Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Yogi and Gunjan’s Alliance

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yogi takes Dadaji for doctor’s checkup. Dadaji asks him to go and check if any doctor is free. He peeps into doctor’s cabin and gets tensed seeing Pari as doctor. Pari asks nurse to give her lemon juice to lighten her hangover. Yogi insists Dadaji that they can come tomorrow. Dadaji does not understand him. Yogi goes away to check something. Pari comes out and converses with Dadaji. Dadaji asks if she is a doctor. She says yes. He asks if she can do his checkup as his doctor has not come yet. She says his doctor is on leave. He requests then she should perform his general checkup. She asks to wait for a minute and walks away. Yogi returns and forcefully takes Dadaji from there saying that lady doctor will extract his kidneys.

Prakash is busy working in his electronics repair shop when Yogi’s friends walk in thinking he is not at office and badmouth about him. He angrily turns and punishes them to stand near door holding their ears. They obey. Shiv walks in and asks shop address. Prakash without turning asks him to go and check with someone else. Yogi’s friends back him. Shiv asks if this is same shop. Prakash realizes it is his shop address and turns, gets very happy seeing Prakash and greeting him in orders Yogi’s friends to get tea and snacks.. Once they leave, he asks Shiv reason for his coming.

Dadaji enjoys kachoris and requests Yogi not to inform daadi about it. Yogi signals he will inform daadi. Dadaji says he will tell Prakash that Yogi was running behind a woman. Yogi sees flying dupatta in cycle rickshaw and thinking it as Gunjan’s runs behind it, but stops seeing some other woman. Dadaji follows him and scolds that he is searching a girl for Yogi, but Yogi is running behind an older woman. Yogi threatens to inform Daadi that he had kachori and shows chutney stain on Dadaji’s shirt. They both return home. Daadi sees chutney stain on shirt and scolds Dadaji. Their nok jhok continues and they say they will divorce each other. Prakash enters and says he is thinking of marriage and his parents are thinking of divorce. Dadaji and Daadi ask if he wants second marriage and scold him. Family drama continues. Prakash informs that Shiv proposed his daughter Gunjan’s alliance with Yogi. Family gets very excited and asks how is the girl. Prakash shows Gunjan’s photo. Each family member excitedly checks photo and praises Gunjan’s beauty and does not let Yogi check photo. Yogi gets angry and says he will not marry this girl. Khushi takes photo to him and insists to check it once.

Precap: Yogi excitedly hugs Prakash for fixing Gunjan’s alliance with him. Prakash gets ready and scolds Kusum that they are getting late. Khushi inform him that Yogi is not at home. He shouts where did Yogi go.

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