Mahek 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek is dressed as bride, family is shocked to see her all decked up, all are sad to see her. Kanta asks what are you doing? Mahek says i have to leave house after wedding, Jeevan says Shaurya ranaway from mandap leaving you, you didnt get married. Mahek says i know, and i will take his class, what you think that Shaurya can leave me and hurt you people and i would sit quiet? Balwant says dont take haste decisions being emotional, Shaurya have used you emotions only, Mahek says i am doing this after thinking, just by taking pheras wont get you married, when two people promise to take care of each other infont of world, then its equal to being married for me, tell if this wedding bangles, the ring Shaurya gave me and garland exchange ceremony have no values? Shaurya made promises to me to live life with me. Ravi says it was all lie, he doesnt love you, why dont you understand, Mahek says you think like that but not me, Shaurya freed me from jail, he didnt let me stay in lock-up for even one night, if i am fulfilling promises then Shaurya is fulfilling his promises too but problem is that he doesnt want to accept it due to broken and pained relationships of childhood so he thinks he cant love anyone, he did mistake by running away but its my responsibility to rectify his mistake, if Ravi does some mistake then Mansi makes him rectify his mistakes so why Shaurya and me are different? she asks Mohit to bring her luggage, she is leaving for Shaurya’s house, family asks her to stop but she doesnt listen.
Sanjay calls KD and says you might have got cash but b taing money from Shaurya, you have become my enemy, Kd says i have got 5crores, he might be mad or madly in love. Sanjay says i wont spare you. Shaurya comes there and says to Sanjay that you cant handle one enemy so why making others? dont threaten people. Svetlana says dont show your goon style to us, Shaurya says i am pitying with you people that all your plans against me failed, you should be thankful that my mother is Sanjay’s sister otherwise i would have thrown people like you out of house. Sanjay says i thought no on is bigger jerk than me but you are my teacher in this. Shaurya says what you thought that you would drug and make your goons kidnap me from mandap? i was sure that you would make some plan to show your love but i was sure to get antidote against intoxication drugs, flashback shows Shaurya taking antidote to nullify dizziness which he could have got Sanjay’s spiked drinks, Shaurya says i left mandap even before your goons couldnt reach me and i left from country when all were finding me here and i patent Mahek’s recipes, i wanted to get Mahek’s recipe book so i had to wait till wedding, when i was leaving country, i thought you might be thinking your goons killed me and i was laughing at you people. Sanjay says awesome, what planning, i am happy that i lost to genius like you, i love you nephew, we are same in our antics. Shaurya glares him and says i am not like you, i am trapped between snakes like you, if you dont stop your antics then i would smash you uncle, remember that, Shaurya glares him and leaves. Sanjay says your time is going good Shaurya but he doesnt know that what will happen at chanini-chowk will change his time.
Mahek is ready as bride, Kanta says you are not going anywhere, Mahek says let me go. Kanta says we wont bless you then, you will leave without our permission, Mahek says this is my faith, give me one month, if i dont ma Shaurya realize in on month that h did mista by leaving me at mandap and he hurt you people and i would make him realize that he love me a lot, if i dont get successful then i would comeback, please have faith, Pd says let her go, if we dong let her go then it means we dont trust her, she is grown-up so let her go. Mahek says do my aarti, i have to go to my inlaws house. PD does her aarti. Jeevan asks Mahek to take Mohit with her, Mahek says no this is m fight and i will fight it alone, she smiles. PD says Shaurya best of luck, our old Delhi’s Mahek is coming, Mahek smiles and leaves.
Mahek is dressed in heavy bridal dress and riding scooty with helmet on, oh womaniya plays. She is going to Shaurya’s house.
Shaurya is having lunch, he is eating sandwich, he asks Karona to have lunch with him, Karona says you do it alone, you have done hardwork to reach this height, your loneliness is reward of you getting new heights, so learn to live like that, she leaves. Shaurya is sad, Shaurya listens wedding band playing, he gets angry on servant and asks who are these middle class people playing wedding band? Servant says band is playing at our door only, Shaurya says who is there?

Scene 2
Whole family is outside home and seeing band playing wedding music, Shaurya comes out of home and sees Mahek dancing with wedding band playing in background. Mahek smiles at Shaurya and dancing infront of him, Shaurya huffs at her. Mahek touches Karona’s feet and says Maa your daughter in law has come, wont you welcome me? Karona is confused and asks what is all this? Mahek says i have left my house and came here like all girls come after wedding. Shaurya says what rubbish, did you forget that i left you at mandap, Mahek says you didnt leave me, you ranaway from there. She asks 3000ruppees from Shaurya, Shaurya says what? Mahek says i dont have change of money, Sanjay says i have it, he gives her 3000rupees, Mahek thanks him and takes it, Mahek gives money to band, they leave. Mahek takes off her helmet, she brings photo. Mahek shows her wedding photo to Shaurya and asks what you think about it? he doesnt answer. Mahek asks servant what photo is this? he says its of your and Shaurya’s wedding, Shaurya glares at servant, Mahek shows picture to Shaurya where they are dressed as groom and bride, Mahek says whoever you will show this picture will say that we are bride and groom, we have done half marriage, only pheras are remaining but we have done half wedding.

PRECAP- Mahek says to Shaurya that you are God so return my 6months back to me and if you cant give it to me then accept me as your wife, Shaurya says i have told you already that i dont love, Mahek Sharma i am clearing it again that I DONT LOVE YOU.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hai friends how are you and my dear moni how are you today episode really really awesome I like it special mahek I can’t control my laughing and mahek asking 3000 from shaurya that scences I am really freez superb mahek your decision really good anyway I am tomorrow episode

    1. Moni7

      Hai geetha dear s m good…how r u…as u said yes superb episode…mama and mami clean bold…MR.Most stylish villain shaurya khanna❤

  2. Raniboudy

    Mehak has gone crazy, but i like it!!!

    1. agreed but every thing is fair in love

    2. Moni7

      Rani me too …..bold mehak… frustrated shaurya✌

  3. wow! mahek dd, u r so bold! just rock on evry moment like this, mahek rocks, saurya shocks!

    1. agreed happy u comment

  4. OMG what happening with shaurya. does he means what he said. i don’t hope so.

    1. yeah he mean it

  5. So finally der ‘s no valid reason 2 leave d mandap oly 4 d recipe bk he took diz much effort OK let it b bt now he will realise his luv 4 mehek
    Shaurya u nailed it man n front of mami&mama
    Mehek shocking entry

    1. I think he loves mehek and left the mandap to protect her from sanjay and swetlana

    2. Hi, I agreed u both, definitely that much was happen.

  6. epi was great,awesome and fabulous so it’s decided that she is going to live her in law’s house for one month it will be interesting to watch them like HW before the complete marriage as it happens in other serials that couple is married but don’t loves or accepts or realise in this case not complete marriage living in the same house/room but separately loves but not accepted/realised by one side
    eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode
    waiting for some thing interesting and exciting
    karona/maa try to understand he lived in her house only for the book and does soo much and she is doing the same but only for getting her love and realizing him his mistake she is doing this as she is his hb and have the same characteristics
    plz guys don’t say that it’s dash dash dash it’s just love crazy and carefree love
    actually love is not love if it’s not crazy and carefree

    1. That is so truly said ooshi.. Shaurya and mahek are two crazy, carefree people with similar level of passion for everything they do.. And that is the reason for this story being so awesome, interesting and full of spark.. I’ve never seen a story and a couple like this before on indian television..

  7. ????really mahek awesome its clearly shown in precap.precap realy good and cool

    1. happy u commented

  8. I think ki shourya drama kr rha h that he dont luv mehak taki vo svetlana aur sanjay ka real face sbke samne la k liye….

    1. Sanjay aur svetlana ka real face to sabko hi pata hai.he dont love mahek.

    2. agreed

    3. Sahi Mein… Ye sab Shaurya ka plan tha khud k benefit k liye.. Lekin mujhe lagta h k use ye pahle hi realise hone lag Gaya tha k he has started to love mahek par fir bhi usne ignore kiya. Shaadi vale din mahek ko dekhkar Jo guilt tha it proves that.. But last moment pe Shaurya k selfish motive ne use fir control kar liya and he left her at the altar.. Ab situations alag hain, aur mahek bhi zyada strong h.. Barabari Ki takkar dekhne Mein maza aega ?

    4. happy u commented i think u just don’t want to accept that he don’t loves her that’s why u r hoping this just accept the truth that he don’t do that all by falling in love with her but now he loves her but don’t accept and realize

  9. So mehek is trying to make shaurya realise he loves her?????
    Hmmmmm I thought her character should be strong n let him realise on his own while she moved on!
    But it will be good after he realise she dumps him as he did her !,, but what kinda game is that will they unite ever????

    1. yeah they will unite and i don’t want her to dump him and i hope she will not otherwise happy u commented

  10. Moni7

    Hai sweeties….. another epic episode of ZKM….yes Mehak??….. such a darling she is???….kumutha Happieeeee annachi????….wow came to her sasural’s house!!…just rocking MEHAK????….photo evidence he he he???. shaurie??.ippo pesu ippo pesu…
    They said it is not revenge ???
    But they forget to tell us it is
    Took antidote?..left her alone in mandap..went Germany got pattern rights??
    Mama and Mami in shock?? wat ???Clever !!!!!!!….. Don’t worry √M(m square)
    Our Mehak …
    Is coming to break his arrogance !!!..
    Your son in law might be clever but nthg in front our Mehak??……. photo paru paru photo paru how talk chella kutty??… shaurie bulb????…. maayam illa mandhiram illa photo paru evidence paru???….AWARA !!!!!!!….wat it’s this???..shadhi ki photo bhabi???
    Yes karuna aunty your bahu (vandhal marumagal)… shaurie yes ur biwi came (un pondati vandhachi)??…poor shaurie!!… listen mehak i don’t love u??…no need ..she s ur Wife….we all accept her as ur wife as MRS. SHAURIE….???… am waiting soon u get a hit from poori kattai(chapati roller hit)…..???…accept her or else accept her no other choices…only one choice???… mehak is urs….?white chillies became red chillies
    ?…yes finally we find shaurie’s perfect opponent is non other than shaurya’s LADOO?….eat as much as ladoo u want…..
    Mission :-MEHAKs love mission started ?✌
    ?First weapon attack :- Garland exchange photo oops no WEDDING PHOTO??
    ?Target:- attack shaurie???
    ??First attack success???? shaurie buss???
    ?LOVE STORY BEGINS??it is time to fight for ryts …ranaway bride(odipona kalyana mapillai)….. don’t run again !!!!!.
    ?We expecting rasagullas?
    Long way to go??????????
    ??House full of romance??
    ??LOVE BOBM??……………………..
    Just a beginning…………???????
    On your mark get set and go???…..
    Unlock ?shaurie’s heart soon mehak ?
    LOCK OPEN??????❤?❤…

    1. your comments are simple awesome bro!!!!!!!!!!!1

    2. Moni7

      Sry typo mistake..not bride…. runaway groom!!!!!

    3. Hahahahahaha.. Awesome one moni ??❤

    4. Moni7


    5. well done Dear

    6. Moni7

      Ooshi ??

  11. Thats what we want mehak

    1. happy u commented

  12. Splendid episode.
    Good job Mehek….
    Hats off 2 u.
    Cant wait to see Mehrya tashan e ishq post marriage.
    Awesome precap….

    Sk se Ms apne pyaar qubool karvake hi rahegiii.

    Fingers crosseddddd.

    Jaa beta Mehek Shaurya( pati dev) ke zindagi mein apne pyaar ke MEHEK phailao….
    ZKM is the best…

    1. happy u commented thanks for the comment BEST OF LUCK SHAURYA LADDO HAS COME NOW U R GOING TO BE …

  13. hi dear friends this is likhitha ,can I join you from today?
    coming to eps- it was mind bogling !but what is shaurya upto I dint understand!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Moni7

      Hai likhitha welcome to mehrya family…

    2. thanku

    3. now he is don’t up to any thing but mehek is on the mission to winning him and realising him his love
      by the way welcome to the family Likhitha keep commenting

    4. thanku

  14. Babygirl

    Am confused????
    Does he love her!!!

    1. Moni7

      Yes he loves her but not ready to accept it…

    2. yeah he does but it was not a part of the plan and didn’t accept and realize it till now

    3. ChandaMaya

      Babygirl, Shaurya is the one who is confused . . . I think Mahek being close to him will make him go I insane.Lots of people in the world deny their love or move on when they use their logical side of their brain. Shaurya uses his left side brain functions.

  15. Hello friends.I want to tell u the mistakes I found in mahek
    1Mahek’s house was burnt so how it can be renovated in 2 days
    2.Mahek was having 25 lacs in her account .Remember shaurya giving a check to mahek when he appoligised herSo why their chachas selling their shops.seriously fools
    3.Why shaurya did so much for mahek if he want to betray her??

    1. Nice analysis dear

    2. they don’t want to use mehek’s money first one is a big mistake Shaurya is so confusing so can’t say any thing about him

  16. Omg…. Wt an episode.. I cant control myself to comment. Really mehak u rocks. I’m new in this..first time commenting. Hi guys

    1. Moni7

      Hai nafi….

    2. Latha

      Hi nafi welcome to this TU family dear…

    3. welcome to the family Nafi keep commenting

  17. what a episode…. it really superb.
    & very very funny…..
    precap is also amazing.
    waiting for tomorrow’s episode.
    can’t wait…….

  18. Preethiilang

    Hi guys episode was superb?????……..Mehek u rocked girl shaurya shocked????……wow wat a expression mehek chanceless ummaaaaa??????…….Her confidence was in different level???………but one thing i noticed frm today episode shaurya was not happy at all bec his eyes were full of pain????…….tis guy is hiding something may be he is having some diseases its my guess not sure????………he was not lky before angry king shaurya????…….nowdays he is just acting to be a angry man i think so???…….there is some big mysteries is there in ZKM???

    1. Moni7

      Yes preethi!!!…,no mystery ….no nothing …u r correct…. frustrated shaurya..not angry today.. lol✌

    2. Moni7

      Disease ah???..i saw oly pimples because of heavy makeup or may be some allergy ….????

  19. Welcome likitha

    1. thank you somi dear.

  20. Hai meharya hai moni….Today episode was crazy I enjoyed a lot shaurya dressed good today wow sudden change in mehak as a bold girl Ioved it

    1. Moni7

      Hai somi… too dear.atlast they started to concentrate on show title Zindagi ki mehak….it is her life so she have to fight for her justice!!!!….and shaurya khanna have to pay for his deeds….still that antidote and germany story it is not the correct justification..not acceptable one!!!…left her nd ran way midway between marriage…???….big businesses tycoon steals recipe book and open new restaurant…oh omg !! funny….this show he doesn’t deserve to be a chef ..or business man…better to call THIEF???

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