Maharana Pratap 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 7th November 2013 Written Update

The episode started Surtan Singh giving death sentence to the boy (Pratap’s friend) He also sends a harsh worded letter to Udai Singh saying if Sakhaveer is found to be a citizen of your kingdom then the repercussions will be very bad for you

Udai singh asks Raval ji how has Surtan singh become so brave , does he not know our power.Raval ji says maybe he has done a secret pact with the Muguls and they have given him some assurance . He also tells Udai singh that he has sent a similar letter to all the Rajput Kindoms
At Ranivas Jayavanta tells Pratap that they have to tell the truth to Udai Singh. Shashi Dheer bai’s spy hears this and informs Dheer bai who thinks Jayavanta is going to tell him about what she did

Udai Singh tells Raval ji in that case if we catch Sakhaveer Surtan singh will not seek help from Mugals . He says he doesn’t condone terrorism even if it’s well intentioned. If we will condone it similar thing can happen in our kingdom too.
Jayavanta and Pratap hear this and Jayavanta decides not to tell Ranaji the truth of Sakhaveer
Dheer bai also arrives there at that moment
Jayavanta bai takes Pratap away

They go to the stable to discuss the matter
Jayavanta bai tells Pratap not to discuss this matter in the open and not to talk about it
Dheer bai comes there after them and hears the last part of the conversation she understands they are talking of relationship between Sakhaveer and Pratap but doesn’t understand what relationship
Dheer bai asks Pratap if he knows anything about the matter he should tell Rana ji. She asks him to come with her

At Bundi there is an announcement that the boy will be publically beheaded. Panna dai thinks this is way for surtan singh to catch Sakhaveer as he knows Sakhaveer will come to save his friend,but how will he come as he is in palace and unaware of things

At Palace stables Jayavanta bai intervenes and says Pratap knows nothing
Dheer bai says she heard herself. Jayavanta says Pratap was very worried about the matter and hence he was saying so but she has assured him that Rana ji is capable of handling such small issues

At that moment Pratap’s horse starts to make loud noises
Dheer bai tells him to control the horse. Pratap goes
Dheer bai says its strange that you came to diiscuss it so far
Jayavanta says its even stranger that you came after us so far
Dheer bai thinks she will find out the truth

Pratap understands the horse wants to give him some message
Panna dai tries to come out of Bundi to inform Pratapbut they have sealed the bborders

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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