Tum Saath Ho Jab 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Saba feeling guilty about her fake act. My Ammi’s misunderstanding should be cleared or else she will continue to taunt you like this only. I feel like telling her everything. Younis too demands to know it. They are shocked to see him there. He wants to know their topic of discussion. Mariam lies that Saba and Najma had some tiff. Younis scolds Saba for fighting with her younger sister. I and Tauseef never had a fight all our life even though we were poles apart. I want you siblings to share the same kind of love. najma is your little sister. It is your responsibility to take care of her. Saba nods. Mariam takes Saba’s side. she takes care of Najma a lot. He asks for clove and cinnamon which she gives to him. he leaves afterwards. Saba hugs her Choti Ammi.

Altaf is talking to Sridevi’s photo in his kitchen. I have spent my adolescence thinking about you but I want to change my time now. Hope you wont think of me to be a traitor. Give me a signal that you are ok with this idea of mine. Someone knocks at the door just then. Altaf is pleasantly surprised to see Jamaal at his door. Imran’s khala (Shameema) has sent a letter for him. Jamaal can smell tea and welcomes himself in. They both enjoy tea together. Jamaal talks to Altaf about his marriage. He even offers to talk to Shabnam for him. Jamaal calls out for Najma, Waqar and Rehmat Bi but Mariam comes out on her balcony. She is surprised to see him there. Shabnam too is doing some work in her balcony. Jamaal asks Mariam to throw a packet of biscuit on him. Mariam inside to bring it. He catches it perfectly. Shabnam looks upset with Mariam.

Downstairs, Nasima is talking to her Ammi about yesterday’s incident. I was really scared to see Saba’s state. There is no point trying to find those guys now. Younis has finally agreed to get a phone for Saba. Her Ammi is worried for Naima. Nasima assures her that everything will be fine. Younis will go to meet the groom’s family in a day or two. Maybe things will work out in our favour. She ends the call and is surprised to find Mariam standing there. Mariam asks about the menu for lunch. The veggies are finished. Nasima acts as if she is the one who does everything. She gets up to go to the market but Mariam offers to go instead. Nasima gives her money. Bring extra potatoes as Waqar wants a special dish. Mariam leaves.

It is lunchtime at school. Waqar finishes his and even his friends’ lunch. Fiza and Najma tease him about it. Najma’s friend asks Najma as to why is she not playing tennis. You play so well. Waqar replies that his Abbu is against it. najma wants to focus on her studies. Afshaah tells Najma to speak the truth. Do you have money to buy a tennis racket? She got that old badminton racket after so many difficulties. Fiza warns her not to say anything against her Appi. Waqar too supports Najma. They tell Afshaah that they don’t lack money. Saba Appi is getting a new phone today. Najma intervenes. Fiza and Waqar leave reluctantly with Najma.

Mariam is heading back towards her home with all the veggies. A guy collides with her because of which the packet falls from her hands and the veggies fall out too. Mariam tries to get them together but the packet is torn. The whole road gets jammed and people shout on her to move away. Imran too comes there. He gets down to see what’s happening but his expressions change to concern as he notices Mariam. She is still trying to gather everything. He offers to help her. all this while people continue to honk and mock / taunt Mariam. He shouts at them to be quiet. You should help her instead. People don’t support him. they all identify Mariam and Imran (as drunkard). Shabnam is there too. Imran tells Mariam to go home. I will bring Veggies for you. She leaves though she is amazed at his reaction. Shabnam does not like it. Imran tells people to walk from the other side as he sits down again to gather the veggies. they comply.

At home, Nasima and Saba are waiting for Mariam and Younis. Saba wants her phone. Just then, Mariam comes back empty handed. Nasima asks for the groceries. Just then Imran brings a bag full of veggies for her. Just when she goes to take it Younis enters. He isn’t too happy to see Imran there. Did you (Nasima) call him? Nasima declines. he has come after Mariam. Mariam is taken aback at her statement. Younis questions Imran what he wants. Imran gives a straight and honest reply to him. I am not interested to come here. Younis takes the packet from him and closes the door after Imran leaves. He sends Saba inside.

He asks Mariam why she took help from Imran. How many times do I have to tell you? Why do I have to tell the same thing to you umpteen times? Mariam talks about how people were shouting / honking at her when the packet fell from her hands. He wouldn’t have minded it if she would have left them there itself. What was the need to take help from this guy? Nasima supports him. mariam dint ask for his help. He came to help on his own. Younis knows Imran’s (bad) image in this locality. What would have people thought about it? please don’t do it again for God’s sake or I will forget all my good manners. Mariam heads inside. Younis follows suit. Saba has seen a packet in her Abbu’s hand. Please ask him if it contains a phone. Nasima tells her to wait for a while.

Younis gets really angry whenever he looks at Imran, especially his eyes. She tells him to let it be. There is no point explaining anything to Mariam and Najma as they are not going to listen to them. Saba brings water for her Abbu. He has been to hospital to see that prospective groom’s khala. Nasima is not too happy as this has postponed the reply from their side. she also asks about Saba’s mobile. Right then the kids walk in. They greet everyone. Fiza too asks about the phone. He agrees. Nasima doesn’t mind it when her kids ask about mobile specifications but gets irked with Najma when she talks about games. Saba wants to see it. he tells her clearly that he is against the girls of this house getting a phone. Don’t give your number to any unknown person by any chance. Your phone is pretty simple as there is no internet or 3G in it and no camera even. Saba is all sad to hold it. Nasima has no option but to say that she has liked it.

Imran talks to his Mamu about Younis’s behaviour. Altaf knows Younis is famous for it. people only tolerate him for his Abbajaan’s sake. I pity Mariam more. nasima is always walking around talking on phone and rules on Mariam and Rehmat. She has made Mariam a servant. Imran says let it be. I met her and helped her that’s it. altaf asks about his coaching. How many students did you get? Imran only has 4 kids. Some people find it expensive while some don’t like it. people don’t want their girls to play. There is only one girl. people are so orthodox. They have killed their dreams and will kill their kids’ dreams too. A woman will spend all her life by being stuck in her relations (wife, daughter, sister). No one thinks about allowing her to stand on her own feet to make her own identity. The same is happening with Najma. She was just watching match for which she was insulted in the market. She dint commit a sin. Altaf agrees with him. Imran looks at the letter that has come for him. he gets angry. Tell Khala not to interfere in my life. He tears it without even reading it. tell Khala not to do anything like this again. altaf tells him to calm down and makes him smile by speaking English in a funny way. He wants to play badminton again. Imran declines to play but Altaf stays put. He goes inside to get badminton for both of them.

Saba wonders what to do with this mobile. I did so much drama for this. kids comes to tease / sympathise with her. they ask her to click a photo from her phone and send it to Naima Khala. Saba runs after them to teach them a lesson. Najma stops in her tracks as she notices Altaf and Imran playing badminton.

Altaf is happy to see her champion. Najma covers her head. he suggests playing a match again at which she shakes her head. he finds her all quiet. Imran knows that her family members would have said no to her. how will she go against them? Altaf praises Najma on his and Imran’s behalf. Imran never praises anyone for no reason. najma cannot play as she has made a promise to her AMmi. Altaf gets curious. Call her I will talk to her. she knows that her Ammi wont listen to her. Altaf says in that case Imran can speak to her. Najma likes the idea. New neighbour is a sports teacher. Ammi will surely hear him out. She tells him to stay put. I will bring Ammi real soon. Altaf nods. Imran is angry at his Mamu. I wont talk to anyone for anything. What happens to you!

Salman baig wants to know why they sent Mariam to buy veggies while Nasima is against taking help from that drunkard. Mariam gives them all tea. Najma comes there excitedly wanting to talk to her mother. Younis tells her to say it in front of everyone. Najma gets thinking.

Precap: Najma brings her Ammi at terrace. Najma and Altaf request him to speak his heart out. Mariam looks uncomfortable.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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