Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: A raid at Raman’s office

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni telling Raman that there will be a raid at his office, be careful. He asks why shall I trust you, Ishita shot Adi because of you, enough now, get lost. He shuts the door and goes in. He sees Adi’s pic. Roshni sits down and takes a deep breath. Bala sees her and asks what happened. She says I m not well. He asks her to come to see a doctor. They leave. Raman says Roshni is pregnant and I…. Oh God. He goes to see. He sees her gone and says I knew she was faking it. He gets a call and says Aaliya, what, a raid in office, I m just coming. Mrs. Bhalla says Pihu your dad loves you a lot. Pihu gets more pain. Ruhi says I will take Pihu to have icecream, I will also take her to a new dentist. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, but come back soon. Ruhi says sure. Pihu asks Ruhi will you fulfill your promise. Ruhi nods.

Ishita asks Sameer to tell her about his pain. She asks Sameer’s mum Mrs. Verma to get icecream for Sameer. Mrs. Verma says I have seen Roshni going out in hurry, I have to rush now, thanks. Ishita calls Roshni. Bala answers and says come to hospital fast, I will then tell you. She leaves. Raman comes to office and sees the raid inspector going on. He says you can’t check my personal drawer. The man says let me do my work. Aaliya says let them check, they won’t get anything. Raman says I will call commissioner. The man says you can’t call anyone. Aaliya says they just allowed me to call you. He says we have paid taxes, why is this raid happening.

Parmeet and Simmi come home. She says I m finally back home, I did lots of shopping, I got a special gift for you, is this how you welcome me. He says your special gift is ready. She asks is it in room, I will go and see. He says its not here, its in Bhalla office, I got your brother’s factory and office raided. Raman says I pay my taxes in advance, I want to talk to your senior. Mrs. Verma says I m the supervisor, we will know if you are innocent, we got tipped off, so we are here, you know rich people don’t pay taxes. He asks who has informed you. She says sorry, we can’t tell you. Parmeet says the news is big, Raman’s reputation will be gone. She says they should suffer. Mrs. Verma gets Ishita’s call. Ishita says Bhalla industries is my husband’s company, he is a big businessman, he can’t do any fraud, don’t raid his office, his reputation will be ruined. Mrs. Verma says if we got tipped, we have to check.

Raman hears her and says Ishita did this. He asks who has tipped you. Mrs. Verma says sorry, we didn’t get anything, we got tipped from someone close to you. They leave. Aaliya says thank God they left, who has sent them. He says Ishita. She says no, she would never do this. He says you know what she is capable of, if she can kill my son, this is a small thing. Aaliya says she can’t do this. Ruhi and Pihu wait for Ishita outside her house. Ishita gets Roshni home. She asks what are you doing here. Ruhi says Pihu has tooth ache, she wanted you to check it. Ishita says I will see and fix it, sit here. She asks Pihu not to get scared, her gums are numb, so it won’t hurt. Pihu says I m feeling hungry. Ishita says we shall have idli sambar. Ruhi says I m hungry too. Ishita and everyone have food.

Ruhi promotes Veere Di Wedding. They play a song Veere…. and dance. Raman comes. Ishita sees him at the door. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays… He asks her to celebrate, as she had the raid in his office. She says I m sorry, I was trying to stop it, I know Mrs. Verma. He says so you know her personally. She says yes. Roshni says she is saying true, I heard it from Mrs. Verma and came to warn you. Ishita asks him to come in. Raman refuses. Ishita asks Ruhi and Pihu to come. She says Pihu had much pain, so Ruhi got her here for treatment. Raman asks her not to care, I lost Adi before, they are my daughters, not yours. She says fine, take them home. Pihu asks won’t you let me be here. Ishita says you have to go with dad. Raman gets a call and says yes I remember, we have to go on dinner. Ishita says if you think sending selfies and attending calls in front of me, this will affect me, then you are wrong, I don’t care. He says you would haven’t said this then, if affects both you and me. He goes. She says its good it affects him, its also love.

Raman and Pihu play scrabble. Pihu wins and asks him the prize. He asks what does she want.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. SURprisingly no comments !
    Understand all viewers are totally upset with the current track ! Ekta and the cvs killed our Ishra ! Ishitha died for me on the day she shot Adi . I believe in situations … but here I cant agree to that ! From London track she knew Adi is attracted to Roshni and Alia is very insecured about it . As a mother she did not do anything for that and offered a job to Roshni in her clinic . She cud give her lecture to Roshni also to be away fron Adi .
    And shooting site all three ladies cud not stop Adi …Shaghun was there Alia was there .. Ishithas look out was only saving a girl … at that time nobody will think to shoot on leg or hand … in that case atleast tvs cud make Ishitha shot on that chemical bottle … anyways it was not to happen … now incase if there is a twist that this was an imposter Adi or if somebody else shot him … our assumptions can change.
    Ishitha Roshini scene even I dont like but as character Ishitha is always like that .. its a concern to a girl who is pregnant and if Adis child … she wants to take care of that baby .
    Being supportive to Roshni doesnt mean she looks at Roshni over Alia . Ishitha cant hate Alia for sure … When Ishitha is not allowed to see Adis funeral … and as they show Alia so matured now .. when she can justify Ishitha for shooting Adi … which no one can accept …
    She should understand her mother here .
    I understand Alias pain very much and appreciate how she has moved on life .
    Fully understand Raman and his anger is justified . But cvs really butchering Raman by
    making him abuse Ishitha all the time .. on each leap with defferent emotions .
    Showing him with other lady is sooo cheap that no way audience can accept .
    And we all know Ishitha has no self respect .
    Both Ruhi and Pihu is arrogant has anger issues like father .
    Romi is taking a good decision and if Mihika doesnt go with him , he is going to be another negative character .
    With so many incidents they are not able to expose Param and Simmi … Param is too good as villain its nice to see him … but even then .
    Where is Sooraj now ? Who is actually behind
    Adi … so many twists are not closed properly …
    Its very sad to see Yhm like this . Both Kp and Dt looked awesome and I always think whether they are not aware of these twists and wish they have a big say in that .Lets watch and see how they move forward … if they show a flash back of Alia and Ishitha … I wish …
    Yhm is dead to audience but Ishra/Divan can never die …. auch an amazing chemistry , not seen with any other jodis .

  2. Silent reader

    You know what would be funny is if another memory lost scene takes place post another leap and it’s ishita this time. Adi comes back and sees how the family broke after his ‘death’ Raman trying to get his Madrasin back and the family as well. Another guy in her life.

  3. Finally that stupid simmi came back who knows what will be her next plan to destroy ishra.

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