Mahek 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaureya is crying. Kanta says go from here. He says my heart doesn’t want me to go from. Her memories are here and I want to be here. Ravi says I am calling police. shaureya says yes please do. They will also know what truth is. Shaureya says to chachi didn’t you tell your family what truth is? PD ask kanta if I kidnapped her or not? Please tell me why you accused me falsely. Can you tell everyone truth or should I? He says I will tell them the truth. Kaanta says because I want to keep Mahek away from you. You have ruined her life once I won’t let you do that. Now if you burn yourself or the world, you wont’ reach mahek. Shaureya says you also keep in mind I will love Mahek all my life and find her. I will find her in next 24 hours. Its my promise. You can’t keep her away from me. Kanta leaves from there.

Mahek is in her bus and Shaureya is in his car. He looks at Mahek’s photo and recalls their times together.
Mahek reaches the bus stop. She comes out with chachi. Shaureya stops at the same stop. He calls Vicky and says same location was traced? He says what.. okay I am looking here. He looks everywhere and in the bus too but Mahek has left.
He sees a girl like Mahek and turns herya towards him. She is someone else. Shaureaya says sorry.
Mahek us at the station.. She buys food. shaureya is outside that food court. He says where are you Mahek?
Chachi says Mahek Kanta has called you.
Mahek talks to Kanta. Kanta asks where did you reach? She says yes. Kanta says you know what you have to do after this call right? Mahesk says yes don’t worry. She says Shaureya.. Kanta says he is out of jail. I have withdrew my case.
Vicky calls Shaureya and says Mahek is nearby you. He looks for her but can’t find her.
Mahek walks from behind him and sits in the car.

Scene 2
Mahek comes to shrine and prays. She says I hope he always stays happy. Shaureya is walking past the shrine and comes in too.
Mahek gets done with the prayer and her family takes her from there. Shaureya is there too. They are both walking in different directions sadly.
Shaureya comes to pray as well. He is in tears.
Mahej ties a thread outside. Bhardo jholi plays in background. They are both crying.
Shaureya goes out in tears. Mahek is sitting and crying with the fence. Chacha ji says what happened mahek? Shaurea listens this and turns back. He sees Mahek’s back.

Precap-Mahek eats something and says to the vendor everything is fine. What is not there? He says salt and spices are all well but.. He takes off his hoodie. Its shaureya. They hug each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ACHU

    poorr mehrya….atleast pls in precap they get united…shaurya asusal rockd..

  2. ACHU

    friday gonna be treat…

  3. Raniboudy

    Can someone tell me what’s happening?

  4. What the hell there is nothing there. I’ve been waiting all day because I can’t watch the show, I have to read the updates.thanks for nothing.

  5. What the hell there is nothing there. I’ve been waiting all day because I can’t watch the show so I have to read the updates.thanks for nothing.

  6. How cute shauri u are such adorable love you

  7. Hello Achu. I have been waiting for fan fiction until am tired. Many others with deir own ff continuation. It’s not nice what you are doing to us. The suspense is too much. Please.

  8. Hi everyone thanks for wishing me all the best.Yesterday I liked their Conversation in jail but while breaking things shaurya stopped seeing mehek’s photo .If u love someone then u can’t be able to see anything around u .Everywhere u sees ur beloved ones and u find mistake of them.It shows shaurya’s intense love.Today just hide and seek.iam exited to watch tomorrow mehrya hug.

  9. What exactly can Shaurya do to earn Kanta chachi’s forgiveness? Breaking into the house and trashing it is not the answer.

  10. Wow shaurya xposed dis kanta..still she is not improving…anyways she is hopeless…shaurya fullfiled his challenged and found his mehek….today’s epi was ok only shaurya’s scenes were nice n mehek’s scene in gurdwara….but precape was awsome..really can c how much they were desperate to c each other….plz marry mehrya n shaurya as u said plz take ur mehek to ur home marriying her forever…can’t wait for’s yaar why do u do this with us….i guess dis will increase our curosity to know what will happen next n will be more interesting to watch the epi….

  11. Typing mistake u can’t mistakes of them.According to me mehek loves both Chachi and shaurya.Her love for shaurya is more of course but she respects her Chachi as Chachi look after her since childhood.No one insulted her more than shaurya but she had forgiven him long ago.It’s her nature .I felt chachi’s feeling are not completely wrong but her methods are wrong.i can’t find any difference between shaurya and chachi.They both r forcing her .Yesterday she clearly said that in her words .Mehek always finds happiness in her family’s happiness but she is the one who forced her to consider her wishes .Because of shaurya only she refused to obey kanta Chachi not once , I feel her happiness lies with shaurya but she can’t leave her family.therefore I feel Mehek is the one who is suffering most.its my view.

  12. In excitement i forgot to mention dat i hope they dnt drag it till monday n they show meherya reunite epi tomorrow…but i guess they will dtag it…fingers crossed.

  13. Hi ladies where are you all, moni7 di, chaaya sis, chandamaya, Geetha etc.
    I have nothing to say about chachi and mehek. Very dissapointed. Shaurya is the best. Best brother award can go to Vicky , best sister award is Sonal and best mother is Karuna ma. Best evil is chachi. Best dumbest and foolish is mehek

    1. Chaaya

      Hi Geeta, dear sis. Late as usual. I really think this episode has everything to do with Kanta’s character being exposed to her family and her misplaced paranoia. Kanta is obsessed with Shaurya, as if he left Kanta,herself at the mandap. This has nothing to do with Mahek at this point, it’s about Kanta refusing to give in to her better judgement that this is about two people who are in love . . . The more she tries to separate them the stronger their bond will become.
      The Sharma family just be shocked, but in fact Kanta belongs to the same mentality of her community sisterhood, Pammi and Sheetal, who all use emotional blackmail to exact an outcome, as per ultimatums, rendered to control and emotionally torture the hearts of the one they are exerting their will on.

    2. Soory babies some network problem da and exam also going on … I can’t miss one episode at all including my exam days also. …… wowwwwww what a fantastic episode I can’t wait today episode what a expression hug wowwwwww

  14. Raniboudy

    Hey there!! I hope you are all doing fine. Well have been loving this serial and seriously I can’t stop Loving what is happening!!! Those who think this serial 8s dragging, check it out well again!! Every day something new is coming up and it makes the story even more wonderful!! Imagine if everything happened too quickly, then the serial would have been finished since. Now I have to say this: Now that Mehak is far from Kanta and Shaurya has found her I am hoping for a quick marriage and wherever they are nobody can stop them anylonger!! Also I was thinking about the precap; maybe she’s dreaming? But I know that’s not the case. Now for the goons, I think Swetlana is behind this and this will create another turn in this beautiful story. Personally I am very happy with this serial and the actors are nailing it every single moment. I have said enough!! Love you all and keep loving ZKM!!

  15. Chaaya

    Yes Geeta, Shaurya truly means no harm to Mahek. Thank God for at least one person now on his side. Kanta is a coward, who is using forceful and criminal means to keep Shaurya away. She is rive with hate. A person who truly loves is understanding and objective to all outcomes, good and bad! Stopping to such deception can only bring I’ll effects. The problem is Kanta is using her idle, criminal goons to follow Shaurya. I hope Kanta will be taught a good lesson when she gets herself in trouble by using mafia tactics.

  16. I still think Shaurya should marry her rite there in the temple

  17. Chaaya

    Unfortunately, young adults who are not allowed to make errors on their own account condo on their parents’ or guardians’ account. It is easier to blame someone for one’s unhappiness than oneself. Life is a risk and risks are not allowed in most young adults’ lives from South Asian descent. Risks – meaning risks with relationships, which are taboo. Maturity in life actually involves taking risks of all kinds, even at the cost of taking risks. The human species that never lets go of their offspring or related offsprings. Humans get attached to all things, even life itself. Other creatures let go instintually.

    1. Chaaya

      What? Typo – not condo , but. “do so”on their ….

  18. This is so painful yrr,,,, the gurudwar wala scene just so hurting,,, nothing to say,,,
    But precap,, is awesome,,, I think it’s true or just think,,, i don’t understand,, anyway just wait and watch!!!!! What happening there,,, I just hope both mherya,,, plz united them,,, plz plz plz CVS just do it,,,,,,,,

    1. Ur name is the same of my one clg. friend so when ever I saw ur name I remember her

  19. Hello everyone??​ I’m not commenting regular but I’m not new here. Is anybody knows HINDI here if anyone is here who knows Hindi than please reply me ??? actually I’m from UP and I prefer HINDI more than English or any other languages​ ???if anyone is here than I’m commenting regular otherwise I quit ??

    1. Arundhati

      Hi Sarah , there are many users including me who know hindi very well .

      1. Hi arundhati ??aap bhi UP se hi kya.

    2. Arundhati

      Hello Sarah , hum UP se nahi hai balki Rajasthan se hai .??

    3. Chaaya

      Just leave your comments in whatever language . . . There are people who would reply. No need to not participate.

    4. Chaaya

      So Sarah, did you read a lot of other languages? I think you are the same person aback who insulted a few people who never did come back, so please do not bring your prejuidices here. We are decent about respecting everyone.

  20. Ufffff yar typing mistake ???if anybody is here who knows HINDI than please reply me I’m waiting ???

    1. Yeah tell what’s the problem

  21. yha pe sabhi log ya to Tamil me baat kerte hi ya English me actually I’m not alone who’s are many people who wants to talk in Hindi but I think majority is tamlian here so they can’t comments here??? I’m sorry​ if am hurting anyone ?????

    1. Don’t worry tum chaho to b mujhe hurt nhi Kr skti q k Na to main tamilian hon aur mujhe hurt krne kakam sirf woh log Kr skte gain jinhain main apna manti hon aaur abi k lie hm2 log hain Jo frank ho the hai shaid actually main Pakistani hon aur jise tum Hindi kuhti ho woh aadhi se zyada to Urdu hai aur iss lie main aasani se apni Urdu/tumhari Hindi bol skti hon albta Tamil to mujhe b smj nhi aati

    2. Tumhare reply ka wait Kr rhi hon

    3. Chaaya

      Frankly, speaking, this is a public forum for all people who read the updates, sob you cannot insist that we all interact with you in Hindi. A lot of us understand but wish to communicate how we want. I think your comment is divisive by making ba blanket statement that most people care communicating in Tamil . . . The mere fact that you mentioned not hurting anyone with your comment, indicates your intent was to create a divide. So, if you are such an authority on the general GlLOBAL public languages then you need to think again, because the updates are not in Hindi. I think you have disguised yourself and you come back again and again here to cause disruption. Your English blew your cover right out . . . .

  22. Thanks ooshi ??? chalo koi to hi yha jise hm baat ker sakte hi.ur hme ye jaanker bhut hi khushi huii ki ye serial log Pakistan me bhi pasand kerte hi✌✌✌✌ actually humne nhi kuch Pakistani shows dekhe hi like zindagi guljar,humsafer and dil e muzter these are my favorite shows????and I’m big fan of fawad khan and of course karan vohra?????

    1. spelling mistake se koi frk nhi prta smjhne wale smjh hi lete hain bs koshish ki zrorat haimujhe pta hai maine boht dair se reply kia iss k lie sorry waise agr main tu pe ksi se frank hone lgon to pehla swal hota hai age doosra date of birth teesra studies or work jb b free ho to reply kr dena agr abhi free ho to boht hi achi baat hai

      1. Iss year hmne graduation second year ka exam diya hi.My exam is over so I’m expecting my result.ab age to pta chal hi gee hogi Ur rha swal birthday ka to usme abhi bhut time hi???Dec me hoga.and what about you apne bare me bhi kuch bataiye. I know it’s a public forum but jyse hmne thoda bhut hint kiya wyse ????

      2. Ek bat ur yha TU pe 2 Sarah comment kerti hi

      3. thank you yeh btane ka k yahan pr 2 sarah hain maine abi 10 dino pehle apne b.a 4th year k exams die hain ab result kawait kr rhi hon aur tum se batain kr rhi hon india ko masam kaisa hai

  23. Ufffff what’s wrong with this spelling correction?? I mean to say humne bhi Pakistani shows dekhe hi????

    1. Chaaya

      Why are you using so much English inbetween your Hindi? You English skills are quite interesting; seems superior to your Hindi? …… ?

  24. Where’s today’s update

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