Chandragupta Maurya 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vishkanya Mansa’s Master Plan

Chandragupta Maurya 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta addresses people and says it is time for celebration. Vishkanya Mansa silently leaves. Celebrations start. Chandragupta sees Avanti kumar standing silently and asks why he is not celebrating. Avanti Kumar says he is worried for his companion princes in Dhananand’s jail. Chandragupta shows Chanakya and says while they are celebrating, that man is thinking solution for their problem, so they need not worry. Sthul insists Chandragupta to show his dancing skills. Chandragupta denies. Mura also insists. Malayketu says they all want him to dance. Chandragupta shows his dancing skills and imagines Durdhara walking to her and him dancing and hugging her. He hugs Sthul instead why tries to free himself with great difficulty. Chandragupta realizes it and asks what is he doing.

Durdhara writes love letter for Chandragupta and walks towards room where messenger birds are kept. Tarini takes her aside and says after last incident, Amartya Rakhas has increased security at message room, so she should not sent letter to Chandragupta. Durdhara says she will not as it is a question of Chandragupta’s safety. They both here guard informing another guard that Vaidya told Ambhi Kumar is gaining consciousness. Tarini says if he reveals truth that they both tried to free princes, they will be in trouble. They both rush towards Ambhi Kumar’s room when Dhananand sees them and asks why his sister worried about Ambhi Kumar and he is amazed to see his sister and Tarini’s closeness, it is obvious as they both hate him. He takes them in and asks Ambhi Kumar who tried to kill him. Ambhi Kumar says Tarini. Dhananand warns to mind his tongue. Amartya says let him speak. Tarini reminisces feeding him hypnotic medicine. Ambhi Kumar says Tarini is a queen, warrior, has big hands, her face is red, she will kill Dhanand, Amartya, and Durdhara, but he will save them all. Amartya warns to stop talking nonsense and takes Dhananand away. Tarini and Durdhara relax.

Mansa signals her aide to act on their plan. Aide blows poisonous needle towards Avanti kumar. Chandragupta notices it and shouts Avanti kumar. Mansa pushes Avanti Kumar away and bearing poisonous needle on her shoulder collapses. Chandragupta pulls out needle. Chanakya treats her and asks how is she feeling now. She nods fine. Avanti king thanks her for saving her son. She says it was attack on Avanti king as she heard someone telling Dhananand wants to kill Avanti king at any cost. Chanakya asks where is she from, they will drop her home. She says she is from Bandi village and after its destroyal, she is wandering searching them and found them today finally, she wants to be in their army and serve them, though she is not a perfect warrior. Chandragupta says they always need loyal people and welcomes her.

Precap: Mans mixes her poisonous blood into Chandragupta’s food. Chandragupta starts coughing consuming food.

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