Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Nilambari fools Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari and Rani acting that Chitra’s mangalsutra should get cleaned, its very imp for the puja, her soul won’t get peace. Vaidehi looks on. Nilambari says what can we do when Madhav isn’t agreeing, its for his own good. Vaidehi says I will get it for Madhav’s sake. Chitra says she is upto something, why does she want my mangalsutra, Vaidehi don’t give my mangalsutra to her, it keeps me close to Madhav. Nilambari says let it be. Vaidehi says no, I will get it. She goes to Madhav’s room and takes mangalsutra. Madhav comes. Vaidehi tells him Chitra’s wish and says it won’t be good to insult her wish, sorry, I took this without your wish, I m doing this for your sake. Nilambari looks on and says she is a big fool. Vaidehi keeps the mangalsutra back. Madhav stops her and hands over the mangalsutra. Vaidehi says Chitra worried for you, she will also wish your life to get peace. Madhav gives it to her and says its your responsibility. Vaidehi goes to Nilambari.

Nilambari praises her and asks her to give the mangalsutra. Chitra asks Vaidehi not to give the mangalsutra. Vaidehi says sorry, I can’t give this to me, its my responsibility, I told Madhav that I will manage this and clean this myself when jeweller comes. Nilambari says you mean I won’t manage this responsibility. Vaidehi says no, he is your son, I meant I convinced him and want to do this. Shweta says you are insulting Nilambari. Vaidehi says no, I just want to keep my promise. Chitra says Nilambari will always fail in front of Vaidehi’s truth.

Nilambari says I m happy seeing your concern for Madhav, you know about Madhav like he knows about Chitra, I can understand, keep mangalsutra safe, I will call you when jeweller comes, you can polish it. Vaidehi thanks her for understanding and goes. Jai chand asks Nilambari what will she do now. She has a plan in her mind. Vaidehi comes to Madhav and says jeweller didn’t come, we will write diary. He says I was going for work, fine we will write, I also wish for it. Nilambari says Vaidehi is with Madhav and trying to know Chitra’s likes and dislikes. She asks Rani to listen to Madhav carefully and make a list of things Chitra dislikes. Shweta says I understood what’s your plan.

Chitra looks on. Nilambari says our enemies are close, just keep your thoughts in mind. Madhav tells about Chitra’s likes and dislikes. Rani and Jaichand look on. Madhav says Chitra used to hate Hing, she was allergic to it, I got to know this when I surprised her on our first anniversary. FB shows Chitra and Madhav wishing each other on their anniversary. He gives her kachoris. She sneezes and asks her to move it away. She tells about her allergy. He takes the kachori away. She says sorry, I forgot to tell you, I m allergic to Hing. He says sorry, I ruined the surprise. She says its okay. FB ends. Madhav laughs. Vaidehi says I will make your fav Hing kachori. Madhav says no, I don’t like it now. Rani goes to Nilambari and tells about Chitra’s dislikes. Nilambari says her dislikes will still be same. She says you will know everything when jeweller comes, call the jeweller home, what are we waiting for.

Nilambari asks Vaidehi to give mangalsutra. Nilambari takes mangalsutra and cages Chitra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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