Love!!!! A dream (krpkab) part 9

Hello guys am back i promise it to update on sat or sunday but i got late so sry n tq guys for commenting becoz it encourages u to write enough of my bakwas let’s start with epi njoy reading
Sona reaches dev’s new house there she asked head of the labours that she can start painting the house the laborer replies no it has pipeline work sona asked hw much tym it takes he says 15 days sona replied thn ok

Dev was talking wid vicky as he visited his office for lunch (vicky would be positive character n as he is grown he lives alone in flat leaving his mother only he loves his father).
Dev- hw is ur job going on

Vicky- nyc bhai

Dev- in which company r u working?

Vicky- Bose grp of companies

Dev- ohhh so u r working there i know ur boss very well not only the boss the family members also

Vicky(asked shockingly) hw bhai

Dev- Actually Bijoy uncle was papa’s bst frnd.

Vicky- n hw do u remember him

Dev- a month ago i came to know did u know Sonakshi Bose?

Vicky- ya Delhi’s bst interior designer.

Dev- ya she has renovated the office n would our new house

Vicky- our??????

Dev- yes our now stop leaving in flats

Vicky- but bhai u know i want to stand on my legs

Dev- ya i know n u can do that by leaving in our house

Vicky- ok bhai

Soon after that Sona entered in the cabin as Tina had gone for the lunch

Dev- u here wat hppned u shld b at my house ryt

Sona- ya i shld but i can’t start designing ur house

Dev- but y

Sona- becoz there is still pipeline left over n of would start painting thn will b in vain

Dev- so wat would u do in these 15 days

Sona- i want holidays.

Dev- but………………..

Sona(interupts) wat would i do here?

Dev(making faces says) ok

Sona- ba bye

Dev- bye
Take Care

Sona- Take Care

Aftr that she leaves dev picked up the phone n said some one follow her i want to every thing wat is she doing dev aftr hanging up the phone sees vicky n he was smiling

Dev- y r smiling?

Vicky- u both have chemistry

Dev- no chemistry no physics nothing

Vicky- u can lie to me but wat abt u. U r lieing to urself

Dev- watever u say wat abt ur lyf

Vicky- nothing much but am also lyking someone

Dev(smilingly) asked whos that

Vicky- her lil sister.

Dev- her????

Vicky- yes Elena Bose

Her cabin is in front of my cabin we both together in HR department

Aftr sometime he left for the office dev gets a call n gives him some info abt Sona.

Precap- In diff country n some spcl guest

Wat would b the info which country it would b n who would b that spcl guest think think……. till thn i would take ur leave
Ba bye

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