Bepanah Pyaar 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati returns to Malhotra House

Bepanah Pyaar 6th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nakul and Shefali reprimand Priya for throwing Dev’s phone on such a small matter. Violence wont work. She says he wasn’t listening to me. Nakul insists that Dev is doing everything for their future. She says what about my present. I don’t want my heart to break like Bhaiya and Bhabhi. Nakul tells her not to compare herself and Dev with Bhabhi and Bhai. A person tends to become like Bhai if someone you love cheats you like that. I must not say it but Bhai is very unlucky in his love life. Shefali points at Raghbir who is standing by the door. Nakul immediately apologizes to him. Raghbir says now the entire world knows this. It is true but Dev isn’t a cheater. Trust him, Priya. One is bound to be upset when they are in love. It is also genetic sometimes. Enjoy it. Everyone smiles.

Pragati is doing puja. You returned after fighting a long battle yuga’s ago. It is my turn to get into a battle now. You saved Sita from Ravana a long, long time ago. This time I have to save my husband.

Harshit and Kunti are playing cards. He praises her on her plan. She says Raghbir will never forgive her. She will have to give Agnipariksha if she ever tries to return in his life! Their story will remain in books as I don’t want them to unite ever again! Harshit says it would become “once upon a time” kind of story. Kunti laughs at the idea.

Pragati says I have to expose Badi Ma in front of everyone. Good always prevails. You have always supported what’s right. You will support me today.

Harshit steals money from Raghbir’s drawer. He hides it in his pockets as he notices Raghbir coming there. Raghbir asks him why he is here at this hour. Harshit says there is a lot to handle. Raghbir says you have to spend time with Bhabhi and Parth as well. I have no health issues anymore. I can take over again. Harshit says it is yours only. Do as you please. He goes.

Pragati joins Sahas. She compliments the decor. He says I did it to bid you adieu. You should have stayed till Diwali to see my full efforts. She apologizes to him. I must go to save Raghbir. He tells her not to step back when she has taken a step in this direction. Don’t bow down to anyone. I have booked your cab too. He gives her her luggage. She thanks him. I will never be able to repay your debt. Sahas tells her to stay back. That will make up for it. She is surprised but he calls it a joke. You look good when you smile. They hear a car honk and head outside.

Malhotra family is doing aarti. Everyone takes turns to do aarti. Pragati is on her way to Malhotra House.

Pragati steps down from the car. She recalls the recent incidents, her marriage and how Malhotra family broke ties with her very recently. Priya, Shefali and Nakul go to keep diya’s. Kunti tells Raghbir to keep some diya’s at the door as well. It is said that bad spirits also try to enter the house on Diwali night. Only Lakshmi Ma will come inside because of these diya’s. Raghbir lights diya’s at the door. Pragati walks in just then. They both step inside together shocking Raghbir while she smiles at him. He asks her what she is doing here. She advises him to speak to her nicely. It wont be right for you guys if I get upset today. Aditi tells Raghbir to throw her out of the house. Lawyer gives a file to Raghbir. Aditi asks about the papers. Pragati shares that this house is in her name. I have 51% share in business too so no one can throw me out of here. you must have understood my importance today. Do not consider me any less than Goddess Lakshmi today. Please bring puja thaal, Mummy ji. Raghbir says we will do your aarti and welcome you too. He burns the legal papers but Pragati isn’t bothered. He keeps her suitcase on the table, pours oil from diya’s on it and burns it. Now you are not welcome in the house. Please get lost! She douses the fire using fire extinguisher. You can burn my luggage but not my motive! Can I sleep in my room if you are done? I am very tired. He says it isn’t your room. She says it is as much mine as it is yours. It is okay if you don’t want to stay in that room. Let me know. As your good wife, I will pack it and give it you. Aditi asks her if she does not understand that a woman like her cannot stay here. please leave! Pragati tells her not to act like a Narad Muni between a husband and wife. You wont like it if I will talk to you in your style. He threatens to throw her out of the house. I can give someone anything if they ask lovingly but if someone tries to snatch something then I wont let them touch even a penny. Pragati says I have come here to clean / take the diamond who has lost its shine. Shall I leave now?

Precap: Harshit says like Raghbir said, no one is even getting a penny. Gopi reasons that this is a legal matter. We wont be spared! Raghbir opens the door and a bucket full of water upturns on him. Pragati laughs seeing him thus. Pragati and Raghbir fall down on the bed and share an eye lock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  3. Oy, thank god the tables are turning. Finally, Pragati comes back inside the Malhotra house.

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  5. Finally Pragathi returned to Malhotra house and she should quickly convince Raghbir and win his trust and love again.

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