Beintehaa 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain with teary eyes sadly sees Aaliya leaving with Rehan after nikah. His tears fall on Aaliya’s face. They both reminisce their

marriage and then their romantic/happier days. Ishq hai…… song plays in the background. Aaliya gets into a car with Rehan and leaves. Zain runs behind her car some distance and stops seeing Rehan keeping his hand on her shoulder.

Shabana says Surayya that she did not know their relationship would spoilt to this extent after Usman’s death and prays god not to come back to his house and meet her. Surayya says even she prays the same and wishes her khuda hafiz. Shabana and all other guests leave Barkath Villa.

Rehan while traveling in car says Aaliya he can understand what is going through her mind and asks her to be confident that everything will be alright. Aaliya says it is difficult for her to accept this as it happened so suddenly.

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Fahad hears Rehman’s voice from a room, pleading to open door. He opens door and asks why is he heere. Rehman says he came inside the room while speaking to Zain and someone locked door, asks if nikah happened. Surayya says it already happened. He sees Zain and apologizes for not stopping nikah as someone locked door. Zarina asks how can this happen. Rehman says he does not know, but someone locked door from outside. Zain thinks Rehan must have done this.

Aaliya thinks the house which she had to enter as bride, had to come out of it as a birde. She thinks Rehan is sacrificing a lot for her and Zain. She gets Zain’s call and thinks he needs me more now. She says Rehan that though she is married to Rehan, she still believes herself as Zain’s wife and asks Rehan to permit her to speak to Zain. Rehan permits. She tries to call Zain, but his phone is not reachable. Zain thinks Rehan must have stopped her from picking call and tries to walk out towards Rehan’s house. Surayya stops him and says Rehan forcefully married Aaliya and what if he denies to divorce her. Zain says he has to and will go and ask him right now.

Aaliya reaches Rehan’s house and thinks she used to come in this house without hesitation and today she has to enter it as a bride. She says Rehan that his children will think that they are really married if they see them in this attire and says it would be a betrayal to tell them lie. Habeeb and Rehan’s children come from behind and kids hug Aaliya calling her ammi. Habib hugs Rehan and says he is feeling happy for the first time after Rida’s death. He blesses Aaliya. Zara asks Rehan if he wanted to give them surprise by marrying ammi/Aaliya and says he cannot enter house as she has keys.

Zarina sees Bilal watching a video in which someone is following Rehman and thinks to find out who he/she is.

Zain reaches Rehan’s house and calls Aaliya. Surayya asks him to come back and says every time, he disobeyed her, he got into trouble. Aaliya comes out into balcony hearing Zain’s voice. Rehan also comes there and stands next to Aaliya. Surayya asks Zain if he thinks to talk to Aaliya even now. Rehan comes down. Zain tries to hit him, but Surayya stops him. Rehan asks Surayya to let Zain come near him. Zain goes near angrily. Rehan says he can understand what he is going through. Zain says Aaliya believes

him as her friend. Rehan asks what is wrong in it. Zain asks he did not rethink before marrying her. Rehan says he married her to unite her with you and will divorce her soon, until then he is her husband and he requests him to respect their nikah as he does not like people to badmouth about them.

Precap: Zain shows Aaliya Bilal’s kidnapped place and says Rehan is behind it as he wanted to marry her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  5. Didnot like aaliya’s second marriage
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