Mahek 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kanta gives will to Shaurya and says its not needed, Shaurya says its needed, it doesnt matter if Mahek has property or me when Mahek is mine herself. Kanta caresses his face and says be happy always, Shaurya says dont cry, let go out, all must be tensed, she nods. Shaurya brings Kanta out of room, all Sharma family members are tensed. Mahek is worried, she asks what happened? Kanta says you dont have peace, cant i talk to my son in law for a minute? Mahek says but what talk.. she stops and says son in law? means? she smiles in shock, she says Chachi? Kanta nods and hugs her, all smile. Nehal and Mohit hi-five, Kanta says we did many mistakes too, its time to rectify them, Jeevan checks Kanta’s forehead and asks how she cooled down? Kanta says Shaurya would publish book about it, all laugh, Kanta asks Mahek to forgive her, you were right, Shaurya has changed. Mahek says elders dont say sorry, they just bless younger ones and if you hadnt done that then we wouldnt have realized how much we love each other, she lovingly looks at Shaurya, Kanta gives Mahek’s hand in Shaurya’s hand, they touch her feet, Kanta blesses them, Shaurya smiles at Mahek.
Mahek thanks Shaurya in her room and says i dont know how you pacified Kanta chachi but you dont know how much happy you have made me, Shaurya says make me happy too, i have party in restaurant tonight, i will send dress for you, just wear it and come, she smiles.

All sharma family members get ready for Party. Mahek comes there in black pretty saree, Mansi says wow Shaurya has sent good saree, Nehal says Shaurya sent it for her, Mahek you are looking gorgeous. Mahek blushes.

Karona sits in car with Shaurya to go to restaurant for party. Someone is following them in other car, Karona sees some car following them in car mirror, she gulps and gets tensed. She keeps watching car following them. Shaurya sees her sweating and asks what is wrong? are your health? Karona says i am fine, Shaurya says why you are sweating? she says nothing, she turns on AC but her eyes are on car following them.

Shaurya arrives at restaurant. Mahek is working at food truck. Kanta asks her to not work today, your saree will be spoiled. Ravi says Shaurya has arrived, lets leave. Shaurya comes there, Karona asks Kanta how is she? she says i am fine now. Shaurya looks at Mahek and says wow, there must be some accidents in your society seeing you. Karona sees same car coming there. Shaurya puts hand on Mahek’s back and grabs her waist, she glares at him and asks what he is doing? Mahek smirks at him. Karona stealthily comes to car and says i told you to not come near us, just call me for whatever you need but dont be seen especially now that Shaurya is getting married, past’s shadow should not cast on Shaurya again, he is starting his life afresh.

All come in Shaurya’s restaurant. PD scolds waiters to work nicely, PD says i left my phone at food truck, Shaurya says we will bring it, Shaurya drags Mahek with him. PD says he just need chance for romance, took her in lure of getting my phone, all laugh.
Shaurya brings Mahek to food truck, Mahek tries to search for Pd’s phone but Shaurya pulls her closer and puts hand on her bare waist, she says thats why you gifted me this saree? we are getting late, Shaurya says party was to keep your family busy, your party is with me, Mahek says can i tell you a secret? what i want to do right now? he says what? Mahek says close your eyes, i will blush if you keep staring at me, Shaurya close his eyes. Mahek cups his face and leans in towards his lips, Shaurya smiles sensing she is about to kiss him but Mahek slaps him gently and runs away. Mahek pushes him away and starts running, Shaurya runs behind her and says paratha girl stop. Mahek is running away from him on road and is about to get hit by a car, Karona sees this and gets shocked, Shaurya shouts for Mahek, Mahek stops before car can hit her. Car runs away, Shaurya says blo*dy hell, he throws stones at car, he panics seeing Mahek’s hand bleeding, Mahek says i am fine, Shaurya wipes her hand, he shouts on security guard that why i pay you? bring first aid box. Mahek says why you are shouting? i am fine, Shaurya says there was a car in my parking lot and security didnt know, they are useless. Guard brings first aid box, Shaurya band aid’s Mahek’s hand, Shaurya says to guard that see CCTV footage and tell me number of that car then i will not spare that car. Karona asks him to calm down, so much anger is not good for you. Sharma family comes there, Kanta asks what happened? Mahek says its just small wound, Shaurya says its not small wound, he gets angry, Mahek says calm down, its nothing, please we are here for party, Shaurya looks away, Mahek pulls him and hugs him tightly, he calms down. Karona says yes that car driver was fool, we should enjoy party, they go in restaurant.

Scene 2
Reporters are in restaurant, reporter asks Shaurya why they are marrying twice? Shaurya says first time when i married Mahek, i didnt know importance of marriage but Mahek made me realize it so i am marrying her again. One reporter says that there is another surprise we heard? Mahek asks what surprise? Shaurya brings Mahek to his business partners, he introduces Mahek to his business clients, Shaurya says this is my Mahek, one client says Shaurya you are lucky, you have got gorgeous wife. Shaurya pulls Mahek closer and says not gorgeous but most gorgeous, Mahek blushes. Mahek excuses herself and goes to Kanta’s table.
Mahek asks her family why they are sitting on back seat? lets meet everyone, Kanta says how will be mingle with that people, we will enjoy here, Ravi says only PD is enough for this party, if we start irritating Shaurya’s hifi guests then they will start crying, all laugh. Svetlana comes there and sees Sharma family enjoying, she sees PD in kitchen and giving orders to waiters. Svetlana comes to PD and asks how are you? PD says how are you witch? i mean are you fine? Svetlana offers soft drink to PD, PD is about to drink it but Mahek comes there and stops her, Svetlana says to guests that meet Mahek, she is going to be marrying Shaurya second time and is his only wife, I have to say that shaurya tried to leave you but you trapped Shaurya nicely. you have come to marry him again, Shaurya comes there and grabs Mahek’s hand, he angrily glares at Svetlana, he says Mahek lets go, she can spit poison only. Svetlana holds Mahek’s hand and says sometimes poison is important, i hope you are not doing mistake again, i mean you know Shaurya nicely now, his goodness and badness and his past and all things regarding his past, Karona gets tensed hearing about his past. Karona comes to Svetlana. Karona asks Svetlana to not make drama here if you cant be part of happiness, Svetlana says i have not created any drama till now, you want to see drama? you want it here? then have it, she throws wine on Mahek’s face, all are shocked, Shaurya fumes in anger seeing it.

PRECAP- Mahek takes off curtain from a frama and there is a large portrait of Meera Sharma behind it, Shaurya says this is Meera Sharma Mahek’s mother, Karona is shocked to see her picture, she says this is Mahek’s mother?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Swetha Kannan

    Is mehek a sibling of shaurya are mehek and shaurya sister and brother ?then how will they marry is karona mehek mother who has died .then how is she alive that to in shaurya house as his mother is shaurya karona son .then how come shaurya and mehek can be half family

    1. Chaaya

      If Karuna is the real mother of Mahek, then someone took her away from her. Mahek may be illegitimate like Shaurya . . . This is a love story so Karuna just have adopted Shaurya. The circumstances will be interesting as it unfolds. I think that is something Shaurya has an idea about. As you know not much can be hidden from our secret investigator. Mahek’s father might still be alive?

    2. Hi Swetha Kannan wow I was thinking of that too OMG.

    3. It’s not like that.. when shaurya was small.. Mehak’s parents died of accident.. And that accident was by Shaurya.. But Mehak’s mom is still alive and she’s demanding money from khanna’s.. And to protect Shaurya karona is paying money..

  2. hai my dear familyy friends how are you to all espically moni dear latha chellam, geeta kutty ….etc how are you dears… today episode awesome espically mehek wear saree second time woooww mehek please after marriage wear saree …. looking sooooooooooooo pretty … today more twist also i thought yester now become true chachi viley character is over now stated new villian and villey character its tooooooooooooo much director uncle please stop this irrating twist…. coming to recap wowwwwwwww done a great job………… but what happened karoana ma…. i thought meera shrama car accident some involved karona maa….. more twisit………. anyway director uncle we are ll want only mehraya marriage but now lot of twisit is going on …….. please we are all earling waiting mehraya marriage. only………………………. i really miss you after days guys buy my dear friends take care ……

  3. Just want them to join…no need of hurting past of shaurya.we just want them to be happy…let they join ……
    But, how will be if mehak and shaurya are related ……..just waiting for a happy past…..

  4. What yaar..What is this new drama now. Marriage tho hone dethe..Baad mein jitna history kolna Tha kol dethe. Baad mein Shaurya ka memory loss hoke Mahek bhi business Chala liye tho bhi chaltha tha..Kuch bhi kar sak the the..But shadi tho hone dethe without any obstacles. Mehrya I would suggest first get married in temple or court then do rest of the rasams.

  5. Hello dears….long tym…
    Way to another twist—dono watz stored der for us on monday?

    1. Shaurya might be responsible for mahek mother’s death. When mahek knows this she reject shaurya and agree to marry someother. Shaurya will lose mahek and his total property and to come to road with his karona mother. Their marriage like a long train journey with many stations (problems)

  6. omg what is shaurie past???whether he is responsible to mehak parents death???are yaar let their marriage happen…twist can come after tat alsooo

  7. Omg…just getting puzzled..but why i get a feeling dat meera is shaurya’s mother..dan who is mehek’s mother…mystery n mystery…getting interesting day by day..hope it does’nt affect meherya’s love….

  8. I think shaurya’s father might have killed Mahek’s parents in accident

  9. today’sepi was ok. waiting for monday
    watch this beautiful samiksha’s vm

  10. watch out this amazing video guys

  11. Guys, I think if we go back to the episode where Karona told about Shaurya past to Mahek and Chachi then we can see who was Shaurya’s mother. This is the same episode when Mahek agreed to go to Shaurya’s party n took that 25lakh cheque

  12. superb twist precap was mind blowing awesome surprise and mehak u r too gorgeous i luv u mehrya nd zkm
    vicky plz join party nd where r u?
    who is following in car nd wat is past about shaurie related with mahek? eagerly waiting yaar pls open twist soon

  13. Chaaya

    Whatever unfolds is going to an interesting ride!! Now it’s a merry-go-round. Have you thought that Mahek’s mother might have had an affair with Karuna’s husband? That is one possibility, or maybe Mahek’s mother and Karuna age interconnected in their past. Who was in the car? ?

  14. Chaaya

    That Svetlana needs a swift kick.!! Someone should through pee on her head!!??

  15. hey guys just watch out this amazing amd hot mehrya

  16. Nice epi,,,,,, ooooowwwww mahek u looking too much pretty,,,, and lovely when u wear sari,,,,,
    Beautiful mehrya scene,,,,, and who is this guy?????? Who talk to karona,,?? If is shaurya father,,???
    and what the hell how can svetlana throw wine on mahek’s face,,, just too much,,, after that shaurya u should throw a full balti water to her,,, the bl**d* stupid,,,
    And precap,,, there is some drama again,, which is the relation between mahrya and their parents,,, and some viewers say that may be shurya and mahek is bro and sis,,, what all this yrrrr,, just don’t think about it,,, It never happened,,, but I think shaurya’s father related with mahek parents accident,,, and,,something like that,,,, anyway,,, ham to chate thi ki jaldi se mherya ki sadi ho,,, but no chance,,,, jab tak ye twist khatam nahi hota,, tab tak to mehrya ki sadi na except koro to hi a66a hai,,,, but ham sovi chate te ki pehle mehrya ki sadhi ho,,, plz plz plz,,,
    Bye mehrya fans,, good night,, and happy weekend,,,

  17. Latha

    Confused with Shaurya’s past twist..

  18. Saxenasapna

    Well meko lgta h ki shurya ki na se yani karuna ma se hi…. Mehk ki ma ko mara h… Che glti se hi shi… Bat asa hi h…
    Nothi g like that… Mehak n shurya…. No bro n sis… Ots not possible… Yrrr… For me bro n sis relation… Wourld best relationship h…. Isko asa nhi dikhana chiye… Zkm not like a kkb…. Zkm is zk.m….best show ever…

  19. ChandaMaya

    ? Crystal Ball sees that Shaurya read Meera Sharma’s diary with her recipes . . .not just a recipe book! He did not patent the recipes. He went back away to do so something else to protect Mahek. He knows more that’s why he is behaving so protected. Mahek might be a real heiress . . . . Shaurya has discovered the truth . . . and not even the Sharmas know the secret of Meera. Meera might still be alive!?!?!?? Kanta might know something. So all the Sharmas are in the except for the Kanta and Karuna.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Miss you Rank . . . This one’s for you. I only do readings by special request unless there episode warrants one.??

    2. ChandaMaya

      O Sugars!!! Typo!! Rani, this one’s for you.

      1. Raniboudy

        Wow Chanda dear!! Thank you so much for my special crystal ball reading, I have been missing you a lot too!! Let’s hope the new twist does not separate Shaurya and Mehak. Hope the crystal ball is right!!

  20. I am sure mehek and shaurya can’t share same mother. karoona is the really mother of mehek

    1. Sarah2

      If karuna is a mother of mahak then how could she cooks such a dilcious food like meera sharma

  21. ChandaMaya ur correct I have the same feeling… Shaurya didn’t just ditch mehak he went away for a reason.. Remember the scene where he nicely kept his pic in the drawer with mehak… He knew sthn since then.. Let the twist unfold.. ZKM thumbs up!!!!

  22. Hi Friend ….Totally confused………..what goiing on ?… is not possible mahek and shurya is sister & brother…….ok I thinks shaurya have plan some think again ………ot mahek or shurya ki shaadi ho jaye gi dont worry par wo bhai or beha nahi hai ……..

  23. Sarah2

    I don’t understand why you guys are thinking like they are brother and sister.its impossible yaar. I think kanta chachi is a mother of shourya and mahak’s mom was help her.we are listened many times kanta said to her family that meera brought me in this sharma house.may be meera was given shourya to karuna maa.Ur jab meera ne shourya ko wapas maga ho to karuna maa ne unka accident krwa diya ho.anything is possible but not bro and sis.

  24. watch this beautiful song with mehrya

  25. Sarah2

    Are yar shourya Ur mahak ki shadi n ho birbal ki khichdi ho gaii hi,ho hi nhi rhi hi.phle inki shadi kra de uske baad jitni marji utne twist laye

    1. Saxenasapna

      Shi kha bhai….
      Me bhi yhi chati hu….
      Bat ye zkm h….
      Hr bar ek nya unacceptable twist a
      Deta h……..
      Me tho pgl ho gyi…
      Inki sadi ko lekr pta nhi kb hogi…..

      Wait wait wait wait wait….
      Sirf wait

  26. Hi guys how are you guys doing, moni Di, Geetha sis, chaaya sis, chaandamaya sis , swetharaja and all the others mehrya family. Have a bless weekend guys..
    Coming to the episode, only confusion confusion. I don’t know what to say.
    every twist that’s coming I hope not that it will have any effect on the two love birds relationships or marriage. That is my wish

  27. latest shocking update of zindagi ki mehek

  28. This is ridiculous. Why Al this think has to happen with the mainleads. My god I wish to see them happy together. Again another twist. I’m fed up with this show. I thought it was different from the other serials

    1. Chaaya

      Hi Geeta, it is getting a bit too much with twists and turns turns at every corner of their happiness . . .I expect no happiness anymore in this serial. All the serials are corrupt.

  29. Yes chaaya you’re right. All the serials have the same story line. The mainleads are always suffering and the evil one win. Uncle director let your story be different. Let mehek and Shaurya be happy.

    1. Ur right

  30. Episode was awesome shaurua nailed it. pls director sir don’t make a normal story.
    Where hero heroine will cry others those r doing wrong will win

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