Mahek 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Niki locks white chilies. A car arrives there. She meets her goons and says you have come on right time, she gives them restaurant keys and says start working, she smirks and says everything will go according to us now.

Sonal says to Kanta that Mohit hasnt come home till now, Sheetal hasnt come now too, I am worried, PD says dont worry, just worry about yourself and baby. Kanta says he is her husband so she would worry. She takes phone to call Mohit.

Shaurya comes to the address man gave him, its a garden. He searches for Mahek, he is worried and shouts for her, he hears anklet. He turns around and smiles seeing Mahek dressed in hot white saree and walking seductively. Shaurya is stunned and mesmerized. Mahek comes in gazebo and lights it, Shaurya smiles, Shaurya comes behind her.

Sonal says to family that after police case, he isnt even talking to us, Kanta calls Mohit but Sheetal brings Mohit there. Mohit is totally drunk and singing. Sheetal says dont act like drunkards as then your family would blame me. Jeevan says only this was remaining, Sonal says since when you started drinking? he says from today. PD says Mohit is going bad under Sheetal’s influence. Mohit says I should drunk before as then I would have guts to say truth, only people with bad luck should get parents like you, you people didnt help me stand on my feet and when I tried to stand on my own, you people dug graves for me, he slips but Sonal supports him. Mohit says I have lost so much money in last two days but I will earn more money in next two days and then buy house, I will take my wife and baby away and get free from you people, Sonal says your drunk is letting you say all that and I wont go anywhere with you, Sheetal takes dru/ nk Mohit away. Sonal says to Kanta that what has happened with Mohit? and what he said about earning money in two days? Kanta says dont worry, some things are not in our control. He will come on right path eventually.

Shaurya says to Mahek that this was your important work? you gave me fake calls to call me closer to you? Mahek blushes.

Niki comes in white chilies kitchen with her goons, she ask them to start working, they temper with gas connection, Niki says everyone will think that Mahek didnt check on gas pipes leaking and it will be considered as her fault, I will bring storm in Shaurya’s life.

Shaurya hugs Mahek from behind and says I am handsome husband so you had to do this, Mahek says I planned all this for you with so much love and you are still praising yourself? shaurya says you are right, I will praise only you tonight. Mahek smiles. She turns and hugs him passionately. Ang lagade re, Shaurya holds rose petal and roams it on Mahek’s body, Mahek seductively takes off Shaurya’s coat. Shaurya lies her under him on swing and is about to kiss her but She moves away and seductively glances at him. Mahek unbuttons his shirt and takes it off, she caresses his face, he tries to kiss her but she moves away. Shaurya comes to her and pulls her closer. Mahek goes and lies on swing, Shaurya caresses her neck and places a kiss on her shoulder, she closes her eyes feeling intense emotions, Shaurya leans in towards Mahek and caresses her bare back, she arches her back feeling his hand, ang lagade re plays. Mahek sensually kisses her jawline and cheeks, she close her eyes shut, Shaurya leans in towards her lips.

Niki asks her goons if they completed work? they say yes. She comes out and blast happens in restaurant.

Shaurya is about to kiss Mahek but he gets call, he ends it, Mahek says take it, it must be something important, Shaurya says nothing is more important that you, He leans in again and about to kiss her but gets call again, she says see it, it might be urgent, Shaurya says nothing is more urgent than whats going on here. He caresses her bare back and pulls her closer but she gets call, shaurya snatches phone from her and is about to throw it away, Mahek says atleast let me see it, have you gone mad? she takes call while Shaurya keep kissing her neck, Mahek is on call and says what? when? she is in tears and looks at Shaurya, shaurya asks what happened?

Kanta and Jeevan lies on bed. sonal comes there and says there was a blast in white chilies, she shows them news, they are shocked, Jeevan says how this happened? Kanta asks jeevan to call Mahek. He calls her.

Scene 2
All reporters are outside white chilies and covering restaurant burning in flames. Shaurya and Mahek arrives there, they are shocked to see burnt restaurant. Shaurya asks where is Niki? Priya says she is in hospital. Fireman comes there and says wiring in kitchen was not fine thats why fire broke out because of gas leak. Inspector says because of your poor wiring, there was injury too, Shaurya says I handled all wiring myself, they were good quality. Reporter asks Shaurya what he thinks about fire? Shaurya shouts my restaurant is burnt, my friend is in hospital and you are asking me all this? Mahek asks him to calm down, shaurya jerks away and says dont calm me down, I am going to hospital, Mahek tries to stop him but he ignores her and leaves, Mahek sadly looks on.

Shaurya comes to hospital and talks to doctor, doctor leaves, Shaurya says these doctors are useless too. Mahek comes there and asks about Niki, Vicky says she is in critical condition, Mahek cups Shaurya’s face and says talk to me, Shaurya says Niki is in this condition because of me, how can I be this careless, Mahek says I was incharge of kitchen, I left her there, if I didnt left her then I would in her condition right now, it was my responsibility and its all my fault. shaurya says no, you and vicky were just helping, I was incharge of everything, Niki is in this condition today because of me. Kanta and Jeevan comes there. Mahek hugs Kanta and says its all my fault, I shouldnt have taken such big responsbility when I couldnt handle it, I am sorry Niki. Jeevan says to Shaurya that dont worry, everything will be fine.

Niki is calmly sitting on hospital bed, she is totally fine. Niki says to doctor that am I not a good actress? She sits on hospital bed and praises her acting skills. Flashback shows Niki leaking gas from cylindar and making blast happen in the restaurant.

PRECAP- Mahek says to family that Niki was right, transferring restautant in her name was the right decision, Niki was right, I dont have any experience in handling business. Niki should run it and I am naming restaurant in her name, she gives papers to Niki. Niki smirks and is about to sign it. Shaurya is tensed and looks on.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg what the hell episode I am expecting more but it’s totally disappointed today episode and I want to kill that niki…. the most wanted villey …. director uncle what is this……and coming to recap it’s to ally disgusting. I hate recap

  2. What the heck?? Mehek is as stupid as always. Why is she giving the business to Nikita without even discussing it with Shauriya or Karuna maa. I hope this Nikita saga does not drag on. Romance segment was so so!

  3. were there no CCTV cameras in such a big restaurant?

  4. Chaaya

    I think Shaurya is losing his smarts and Mahek , well same old girl . . . Poor thing! She’s a fool.

  5. I think precap is a plan of mehek. She knows that Niki is the villain

  6. Where is the CCTV (simple common sense) ??????????????????????????????.
    Please do not show this type of serial with so much negative attitude (no trust, no love, villies ,full of confusions etc.) . As such life is very complicated.

  7. Geeta, I hope you are right. Would be interesting.

  8. Wow wow stupid episode from one problem to another like this why don’t the writers rename this series to problems cuz u not enjoying one phase properly every few days is another issue to do with shuryha and mehak let these couple have a normal life for once then come with some drama geez sponsors should stop investing

  9. the blo*dy b*t*h i thought she was a genuine friend to shaurya but alas!!! why can’t the directors for once when they bring in another girl give her a positive role why did she do that why??? and shaurya needs anger management therapy and i do hope mehek knows what she is doing trust no one she do not even knows that girl and she is ready to sign the restaurant in her name jeez and mohit is in for a rude awakening right now he is in a deep slumber i did not watch today’s episode so i am assuming the restaurant is burn to the ground so where will the cctv be? burn too please if i have offended anyone i humbly apologize i did not mean to be rude and should have never use the word b**** SORRY

  10. I was so excited for today’s episode and then that. Ugh!

  11. i thought that shourya known about niki, and he might be heard about that she has been speaking in phone with some one, and i guess in ZKM there is no space of dragging so this niki’s villainism will be coming to reveal in soon, i don’t think so that this blame should not go on mohith.

  12. Priyankashaurya

    wait guysssss did u saw shaurya s expression i m sure.he will not allow niki to ssign the papaers……………..n plzzzzzz dnt .get upset……if there will be no twist….then it will be boring yar…..n if everything will be get ri8.then the show will end…………i hope u all dnt wnt tht……..i m sorry if .i had gone agaisnt anyone…..soory

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