Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishita leaves the house

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya saying I want to help Shanti. Bala asks Shanti? But Aaliya, there is no one. Aaliya says you mean I m mad, I asked Adi to call police, why did he call you, you can see her, right, I m very confused, I will handle, just go. Ishita asks Bala to wear glasses, can’t he see Shanti. Bala says yes, she is standing there. Raman says Shanti is here, we believe you. Aaliya says I will handle this. She argues with them and says I will take Shanti with me. Yug says we will take her to police station. Aaliya asks what are you trying to say, I don’t need you, I will take Shanti, just stay away. She faints.

They get Aaliya home. Doctor says I have given her sedatives, Yug told me everything, its clear that she is hallucinating, she doesn’t know that she is imagining that lady, I have increased her dose, it won’t be safe to leave her alone. Ishita scolds Yug. She says I told you not to take her out, why did you take her. Yug says I didn’t know this would happen, sorry, I was scared seeing her, I love her a lot, I can’t think of harming her. She says you have harmed her, I told you not to hurt her and stay away, you have put her in this trauma, if you didn’t come close to her, this would have not happened, what is going to change now. He says nothing and cries. He says I was blinded by love, I thought to stay with her anyhow, forgive me. Rohan comes there and says get up, get out of this house. Everyone asks Rohan to leave him. Rohan says dad, I won’t listen to you. Raman says Yug won’t go anywhere, enough Rohan. Rohan asks why, you know he is responsible for Aaliya’s state. Raman says I have decided this, get out. Sudha and Kara come.

Sudha says don’t you dare Raman slap my son, Rohan is Aaliya’s husband, he cares for you all a lot. She gets dizzy. Rohan asks why did you come here. Karan says stop this, mom came here following you, I had heard that men change after marriage, today I have seen it, these people insult you, you come here, what’s this love that’s making you away from your mum, you are running after your wife who doesn’t like to see your face, I respected and loved you a lot, I felt I got the best brother in the world, go to Aaliya and beg her, let your mum die, shame on you, I will take care of mum alone. He calls them selfish and asks Sudha to come with him. They leave. Rohan says Ishimaa, keep me updated about Aaliya’s condition. He goes. Ishita asks Yug did he get what he wanted, Raman has thrown Rohan out to save you.

Raman says its your fault, not Yug, you called Rohan, why are you doing this. Ishita says Rohan is married to Aaliya, they were going to start a new life, she has a disorder, not us. Raman says you forgot what doctor said. Ishita says Yug is the reason for this problem, he won’t wish Aaliya to get fine. Ruhi says he is responsible for this, mom and dad are fighting. Yug says sorry, its all my fault, please don’t fight. Ishita says don’t you dare call me Ishimaa, you would have understood me, you came and told me that you love Aaliya, you took this way, you claim to love her, your love has put her in this state, you know she loves Adi, not Yug, Adi was my love, he isn’t alive, you ruined Aaliya’s life, she is my daughter, I raised her, I will never forgive you for this.

Raman says I know this is tough, I don’t understand why you hate Yug, Aaliya is safe because of him. She says its happening because of him, what kind of love is this, that man is wrong, he is fraud, this isn’t love. He asks what’s your problem, that he loves Aaliya or that he reminds you that you shot Adi, you are not able to accept him. She says really, I don’t believe you. She goes. Ruhi says Ishimaa went to Amma’s house, Aaliya needs you both. Raman says don’t worry, its normal thing. Ruhi says let her anger calm down. He stops Yug and asks him not to fight. Yug says I don’t want you both to fight, so I m leaving the house. Raman asks him to get back to his room before Aaliya sees him.

Its morning, Raman talks to Mihika on phone. He buys some vegs. Mihika says we will make good sambar for Ishita and convince her. The vendor doesn’t take money from a lady. Raman asks are you giving vegs for free. The lady sees Raman. Rohan asks Mihika about Aaliya. Karan asks the doctor about Sudha. Doctor asks him to take Sudha out for some days, so that her health gets better. Karan sees Rohan on call. Rohan asks doctor how is mom. Doctor says I told Karan about it. He goes. Rohan says I will get prescription.

Karan says really, its for mom, not for Aaliya and mom, you go to Aaliya, I will give medicines to Aaliya, you go to Bhallas, don’t act in front of me, be a man and get Aaliya out of your mind. Rohan gets angry. Raman asks Mihika to taste the sambar. Mihika says its tasty, Ishita will love her. Ishita comes home. Mihika asks her to have the soup. Ishita says feed it to Yug, he might be feeling happy that I left the house, you all stay happy. Yug says sorry, I will leave the house. Ishita says really, when you know none will let you go, very convenient. Raman asks what’s your problem. Ishita says I will stay here and not talk to anyone, its my fault, its okay, all of you stay happy together, I will stay away.

Raman says lets go for a coffee. Ishita says I have no time. Rohan gets her bag. Raman says you don’t have time for me. The lady threatens to ruin Raman’s life. Ishita slaps her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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