Will she love me?? (Devakshi ff) By Akshada (Part-6)

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Hey guys bak with the nxt one sorry fr being late….i was busy in nt other Story
Sona’s pov :
Aftr Dev i mean…Mr.Dev left i went Inside nt room then aftr sometime i got a Call…i don’t knw who it was….
Me:hello Sonakshi here….
Unknown: hello sona mein hu Hana …( hello i am Hana )
Me: arrey yaar tu…..aur yeh kiska….phone num hai….???( hey Hana whose phone num is this ??)
Hana: yeh meri bahi ka phone hai….( this is my bro’s phone )
When i heard bhai i got really happy i started Dancing in nt bed….
Hana: hello sona ….sona…
Me: haan ( Yup)
Hana: i knw tum kushi main tumari bed Main jump karahiho ….( i knw u r jumping on Ur bed)
Omg !! Hw did she even knw ….
Me: arrey yaar….why vil i even Jump…
Hana: kyuki u got my bro’s i mean Ur fav Hero’s num
She Starts giggling
Agh !!! She started irritating
Me: accha toh bol kyu Call ki ?? ( why did u even Call ??)
Hana : simply boring Baba isiliye…
Me: toh hu tumari Entertainment ( so i am ur Entertainment )
Hana: maybe

Me: hmm…teri bahi toh hai…entertainer…( ur bro is also thr entertainer)
Hana: haan haan par unhone toh shooting keliye gayi hai….( yes yes but He has gone fr shooting)
Me: abh ?? I mean iss time main ( nw i mean AT this time ??)
Hana: haan..( yes)
Me: u dont get bored
Hana: haan par kya karoo ( yes but wht to do)
Me: vry boring life hai yaar teri ( Ur life is vry boring)
Hana: hmm….but nt tht Bad….kyuki i hav a stupid frnd like u …so mujhe kaise bore hogi ??
Suddenly i heard his voice…
Dev: Hana mere phone de na…mujhe ek important Call karna hai..( Hana give my phone i hav to do an important Call)
Hey hey ek second Hana ne kaha ki Mr.Dev shooting keliye gaya hai par…kaise vo Hana se baat karahihai..( hey hey ..one sec Hana told me tht Mr.Dev has gone fr shooting but hw cm He is talking with Hana )
Hana: bahi !! Aap mere phone se Call kijiye na….plzs plzs ( bro plzs use my phone )
Dev: accha teekhe…kaha hai teri phone ???
( where is Ur phone ??)
Hana: right side desk main hai ( on the right side)
Hana : milgayi ?? ( did u find??)
Dev: haan(Yup)
Aftr tht i did nt even hear his voice
And then we started talking talking and talking Till my battery was Dead…
Ans then i felt sleepy and slept
Sona’s pov ends..

This side Dev took Hana’s phone and went to his room…..he took his Laptop Out and transfered some pictures to his Laptop
( waite waite Dev told Hana tht He wanted to Call somebody and nw wht is He doing)
Aftr transfering the pics….he Goes and gives IT Hana and cms to his room bak….he again took his Laptop and started staring at the pics…..he did some cut shorts to tht pic…and the whole nite He was busy looking at the pics……he did nt knw hw time passed..

Dev’s pov :
Aftr giving the phone to Hana i cam bak i took my Laptop i did some get shorts to the pic ….i knw tht those pics r really important to me…so i had to lie to Hana…i can actually tell hr the matter….and ya she Vill help me ..too…but i can’t….idk why….but i was nt able Share this Thing to Hana since 5 years…i knw jab ussko pata chalega…..vo…mujhe kabhi maaf nahi karegi…par Main kya karoo ( i knw When she cms to knw abt this she vil nt forgive me..but wht vil i do…)
Thinking abt this i started looking at all the pics i knw in i Start seeing this pic i vil nt be able to sleep or to do any work……idk knw hw time passed it was almost….5 still i did nt get bored nt staring at the pic again and again …Of Course hw can i even get bored……i knw When see those pics i vil nt be in my Sense…..u can Say i vil be dreaming in my own world…aftr some time i thought tht at least i shuld Take a Little break i went and rested on my sofa….still i was nt able to forget those pics …but i dont When did i sleep..
Dev’s pov ends
Hey Guys i knw this was a small one…but srry srry…i knw i am in my holidays but i hav a tight shedule….i hav to Start studing fr my 10th std portions so…really srry….i am 10th nw…so….its really vry Hard fr me to Post Long ones…but plzs do comment..
I can give u a clue in this tht
Thr is a big suprise and Twist in this
Until then bye frm Akshada n Harshita

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  1. Sgatik

    Super episode. Pls post next one soon

    1. V.V.harshita

      Thnxs vil Ports soon

  2. Akshita

    Amazing episode np if you are busy plzz cone up with small episode at least thrice a week?
    lots if love

    1. V.V.harshita

      Thnxs vil Post soon ????

  3. Awesome

  4. awesome episode…post next one soon

    1. V.V.harshita

      Thnxs vil Post soon ??

  5. Darshana

    Omg..itna suspense…cant just wait but I guess dev is seeing sona’s pic..am I right??…
    its okay..even I have just passed out my 10 boards..i can very well understand your situation..so I wont ask u to post soon
    post asap?..
    loads of love???

    1. V.V.harshita

      Ya vil Post soon ???

  6. Heshine

    This was really amazing dear’s….! How awesome….awww…!
    Perfect….! Hope its sona. Who dev admires..! And pls don’t make any twist here…pls…its my request…!??
    Love love. .!

    1. V.V.harshita

      Thnxs vil Post soon….but hw can a Story go awesome without a Twist …but the Twist is nt tht Much ????

  7. Riti1107

    Super duper awesome
    Dev is seeing Sona’s pic??
    Jaldi jaldi post karna

    1. V.V.harshita

      May be Dev is seeing sona’s pic….who knws ??
      Anyways vil Post soon ???

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