Maharana Pratap 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

A soldier comes to inform Ajabde that Bijolia’s people have reached till their palace gates. She had thought that they will forget their troubles in Dussehra time but the soldier says the other thing. they are getting all the more angry instead. Your samant brother Balwant is also trying to calm the situation but he is not getting complete success. Guess people are not able to digest the fact that Mewar has overlooked them in their hour of need.

Chakrapani comes to Pratap who apologizes to him for being rude. Chakrapani doesn’t mind it. I have grown up but you have every right to scold me if I act foolish. Pratap knows he had not made any mistake. I have so much hatred for her in my heart now that I cannot bear to hear anything about her. you are my friend. I have no problem in accepting thing in front of you. Things are going to stay like this only, for life! Some wounds are like this only. They never heal up and stay fresh. He takes his leave. Chakrapani is sure that Pratap’s wounds will heal as I, Jyotish Acharya Chakrapani Mishra, have matched your kundli with Ajabde. I have never seen such a compatible kundli till date.

Ajabde is getting ready. Balwant comes running to his mother asking for his jija. He gets to know that she is getting ready. He so wonders as to how can his jija make angry people all calm. I feel very scared even though I am a samant. Is she like this since her childhood? Hansa denies. ajabde was quite an introvert in her childhood. She was very emotional. But your daata’s death changed her completely. Flashback is shown where Mamrak ji had died the same day when Pratap had told Ajabde that he only hates her now. situations forced her to become a true Rajputani who can handle every problem on her own and on whom Bijolia’s people can trust and respect. Balwant wonders if his jija is not emotional like she was. Hansa knows that that it still there but maybe she has learnt to hide it well over all these years. Ajabde is ready.

Balwant comes to meet his jija. She knows everything already and assures him that she will take care of it all. He is curious why people are acting like this all of a sudden. I try to make them understand but no one hears me out. I am samant but they all follow what you say. She explains the logic behind her thoughts. You must not meet people thinking about your status. Meet them normally and talk to them about their problems. They would be more than happy to meet you then. Balwant has tried it many times. I have gone to talk to them, caressed a kid even. what more can I do? She tells him to wait for a little while so that he grows up. Till then I will take care of things. Where is Ma? Hansa comes there with puja thaal. Ajabde thinks about her father but hides her emotions. She feels that this time they cannot give false hopes to their people this time. Hansa supports her people. They are angry at the rude behaviour from Chittor. I don’t find anything wrong in it. Ajabde reasons that it was they who had started it. rana ji had come at daata’s funeral. Hansa had refused to allow US in Mamrak ji’s funeral. You had broken his respect, love and heart. You insulted his married daughter and returned her here. That insult has killed him. anyone can say any reason but you only have killed him. US had told her to be in her limits. She had questioned him for the same. I should not cross my limits as I am a samant while you are a King? Ok, I will do my duty. She had ordered daasi’s to show him out with due respect. Flashback ends.

Hansa blames US for starting it by throwing Ajabde out of the palace. They have broken the relations. So many years have passed. They not sent any message for you over these past years. They have actually refused you and the whole Bijolia. The people will be sad and angry, right! Ajabde cannot forget it that Mewar is their motherland. I cannot break my ties with my motherland. Hansa is amazed at her reaction. You know they have hurt you for life? Ajabde nods. Hansa knows that Bijolia’s people wont understand her emotions ever. Talk to them in the language that they understand or they will surely react angrily. They hear the angry voices of people and go outside. People ask for justice. Ajabde addresses people of Bijolia. They complain of another attack from the Afghanis. They ruin everything. We have appealed to Mewar so many times but no one hears our pleas.

In Bijolia town, people discuss about what they have lost this time. A guy (Patta) tells them to continue crying over it. I will go in their land and break their heads. They steal our animals whenever they like. We must teach them a lesson which they can never forget about.

At the palace, a lady suggests to announce Bijolia a free state. We should take things in our hand now. mewar is anyways not listening to us or helping us. There is no point staying related to it. we should break our ties with Mewar and join hands with some other powerful state who can save us atleast. Ajabde tells them not to think in haste. We will send another message to Mewar. I am sure they will take some action seeing the problem that we are facing. The representative talks against it. what will they reply to Bijolia when they still haven’t sent a message for their own DIL’s gauna?

Pratap is practising sword fighting in his room. He collects all the pearls of CK’s broken necklace while doing so. She is happy that he did it so soon. She gets a little sad though as this necklace is broken. How will I wear it in tonight’s Ravan dahan? Pratap ponders over the issue.

The representative apologizes to Ajabde. We dint intend to hurt you. We are really upset with Mewar’s behaviour. People agree with him. you are showing dedication towards the people who are not at all worried about us. Ajabde tells them to stop. My dedication is not attached to a state but my motherland. You want me to break it in one go? what will we do by separating and then joining hands with some other state? Wont they exploit us? I am only saying that I will send the message one more time. Hansa supports Ajabde as her decisions have proved out to be right always. They wonder who will take the message to Chittor. Neither of us want to go there at all. Ajabde says she knows a guy who will do it for her. she takes her sworn brother Patta’s name. People are hesitant but Ajabde has faith in him.

Patta is shown to be attacking / killing some Afghani soldiers. A lot many soldiers catch hold of him but he proves out to be stronger than all of them. He kills them all one by one. On the other hand, Ajabde is sure only he can bring help for them now.

Precap: Ajabde tells Patta that she wants him to go to Chittor. He wants to know where Pratap was till now. What did he do with our past messages that we have sent till date? She is not sure about the fact if Pratap has really received those messages. He agrees to go for her sake. Patta reaches Mewar and requests the soldiers to let him meet Pratap as it is urgent. He finally loses his patience and shouts angrily at them. US and Pratap hear him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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