Mahek 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek is hiding in bushes. She sees Shurti near but hides. Mahek’s phone starts ringing, she takes Kanta’s call. Shurti listens it and comes behind bushes, she says who the hell are you? you from catering team? Mahek says no, Kanta is still on call. Mahek says no, Shurti says so you are party crasher? you must have increased weight by crashing parties, she asks security guard to throw this trash out of house, Mahek says you are thinking wrong, Mahek ends call. Kanta is tensed. Outside house, Nehal says to Mohit that this is like pg3 party, Mohit says our dads are in jail and you are talking about party? Kanta calls him and says where is Mahek? Mohit says she is inside Shaurya’s house and we are outside. Kanta says why did you let her go alone? what if something wrong happens? she ends call. Kanta says i was mad to send her to this competition.
Shurti orders security to throw Mahek out of house. Mahek says please let me talk to Shaurya, its about my family, guard drags Mahek out of house, she calls for Shaurya or his mother. Vaitlana asks how does she know Shaurya? Shurti says what if he made her pregnant? she says this girl is robber, throw her out. Mahek says i am contestant of India’s supercook not robber. Shaurya comes there and says stop this nonsense, what are you doing here? you want to go to jail too? Mahek says i am sorry, if you want to punish me then you can, i will take my name back from show but dont hurt my uncles, they are in jail because of your fake case. Shaurya sees all guests listening to her, he drags Mahek to corner and says you think its false case? i could have proven them terrorists from Pakistan and sent them to jail for years, you know what? Karma is bit*h, they used my show’s name to promote their business, your Jeevan chacha is paying for his deeds, if you dont leave then i will call police and send you jail too with your chachas(uncles). In party, mother asks everyone to come for dinner. Mahek says it was not advertisement tool but just to gather people to watch first episode of show. i know you dont like me so you could have punished me but why did you push my family in all this? why hurt them? Shurti is listening their conversation. Mother comes and asks Shurti to leave and attend guests, Shurti leaves. Mother comes to Shaurya, Shaurya says this is official matter, you go from here, Mahek says i need your help aunty, Shaurya says her uncles did stealing and police caught them, its legal matter, you leave, she leaves. Shayrya drags Mahek, she says leave my arm, is hurting. Shaurya says enough of your talks, get lost, Mahek shouts that i wont leave till you free my uncles from jail, you have no right to take revenge for not liking me on my uncles, punish me whatever you want but i beg you to free my uncles from jail. Shurti is looking at them. Shaurya says your tone is not showing that you are begging, you have arrogance, say it again with tears, and politely. Mahek helplessly looks at him and cries, she folds her hands and says i am sorry, i beg you.. she chokes and says please free them, Shaurya is pleased seeing her like that, Mahek says i will do anything you say, i will leave your show, i will publicly apologize, please, Shaurya smirks and looks at her. Mahek says i will do whatever you say, Shaurya says are you sure you will do anything? Mahek says yes but.. Shaurya says you have no choice for if and buts, will you do anything? Mahek wipes her tears and says i can do anything for my family. Shaurya looks at Shurti and says your uncles will be freed on my one phone call but i will make that call only if you dance with me, Mahek says dance? Shaurya says yes dance, with me here infront of everyone, will you dance? Mahek thinks, Shaurya asks what happened? are you scared? you just say big words Mahek from old Delhi, Mahek says dance infront of all? Shaurya says oh yes because you dont deserve to dance with me privately, he says i am going to dance floor, if you agree with my demand then come behind me otherwise you know way to outside, he leaves. Mahek thinks. Shurti stops Shaurya and asks if she is his girlfriend? she looks like behenji(unfashionable) type, what happened to your taste? its pathetic, Shaurya smirks and leaves. Shurti stares Mahek. Mahek sits near gate and recalls Shaurya’s demand, she gets call from Kanta and is tensed, she takes call, Kanta asks where are you? did you meet Shaurya? make him understand please, PD is getting ill, everything is in your hands, Mahek says dont worry, i will handle everything, just take care of PD, she ends call. She recalls inspector arresting and slapping Jeevan, she wipes her tears and goes inside.

Scene 2
On dance floor, all couples are dancing. Shaurya is talking with guests. Mahek enters there. She is tensed, Shaurya sees her entering, he sees Shurti dancing with some guy. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says what you decided? Mahek says altougth i dont have interest in having dance with you but if its payment to free my uncles from jail then i am ready, Shaurya smiles and offers his hand, Mahek puts her hand in his hand and looks at him with pleading eyes, he takes her to dance floor. Shurti comes and says what are you doing with this stealing girl? Shaurya says thats none of your concern, go in corner and get drunk and pass out. He brings Mahek to dance floor. He asks Mahek if she is scared or excited? Shaurya starts dancing with Mahek on sholon se song, Shaurya says to Mahek that this is one time dance, participate if you want or get out. Are you scared that if loose control then something will happen to you? dont worry i wont loose control, he throws Mahek away. Mother is about to go to Shaurya but Vaitlana says shaurya made many girls dance to his tunes but this is first time he is dancing happily with a girl, who is she? mother says she is contestant at Shaurya’s show, her name is Mahek Sharma, Vaitlana says she seems more than contestant, there is something going on between them i can smell that. Shaurya and Mahek are dancing on dance floor intimately while Shurti glares them.

PRECAP- Mother asks Shaurya why he is torturing Mahek? She is innocent girl, Shaurya says she is not innocent, she is that type of girl that.. Mother says shut up, i know what type of girl she is, she is not slapping you even after you misbehavior and just silently weeping, will you stop this drama yourself or should i do it? she angrily glares him and leaves, Shaurya looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. love this episode <3

  2. Moni7

    Wow awesome dance performance…i loved both of them…can’t take my eyes ….. mesmerizing one….loved u guys..

  3. Sorry guys I was busy with my exam. Hai all my buddy. Today episode was good with there dance and precap also good I love it but early episode I don’t like how cruel Shaurya. Once again I really sorry

  4. Hai athya,rayna,iswarya,,arshi,moni if I miss any name sorry how u all?

    1. Moni7

      M good vavachi… today’s episode..

    2. Moni7

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    3. Thank you so much ?

  5. Moni7

    Hai athya ishu rayna naina bbb latha sujee vavachi razna….n all my frnds…..
    Great episode but he never miss any chance of getting close to her?….so smart….hope here after atleast everything goes well between them….
    Waiting for much more romantic performance ….love u guys… shaurya n mehak…

    1. Moni how u registers

    2. Ya you’re r8 Moni7.

  6. What the hell how can shaurya misbehaving with our sweet and innocent mahek. Is he gone mad idiot. But I’m happy for romantic dance by our loving Jodi. In this way he make shruti to feel jealously but fir bhi ose kitna rudely behave nhi krna chaahiye tha mahek k sath and waiting for next episode in which his mom is angry on him for his wrong deed. Guys what you will think to happen next in this serial.

    1. Moni7

      I think he vl marry her……later he fall in love….it s my guess….

    2. Hi Naina,how are you my lovely?I think shaurya will ask mehek to be his fake girlfriend infront of that ugly shruti.

  7. Latha

    Episode was good and their dance performance superb love u guys.

  8. Now again in this serial too.. shruti will create misunderstandings between shaurya and mahek and will not let them come close… and this will keep dragging till 1 year or more… i just hate these indian serials… in each and every serial this happens specially kumkm bhagya… :3 i hope this serial only focus on mahek’s dreams… 🙁

    1. I don’t think so … I think shaurya will demand mahek to act as his girlfrnd in front of shruti n I think by the act shaurya gradually falls for mahek

  9. Hi vavachi… was ur xm??
    rayna…ishwrya…athya..moni….hor r u all ????
    #razna…my name is also rezoana….my nick name is Marzan..full name Arifa Rezoana.

    1. Good but history is little bit difficult.
      NICE name ?.

    2. Moni7

      M good arshi…wat abt u…..u r frm????

  10. Wow there you go mom…. she’s the best I must say

  11. There you go.Just when I thought this show is refreshing the writers have come back to the same stupid formula.A girl ready to do anything for the family(Get real-such rubbish ) and the Man as arrogant as ever having no shame in displaying such crassness and crudeness .I cringed at the the way the girl was made to beg.The writer / Director must be a sadist to get pleasure shooting that ,Showing a girl having no self respect.What a shame that we had to witness that in today’s episode

  12. I just love intimacy between mahek and shaurya…….soooo romantic dance and song was too good…….love you Mr. Arrogant nd handsome shaurie ?

  13. Want to see much more intimacy nd romance between them

  14. It’s really nice both of u

  15. Feel sad for mahek . How Shaurya made mahek cry this much cruel. I don’t have no idea how they fall in love ❤ friends u have any idea

    1. Vavachi…I too have no idea,how they will fall in love.But I think shaurya’s mom will ask shaurya to marry mehek.And later,they will fall in love..after marriage…..
      I think so bcoz in most serials love happens after marriage.Let’s see what cvs are cooking in their brain.

  16. guess….he still will be angry with mahek. This revenge drama will go on for Some more time.

  17. Lovely show

  18. Hai Mk,hanki,esha,chittychat,reem,naina,
    Prabhleen how u all? Last week I am was little busy with my exam. Soo FRIENDS? And welcome to the friends circle .

    1. Moni7

      U didn’t register vavachi???

  19. Iswarya_santhosh

    Hi athya, rayna, moni, vavachi, chittychat, latha, arshi, naina hw r u all… Im fine….
    Coming to the episodes… Guys i dont like this revenge…. In mehek point of u… He is torchering her without any reason…. Ofcourse girls will do anything for her family… Especially indian girls..
    But shaurya taking advantage of this to prove her characterless… This is not wright… If he wants to take out his tension on someone means, he must use his bhabhi, who betrayed him….. Without doing that y he is torchering an innocent girl…. and this director who collapsed the serial madhubala, again showing the same crap in mehek also…. Bhabhi having affair with brotherinlaw….. Worst and cheap concept…
    Guys if we want to torcher someone then dont hesitate, dance with them intimately… Thats what they r showing…. Lol…..
    Shaurie khanna, dancing intimately with a girl doesnt shows her characterless, even your status was also came down …. lol…. ??

    1. Moni7

      Well said ishu????? shaurya always saying that he s nt having any interest on mahek…she doesn’t deserve it…. then y he ask for a dance ? to make shruti jealousy… i don’t think so …he happily dancing with her …

    2. Moni7

      Bhabi having affair with brother in law …wow wat a family ??????….he s saying mehak s characterless n cheap .. shaurya itself know who cheap n characterless??? shruti his ex girlfriend (over make up aunty)???

    3. Ur right mouni ?

    4. Iswarya_santhosh

      Even shaurya is telling he is not intrested in bhabhi, then y he wanys her to be jealous? He looks like a play boy now…..
      Does He want every girl to be roaming around him?

    5. Moni7

      Ishu…play boy ah??? he always keeping s face like this ??…face ah nalla urru nu vechi kittu irukkan….. first avan epdi shruti ya love panna …..flask back sema comedy ya dhan irukkum pola????

    6. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi moni…. Dear ivan play boy than…. One time his mom told him na that he is going dating with a girl fir just 15 days.. After that he break up.. This is his usual process…. He is telling that mehek is characterless….. ??Funny…. ??

    7. Latha

      Hai Ishu how r you dear and even I don’t like this type revenge.

    8. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi latha dear! Im fine.. Hw r u? s dear.. I really felt irritated…

    9. I’m fine iswraya what about you yr. You said right yr.

    10. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hey naina… Im fine dear…

    11. Moni7

      Ishu dear…but enakku oru doubt whether girls left him r he left the girls….appo shruti also one of the girl friend of shaurya…lol???

    12. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hey moni dear.. This is just my guess
      … First he roam around that shruthi but she might not accept his proposal bcoz he is not rich….. After he became rich she married his bro and became his bhabhi… now he is playing with othet girls emotions

    13. Hi ishwarya,I am fine dear.You are totally right dear.

    14. Moni7

      Super ishu dear….

  20. amazing bt little confused.ok

  21. I don’t understand why the trp of this show is going down. ..If it was shown in colors or starplus definitely the trp would have been better. ..such a lovely show. ….nd amazing actors

  22. mehak and her family is good. pd ki laddu .and shaurya he is tough and stylish. I am waiting for shaurya s melting

  23. Guys are angry with me

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      Why angry

    2. I feel like that

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    2. Moni7

      Y angry dear

  25. Preethi ilang

    Nice episode…..shruthi told to shaurya that she ill be his first and last love so i think he is making her jealous by dancing with mehek….nice episode wonderful acting mehek….

  26. Sorry guys . I miss my papa and mom soo much because of that my heart is crying like a small baby. And when I read the comments I feel like that. Love u all???

    1. Hi vavachi,How are you dear?Don’t be sad dear,I am also living without my parents.Don’t be sad dear.Chat here with us if u r feeling lonely.Where are you studying dear?In which city?

    2. Cochin my parents Mumbai

    3. Oh you r studying in mumbai.But don’t feel sad.We all are here for u dear.Love u.

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      Don’t worry dear☺☺☺

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  29. Hi guys…
    Moni,latha and everyone.How are you all doing?Sorry for late comment.Due to some problems in my phone,I was not able to comment.Now everything is fine.Where are u athya dear?I have not seen your comments from few days.Plz come back.
    Now coming to the episode,I really have no words left in my mouth by seeing shaurya so much rude.He is misbehaving with mehek.When I first saw shaurya scolding his cook in restaurant,I thought he is good from heart.From externally he is rude.But now he is showing his true face.From both externally and internally he is rude and arrogant.He do everything intentionally.I hate you shaurya.He is torturing a girl,making her cry and everything.Cvs don’t know that how to show the character of hero.The character of hero should be soft hearted,caring,wiping the tears of girls (bcoz in every serial hero can’t see his heroine crying)respecting girls and loving.They are showing shaurya cheap,rude,arrogant,making girls cry and only know how to respect his mother and nani,don’t know how to respect other girls.Hope that everything will be fine soon…

    1. Moni7

      Correct rayna dear…..m good u

    2. I am fine moni.

    3. Latha

      U r right Rayna

    4. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi rayna…. U r wright dear

    5. Hey my lovely rayna im fine yr tum kesi ho and dont worry their is no need to say sorry becoz i know that you r busy ok.

    6. I am fine my lovely Naina.Hey Naina,from few days I want to ask you one question but everytime I forgot.From which city are you dear and what is your real name.

  30. I love their first dance.Mehek and Shaurya has to handle two peoples on their journey of life-svetlana and shruti.

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