Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Nilambari’s truth comes out infront of Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi asking Anuradha to free her from the mirror. Anuradha says I will call someone to help you and goes to Nilambari. Jaichand tells that they shall celebrate. Nilambari says small time players have jashn before the victory and says they shall celebrate after their victory. Anuradha thinks if their talks are related to Vaidehi. She asks God to help her and thinks if she shall get help from Nilambari. She then thinks things might go wrong and she will also get trapped in the mirror. She comes to the temple and asks God to tell how to save Vaidehi. Temple bell rings. Anuradha says I always see injustice happening here and never raised my voice. She says I was silent, but the matter is about Vaidehi and Madhav. She asks God to show the way and says if you don’t help me then my truth will go away from you. She asks him to do justice and help Vaidehi. Vaidehi prays to God to help her atleast for Madhav. She says you made me as his ardhangini so help me fulfill my duty.

Some fire flies appear near Vaidehi and takes her outside. Vaidehi walks following them and thinks where did I come? She can’t see anything, but sees Nilambari voice. She sees the mirror in which Nilambari’s confession is shown. She tells that she was a labor and has written my own destiny. She says when she saw this haveli, she thought to marry the owner and that’s why killed his wife and Madhav’s mother. She says then I got married to Narayan and became Maharani of this haveli. Vaidehi is shocked. Nilambari says bechara Madhav thinks me as Mother India and doesn’t know that I don’t like him and if I could then I would have killed him, but his mother saved him by naming all his property on his wife’s name. She says if Chitra had signed then she would have been saved, but she refused and I burnt and killed her. She says even his second wife Vaidehi refused to sign so I have to do the same thing which I did with Chitra. She says it will be fun when one Ardhangini will kill another Ardhangini. She says Chitra’s soul is her katputli and will do what I say. She says once chitra kills Vaidehi then I will do what I did with her. Madhav will be freed from his wives and I will rule in this house. She says we shall not be late and go to temple to do this. They all leave for temple. Vaidehi cries hearing all this and thinks I won’t let anything happen to Madhav.

Vaidehi regrets to believe Nilambari and thinks Chitra tried to show her way, but she didn’t understand. She thinks if everything is a lie and cries. She asks God to help her and says I don’t know if I am right or wrong.

She slips and falls down unconscious. Later, Madhav comes to the room calling Vaidehi and falls on her. Vaidehi is shocked to see sword stabbed at his back. She gets shocked and asks what happened to you. She shouts for help. Madhav tells her that nothing can be done now, it is too late, I am leaving. Vaidehi shouts no and calls everyone. Chitra laughs and says I told you that I will take Madhav and you can’t do anything. She laughs again. Vaidehi says I won’t let anything happen to Madhav. Chitra asks will you stop you and laughs. It turns out to be Vaidehi’s dream. She gets up and thinks I won’t let Madhav die and have to save her. She starts walking and thinks why her room is looking changed. She sees the date as 2018 and thinks I was not here then. She sees Chitra in the mirror getting ready, Madhav bringing flowers for her. Chitra says again flowers and asks what is the excuse of bringing it today. Madhav says I have a request and asks for love. Chitra says someone will come. Madhav asks why you are scared, I am your husband and you are my wife. He says why third person will come. Chitra says if death comes. Madhav says if it comes then we will die together, but will never get separated. Chitra says I love you and hugs him.

Precap: Vaidehi thinks how to get out. Anuradha tries to break the mirror. Vaidehi asks her to break it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. Finally Vaidehi know nilabambri truth… Hope she get saved…????
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