Maharana Pratap 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 7th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Pratap cut the hand of soldier and says, if anyone will try to play with our land then i will not leave them. Pratap beat all the soldiers of mahmood shah. While pratap fighting with soldiers, ajab sees her necklace in pratap’s neck and remember the old lady’s wordings. Soldier begging in front of pratap and pratap says, come on fight with me. Soldier ran away from field. Everybody gives slogan of kunwar pratap. Pratap says, there is no need for slogan. You all responsible for it, why foreign soldiers make camp in our land.
chakrapani says, now what happens to my aim? Pratap’s friend says, you forget sobhagyawati for mewar.
Gohar says, now i mess up with real tiger. Surtan singh says, now you see the pratap, how much brave he is. Gohar says, maha manga and jalal used man like you and thats why they always get beated and now that time they called me.
Mahmood shah says, why you came here after gets beated. I will not kill you for our enemy. I will not work for akbar. Soldier says, then we will not take revenge for pratap. Mahmood shah says, we will take revenge after taking weapon from jalal.
Pratap reaches to fort and says to soldier that he want to meet with mamrat ji and says to ajab and phool to go to her room. Phool and ajab both says, you go, i will come later. Both ajab and phool thinks about pratap and his remembering.
Both ajab and phool collide with each other. Phool does joke with ajab and says, i am angry with you. Phool says, we are gone with to do arrange marriage for chakrapani. Here jalal practise in hot sand and maha manga says, why are you so angry with pratap. Jalal says, why we get beaten all the time. I feels that i get beaten. Maha manga says, dont get angry and plan for take over to bijolia.
Pratap says, look mamrat ji, we have long relation with our family but it is also true that you are not able to give proper security at our boundary. Mamrat ji says, we had done summit with mughals. Pratap says, we dont want compromise because we are rajput and we will fight for our country. I will take care of southern area of rajputana.

Precap:- Gohar says to jalim singh, i will also want to meet with pratap and want to give my identity.

Update Credit to: tushar

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