Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa asking the inspector to arrest Paritosh. Chandrika stops her and says I don’t know what he did. She asks Paritosh is this true, did you really stab jai, he is your brother. She scolds Paritosh infront of them. She starts acting. Ansubaa looks at her. She says you wanted this to happen, that I declare Paritosh the wrong doer infront of the village, but I trust him fully. She says this is the difference between me and my grandpa, he did not trust his blood, but I trust my blood. She says whatever you are saying, Paritosh did not do such things. She says my values are better than yours.

Ansubaa says there is a difference, you can’t be equal to us, we won’t do what he did with jai. Ansubaa says Paritosh won’t be saved today and would punishment. She asks the police to take him. Chandrika says wait and says how can you take him like this. She says what proof you have that Paritosh has stabbed jai. She asks Ansubaa. Ansubaa says I have the proof, and thats Dhara. She says she is with me here. Chandrika looks at Dhara. Ansubaa asks Dhara to tell everything to Chandrika.

Parul says don’t be afraid, we are with you. Dhara tells everything crying. Chandrika looks on. Ansubaa says if we don’t punish him, anyone would do like this. Everyone support Ansubaa. Chandrika is tensed and still tries her best. She says stop it, you are listening and trusting the toy seller, she is saying Paritosh went to her house, but I want to say that he was with me the whole day and I have the proof. She asks does Dhara has any proof that Paritosh went to her house, if so, I will kill him.

jai gets up and goes. Ketki asks Aarvi where did jai go. Aarvi says I told him that everyone went to Paritosh’s house. Ketki says why did you tell him, Lily says I know where he went, he went to support Ansubaa. Chandrika taunts Dhara and speaks against her character. Dhara says no, he came to me and jai saved me. Chandrika says great, you are very clever, you took jai’s name who is struggling for his life, maybe he won’t survive. jai comes there and says I m alive. Everyone turns and looks at him.

jai says your son can’t kill me, its not in his hands. Chandrika and Paritosh are shocked. He says you don’t have the guts to kill me. Ansubaa asks jai why did you come here. He says to support you and do make Dhara get justice. He says I saw Paritosh misbehaving with Dhara, I saved her. Chandrika says great jai, I like your habit of coming on time. She says you reached at Dhara’s house at time and came here at home. She says Ansubaa is lying fr making her family get bad name. Chandrika does not accept Paritosh’s fault. She tells everyone that jai and Dhara were sent by Ansubaa to ruin Paritosh’s image.

jai warns her. Chandrika asks what will you do, will you beat me. Chandrika tells the villager not to believe the story they made, as its a lie. Hasmukh says everyone knows your son. Chandrika says jai and Dhara have illegal relation between them. Ansubaa says Chandrika. Paritosh smiles. The villagers discuss about them. Chandrika tells everyone that I will be saying now, I have proof. jai looks on. Everyone are puzzled. She asks Paritosh to start. Ansubaa says don’t do anything we don’t want to see anything. Chandrika says I m going to show you something. Paritosh goes and brings the video that has jai with Dhara at her house.

Everyone are shocked to see the video. The villagers discuss about them. They think its true that jai has some relation with Dhara. Dhara is embarrassed and cries. Chandrika asks Ansubaa what will you say this truth which I have shown you. jai gets angry. Ansubaa is unanswerable. Chandrika says this small thing has ruined your image. Dhara sees the mobile and thinks jai found it that day. Dhara tells jai this is that phone which you got there. Chandrika says see, she is still talking to jai. jai takes the phone from Chandrika’s hands and says this phone is Paritosh’s.

Paritosh recorded us, and I will tell you how he took. He was troubling Dhara that day and he had hidden seeing me there. Chandrika says what are you saying, Paritosh did not record, he got this video from someone else. jai argues with Chandrika. Chandrika tells everyone that jai has gone to Dhara’s house but no one is questioning him. Parul says I know jai gave money to Dhara, but the reason was something else. Paritosh and his goons kidnapped Aarvi and Dhara saved her, we were giving her money as a prize. Chandrika taunts them. jai shouts on Chandrika.

Karsan asks Chandrika not to ruin Dhara’s image. Chandrika says I will keep saying, I m ashamed to tell about them. Everyone gets angry. Dhara speaks up and says if you say anything further against me, I will break your mouth. Chandrika says you will break my mouth, and tries to slap her, but jai holds her hand and stops her. Dhara looks on. He says you don’t have any right to slap her. Chandrika scolds Dhara. jai supports Dhara. Chandrika asks who are you to explain me, Ansubaa has to reply me infront of the village. jai gets angry. Chandrika asks Ansubaa to do justice. She says the justice will be done when jai accepts his relation with her. She asks Ansubaa whats the relation between jai and Dhara. Everyone are shocked. Dhara cries.

jai tells Chandrika that I don’t care about her, but I care about Dhara. Ansubaa and everyone smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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