Mahek 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek comes to her old house

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Mahek 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to Shaurya stop the car.. He stops the car and turns around. His friend says run.. They drive away.
Swati says how did this happen? She says those rich boys.. I would have broken their teeth. Sarti says you just came and you want to break teeth. Wash yourself. She cleans her. coach says auto is here lets go.
Shaurya and his friends cheers. Shaurya’s friends says we will have party from you.
Mahek comes to the market. She recalls her past. She sees flash backs. Herr mom says what are you doing… Lets go.
Mahek sees someone cooking chinese. She says add some aginomto in it. Sarti says what? How did you know? you never cooked. mahek says yes how did I know this? Where did I hear this? Sarti says let’s go. Coach says welcome to this house. It was Mahek’s old house. he says this is main market. It used to be a very good neighborhood. They enter the house. Mahek sees many flashbacks. Coach says Swati see where is tap? mahek points at the pump. He says how did you know? Have you been here before? She says of course taps are in center. The man shows them the house. Sarti says where is the kitchen? Mahek says its upstairs. Everyone is dazed. Sarti says how did you know?? Mahek says I saw it from the balcony. Swati says are you okay? She says yes maybe I am tired. Mahek goes to rest. Mahek sees the locked store. There are photos of old family inside. Mahek hears laughter.

Shaurya is out with his family. They come to bbq restaurant and says boxing champ is with us. Cook good food. Mahek says to Swati lets go out and eat chaat. Sarti says I am cooking in an hour. Mahek says you will all be hungry when you see the amazing chaat. Lets go. They go out to eat chaat. Shaurya is at nearby BBQ dhaba. Swati says its so spicy. Mahek says its very tasty. Shaurya pays for his friends. Karan says lets run without paying. Shaurya says I will never do that. He says then we are going. They sit in the car. Mahek sees them. she says stop.. Shaurya sits in the car and they run. Mahek goes after them in her scooty. Swati says Mahek where are you going..

Shaurya says to his friends it was a bad. I will go and pay them next day. Mahek comes there. she breaks Shaurya’s wind screen. She breaks their car. Everyone is dazed. Mahek says we are equal now. She sits on her scooty and runs. They go after her. karan says we will hit her so she falls from her bike. Shaurya comes near her but doesn’t shove. Karan says what are you doing. Shaurya wonders what is happening with him. She drives past. Karan says she ran because of you.
Mahek comes home. Sarti says where did you go? She says I went after those boys. Sarti says are you crazy. Its not your responsibility to teach lesson to all bad boys. Mahek says they deserved it. Mahek hears shaurya’s screams in sleep. She wakes up and comes out.

Scene 2
Next morning, Mahek gets ready. Sarti says do arti before leaving. Mahek says thank you God for bringing us here. I wanna be sports person of the year.

Precap-Coach drops Mahek to her college. Shaurya and his friends are bullying people inside. Shaurya looks at mahek and feels something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. First part is haunting and nostalgic….Mehak and Shaurya had a beautiful bond in previous birth and I know that theirs now would be just as strong as before. Mehak’s flashbacks are really haunting…ohh how I miss their romance….never mind, second time around will be better and thank goodness Mehak is full of brawn, let’s see her kick some dust…

  2. I’m wondering where Svetlana is now!! What a greedy materialistic woman !! ….I’m sure she’s going to be facing a spunky Mehak this time, no rollover girl who’ll be afraid of her..I know Kanta chachi is around but in what condition, it’s left to be seen. This kinda reminds me of Karan Arjun…

  3. Naz,thankfully I discontinued seeing the serial when everything was fine between Shaurya and Mahek ,so I don’t know anything about all these antagonists in this couple’s previous life…As you said ,it was pure nostalgia to see Mahek’s old house ,which at one time used to bustle with her large joint family…The house agent informs Mahek and her family that the original residents of the house had met with an accident some 18 years back that means after Mahek and Shaurya’s death …and one or two are abroad but they don’t care for this house..I wanted clarification on this point but this is not there in the updates…Anyways loved the episode …both are acting well…We can see Mahek getting flashbacks of her previous life spent in the house whereas Shaurya feels something unexplained whenever he meets Mahek…just loving it…

    1. Lakshmi, this serial can boast of having the best family unit ever in soapland. Kanta chachi isn’t Mehak’s mother but you could never have known, if Mehak was in pain, Kanta chachi’s belly would hurt, that’s the depth of their love. The whole family plus Shaurya’s, were tightly knitted and stood up for each other, helped each other and faced lots of troubles together. As you’ve said,few family members are living abroad and don’t care for the house, I only know of Svetlana…don’t know who else survived.

  4. I think Svetlana is owner to the property and she’s probably enjoying herself. Shaurya looks better with beard

    1. Ohh yes he looks hotter with a beard. My daughter cringed knowing he took off his beard…

  5. hi!!!I’m a regular viewer of zkm.i m commenting for may d 2nd or 3rd time
    today’s encounter of mehrya was really awesome…the way shaurya stared at mehek was really very sweet

  6. When Mehek entered that house it was very emotional indeed. Shaurya is getting feelings for her and I like that oh yeah I do. Come on let’s get some romance between the two ah them before Svetlana comes in the picture. They both must remember so that they can play ghost and haunt the shit outta her hehehe.

    1. ZKM-LOVER.......

      I think romance between d duo still has some tym…..coz now they will have a relation of tashan

    2. Anjali Dahiya

      Hahahaha Jayashree….I too was thinking this….hope Swetlana n Kanta make entry soon…n then Mehrya play ghost ghost with tht witch Swetlana…. hehehe

  7. Naz,a small query ,who is this Swetlana…I know the actual family of Mahek and Shaurya…I guess she is a later addition to the family and the antagonist ….maybe she will come back in this season also to play her nasty game but will be atleast 25 years older…

  8. anjali i do hope it happens you know sometimes when the leading pair finds out about each other especially if its reincarnation they tend to let the horse outta the bag too soon as you said also scare the living daylights out of swetlana i really really hope the writers throw in that ghost part hehe lets keep our fingers cross.

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