Main Bhi Ardhangini 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav goes to temple with Chitra

Main Bhi Ardhangini 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari telling that Vaidehi is the guest of few days now and shows the wooden doll. Jaichand recalls Nilambari’s bringing wooden box before and says we were hurt last time and says we might lose our lives. Nilambari shouts at him and says nobody knows when Chitra is listening. She says I am with her and will help her to kill Vaidehi. She says if Vaidehi gets saved then I will kill her. Chitra in Vaidehi’s avatar applies perfume in her hand like she used to do and smells it. She then sings Sajna hai mujhe song. Vaidehi is trapped in the mirror. Madhav is praying in the temple and calls Vaidehi. He thinks don’t know where did she go? Chitra calls her foolish to come between Madhav and her and says she made her understand, but she didn’t agree. She asks her to see the result of her mistake. She says you are locked inside and will die too. Madhav is coming there holding trishul in his hand. Vaidehi cries inside the mirror. He comes inside the room. Chitra looks at trishul in his hand. He asks why you didn’t hear me. Vaidehi tries to call him. Chitra says sorry Madhav like Vaidehi says. He asks her to come down. She stops seeing Trishul.

Madhav asks her to hold trishul and says I want to drink water. Vaidehi knocks on the mirror. Chitra thinks what to do and pretends to fall down. Madhav keeps trishul and helps her get up. Vaidehi tries to alert him. Chitra says we shall tell Nilambari about our plan. Madhav says ok. He comes to Nilambari and says I want to get mukti for Chitra then she will go where she has to be. Nilambari thinks she will kill both.

Chitra appears infront of Nilambari, Rani, Sangram and Others. Madhav doesn’t see her. Chitra asks will you support us? Rani says yes. Madhav says today I want to get mukti for Chitra in shiv’s temple and want you all to be present there. Nilambari says we will come with you and smirks. Madhav tells Chitra that they have just 2 hours and shall take God’s blessings. She says blessings and asks him to come. Madhav keeps the trishul in the inhouse temple and asks God to help him do both his duties. He says he wants to give mukti to Chitra and wants to give Vaidehi’s rights to her. Anuradha asks Vaidehi to take aarti. She makes an excuse. Madhav takes aarti. Vaidehi asks him to come. Anuradha gets doubtful about her. Madhav asks Anuradha to come with them. Anuradha says I have some work and will come later. Chitra smiles and leaves. Anuradha thinks if Vaidehi is fine. She goes to her room and calls her. Vaidehi is trapped in the mirror, which is now blurred. Vaidehi calls her and asks her to stop. Anuradha looks back. Vaidehi says she is inside the mirror. Anuradha finally sees her trapped in the mirror and gets shocked. She asks how did you reach inside? Vaidehi says Chitra locked me here. She asks her to take her out and says I need to come out somehow. Anuradha says I am coming and goes to get something.

Precap: Anuradha hears Nilambari’s planning and thinks if this is related to Vaidehi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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