the evil win from good. She hugs Madhav and is scared. Chitra looks angrily.

Nilambari comes to meet Panditji who is helping her bahus. She thanks him. Pandit ji says there is a big trouble in your haveli. Nilambari asks what is the trouble and what did you do to be safe. Pandit ji tells that Madhav’s first wife soul is in the house. Nilambari thinks to make him quiet and threatens him keeping gun at his forehead. He says I was…Nilambari says I know what is happening in my haveli, my son’s wife Chitra’s soul is wandering in the house. She asks what did you give to Vaidehi. He says he gave surya yantra and tells that he is not their enemy. Nilambari says if he helps Vaidehi then she will kill him. Pandit ji gets shocked.

Vaidehi thinks of Chitra’s words and comes to their room. Madhav is coming near her and holds her closer. Vaidehi thinks if Chitra entered me now then she will get intimate with Madhav. She thinks what to do. It is 7 pm. Madhav holds Vaidehi closer. Vaidehi sees Chitra standing and smiling. Chitra says your day is over, now my night will start. She asks what you will do now. She says your time is up, mine started. You couldn’t do anything in daytime so what you will do now. She says I will make Madhav mine using your body. Vaidehi moves before Chitra enters her and asks Madhav to come with her. Chitra thinks you can’t take my Madhav from me. Vaidehi takes Madhav to the temple area and asks him to read Ram Raksha and says she wants to hear from his mouth. Madhav says I don’t know that. She asks him to see and read. Chitra enters to enter her, but couldn’t due to the holy book kept in the temple area. Madhav sits and reads it. Om Bhur is played…Vaidehi thinks I got everything by getting you, now I can’t lose you. Chitra says until when you will sit in the temple being afraid of me.

Nilambari tells her children that Pandit will not help Vaidehi now and told that a bad soul is in our house. Rani asks if Chitra is here. Nilambari says you said right and says that tantrik told me already. She thinks to find out what is happening between Chitra and Vaidehi, and I will take advantage. She says Chitra has become Vaidehi’s bhakshak from rakshak. She says once I take Vaidehi’s signatures on the property papers, I will kick her out of house. She says until Madhav is with her, we can’t do anything, so we shall help Chitra. Chitra comes there and asks Nilambari to come out if she wants to help her. Nilambari smiles and tells that if you want anything then all the world help you to get that thing. Rani asks what happened? Nilambari says why my kids don’t have intelligence like me and asks them to do as she says. She smiles.

Precap will be added in sometime.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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