Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st November 2019 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Mohini and Adhiraj get engaged

Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhujang and Adhiraj appreciating Mohini for her plan. Mangu says it was not that easy and recalls executing Mohini’s plan. A fb is shown, he thinks he needs to contact Piku, but how? He looks at the mirror. Piku is trapped inside the mirror and thinks when someone is in danger then calls her mother, but my mother is after me. Mangu knocks on the mirror and calls Piku. Piku asks about Malmal. Mangu says Malmal haven’t killed anyone till now. Mohini has a plan and only you can kill Malmal. Fb ends. Adhiraj appreciates Mangu. Bhujang appreciates Piku for her goodness. Piku says I got goodness from Mohini and can do anything for her. Bhujang says I have ignored Mohini’s goodness and refused when she wanted to give feather to Adhiraj. Adhiraj says do you think that I will get my memory back with this feather. Piku says if you get your memory, then we have to close our eyes.

Adhiraj comes to Mohini and tells that he wants to tell her something. He thanks her for telling him about his identity that he is Adam baaz. Mohini is happy to see him happy. Adhiraj tells that he is going back to his Neel kamal Mountain. Mohini gets sad and says your family will be happy to get you going back home. She gets teary eyes. Adhiraj says I will go. Mohini asks him to go and be happy. Adhiraj asks her to take care and is walking out. He stops and comes to Mohini again. He tells that he is a baaz and needs home. He says my home is you…just you. Mohini says but….Adhiraj says I want to go back with my wife and tells that his memory haven’t returned, and he don’t need it to make himself realize how much he loves her. Mohini hugs him. He tells her that he is mad about her even after losing his memory and will always love her. Mohini says our memories are our safekeeping and I want you to remember all your past to know who are you? he says even I want to know my past. Mohini shows the feather and tells that it means you a lot and may be you will remember your past using this. She keeps feather in his hand.

Adhiraj closes his eyes and recalls his moments with Mohini before losing his memory. He hugs her and tells that he got his memory back. They hug each other. Later they get engaged inpresence of Bhujang, Piku, Chunnu and Mangu. Bhujang tells that he has seen for the first time that icchadhari naagin and baaz will be marrying. Piku says they have a daughter who is Nevla? Chunnu says even me, who is chota naag. He asks Adhiraj to take care of Mohini. Adhiraj says he will. Bhujang says he has to return to his Naaglok and asks them to come and meet him whenever they want. He becomes three headed snake and crawls out. Adhiraj says Bhujang got his powers back. Chunnu says we shall try, if we got our powers back. He becomes snake. Mohini becomes snake while Piku and Mangu become mongoose. The show ended abruptly without revealing about Madhav and Vaidehi’s connection with the present cast.

The show ended.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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