Maharana Pratap 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with the narrator telling us about how Pratap’s life stopped after JB and AJabde left the palace. But time moves on. It never waits for anyone as it is supposed to go on to make history. India’s history changed with time. Mughals rules a lot many places now. No one was able to stand against Akbar in the warzone. He still had his eyes set on one particular state till date which he wasn’t able to conquer. He still has his eyes set on Mewar. Chittor continued to haunt him. He was helpless as Chittor was still a free state. It still has the capability of fighting against all its enemies.

A servant helps US in getting ready. He chooses the wrong set of kamarbandh which angers US. He immediately fires him. he opens his box to take out the kamarbandh which he wears on Dussehra every year and finds JB’s wedding dress instead. Memories take him back to the past as he recalls his wedding with JB. He keeps it back in the box. He calls for the servant again and agrees to wear anything.

Everyone greets DB as Maharani. VB is with her too. DB scolds all the servants for not getting the sweets ready. The decor is not good. She literally scolds them for everything (even the musicians from Kannauj). A daasi tries to explain it to her but it irks her all the more. she wants the musicians to be sent back asap. Make preps for my puja. It should happen as per my wish. They all nod. She gives VB the responsibility to make sure that her daughter wears the clothes that she has chosen for her. she loves to disobey me and enjoys wearing normal clothes like normal people. VB assures her that she will look like an angel today. DB is happy to hear it. Tell Rana ji to come to temple before the set time for puja. VB nods.

Rawat ji comes to meet US. He has brought the pious bow and arrows with which US burns the Ravan and does everything as per their tradition. US is pleased. You always take care of everything for me. Rawat ji has gotten used to their friendship by now. US notices a box in the corner. I too had gotten habitual to some things but now I have learnt to live without it. Rawat ji remarks that they should get Pratap habitual to some things too. He worries me at times. He is only busy taking care of people and our army. It is such a big day today but Pratap is busy in finding the best horses for our army. Glimpses of Pratap are shown in between. Pratap is thankful to Pratap actually. Mughals have conquered almost all the states of India except Rajputana. Rawat ji agrees with him. but Pratap should take out some time for himself too. Since JB and Ajabde has left from here! US loses his cool hearing Ajabde’s name. Don’t take her name in front of me. my life and palace has lost everything because of her only. She is the reason behind it. he remembers the past yet again. JB left me because of her only and Pratap is all alone here only because of her. We should be grateful to DB who handled Pratap or I had lost him. Rawat ji is in some thoughts. US agrees to take out more time for Pratap. I will fill the emptiness in Pratap’s life. I will try to make him focus on his personal life again. A servant comes to tell them about DB’s departure for the wedding. US wants to honour Pratap for his efforts. I wont kill Ravan this time. Pratap will do it this time. Rawat ji is more than happy to hear it. He wants to tell Pratap asap. US wants Jagmal to participate in the puja as well. I have noticed his absence in all the recent puja’s. This should not happen today.

In his room, Jagmal is busy laughing and talking to a daasi. He enjoys hearing a story from her. he had told her to bring something (amal) which she produces. He takes it and then asks for music. He notices a sword holder. He moves her fingers over the sword and she requests him to let go as blood comes out. She had brought less Amal for him which is the cause for his anger. She agrees to bring more but he wants to hear more music. She pleads him to let go. servant comes to tell him about puja. Jagmal is not interested. He is shocked to know that this time Pratap will kill Ravan. He calls the servant closer to hear it time and again and hurts the lady all the more. he tells that daasi to go and inform Rani Ma that he will join her in puja.

Pratap comes to find horses for his army. An eagle comes there as soon as the horse owner talks about Mughals. Pratap finds it odd. He is shown to be holding a flower in his hand. The eagle drops a snake on a horse and the horses react angrily. People try to calm their horses but the whole place is in a mess. Pratap hears the cries of a boy. Pratap gives the flower to Chakrapani and goes to save that kid. Pratap holds the reins of the horse who was about to attack the kid. The kid thanks him for saving him. another horse owner has been trying to control his horse but the horse runs out of the field. The owner is still holding its rein so he gets dragged along with it. pratap runs after him through the lanes of Mewar. People watch him in surprise. Pratap continues to chase the horse and finally holds him in time. He helps the guy in getting up. Chakrapani reaches there too and helps him. a guy tells Pratap that the eagle too their flag this time with it. they all look up at the sky. Pratap gives his pagdi to Chakrapani and runs after the eagle.

The eagle flies over the desert with Pratap following it. he takes out his dagger and aims it at the eagle. The eagle drops it the flag in fear. He catches hold of the flag before it can touch sand. He kisses the flag proudly.

Precap: DB disagrees to tolerate indiscipline from him (Jagmal) anymore. If he doesn’t come on time then I wont let him take part in puja. Soldiers stop Jagmal from going inside. US wonders what has happened to their sons. DB is sure he (Pratap) would come on time like always. He has never disappointed me and wont do it today too. He will bring flowers for puja. Pratap is holding that same flower in his hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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