Hamari Bahu Silk 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi-Ayi homeless again

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Hamari Bahu Silk 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pakhi was shocked to see Aakash standing behind him. Aakash asks Pakhi what is the value of her voice, her plan must have been to increase her rates. Pakhi says she didn’t have any plans, and she doesn’t want any money; she can’t dub for Natasha. Aakash asks why. Pakhi says he knows the answers very well.

Ayi gets a call from Ashok. He apologizes Ayi for all that he did. He says he has arranged for a job for Pakhi, and a residence near the sea. Ayi says she will send him Pakhi’s other number.

Aakash insists on Pakhi that there is no harm in dubbing for Natasha. Pakhi says no A-grade artist will give their voice to Natasha, then why her. Aakash says Pakhi isn’t any A-grade artist. And she needs money already, this way she will continue her job and get money for dubbing as well.

Baa mocks Ayi’s weight along with other women from neighbors. Naksh comes to his room and discusses with Mamta why all this taunting and disgrace to Janki by all women. He tells Mamta he lost his job as well. Ayi jerks Baa’s hand away from hers, and stands for herself. She says she is fed up of this circus where Baa is the ring man and treats everyone as animal. Her brother in law arranged a house for them, they will soon move to the middle of Mumbai.

Aakash pays a 5 lac cheque to Pakhi for a single film. Pakhi says her Ayi taught her that any bargain in return of her grace and self-respect goes in loss. Aakash tears the cheque and says her Ayi didn’t teach her that one get life time opportunities for once in lifetime. If she can’t dub for Natasha, she will lose this job as well.
Naksh comes to the room and tries Pakhi’s number. He wanted to warn Pakhi that Ayi has lost the house.

Ashok gets the number from Janki. He dials the number and realizes it was Sitara’s number. He calls Pakhi and caught her red-handed. After the call, Pakhi watches her other phone and finds Naksh’s calls.

In the apartment, Aakash tells Natasha that Pakhi doesn’t need money. She thinks their work isn’t worth her voice and will never dub for her. Natasha says Pakhi did what she had to, now she will take her steps as she wish.

Pakhi returns home. Ayi was sitting outside the house and tells Pakhi that Baa has ousted them. Ayi tells Pakhi that Ashok is repenting, he has arranged for a job and a house for them. Pakhi tells Ayi that Ashok hasn’t changed at all, even she spoke to him. She says Ayi must have at least waited for her before taking any steps. Naksh heard this conversation from the balcony upstairs. Baa comes to the door and asks what the matter is. She stops an auto for them to leave. Naksh had come outside. Baa says Naksh had been right, she was wrong in recognizing their true colors.

Ayi tries Ashok’s number while they sit on the corner of a house. Pakhi tells Ayi if she still expects from Ashok. They are again on road because of Ashok. Ayi apologizes Pakhi, and blames herself. She shouldn’t have misbehaved with Baa. Pakhi consoles Ayi as she is with him. Both cry together. Someone had been stalking them.

PRECAP: Some ladies blame Ayi for snatching her chain. A police man comes looking for Ayi’s luggage and finds the chain in it. Ayi was in police station while the inspector asks about Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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