Tumhari Pakhi 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 7th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mr. Rana telling Tanya that he has sent money for her. Girish sees Tanya with the money and confronts her. Tanya lies to him and says its my personal thing. Girish says maybe your dad has sent gifts. Girish says show us, if I get angry, I will do Tandav. He sees the boxes and it has sweets. Tanya makes him eat it. She says fine, I will keep all these things and leaves. Ayaan and Girish think what is the matter. Tanya calls Mr. Rana and asks him what did he sent, only sweets? She panics. He says I have sent the money in special boxes. Its Rs. 40000. Tanya gets the money and is happy. She says now I can’t lose the challenge. She says now Pakhi will go out of this house, no one can save her, not even the Lord.

Maa ji comes and sees her. She brings the milk bill

and smiles. Tanya gives her Rs. 9000 for the bill. Lavanya calls Tanya outside. Pakhi asks Lavanya to choose a saree for herself. Lavanya asks Tanya to take one too. Girish pulls Tanya’s leg and jokes. Tanya takes a saree and says thanks. Anshuman comes there. Pakhi gifts Maa ji a saree and gifts the servants also. Sukhi says you made me think about my father. Everyone smile. Tanya thinks its good everyone are showing their real face, then she will see everyone.

Ayaan asks Pakhi to win the challenge, then they will celebrate. Anshuman says all the best. Ayaan leaves. Tanya thinks come back and see how I will make your life hell. Ayaan comes back and says my friends came for the festival, I want to give them sweets. Anshuman says go to kitchen and give them what they like. Ayaan goes to the kitchen and looks for the sweet boxes. Tanya talks to Mr. Rana and says she will win the challenge, Anshuman is with her. Ayaan takes the money boxes and Tanya sees her running with the boxes. She falls. Girish smiles.

Tanya says Ayaan took my sweet boxes. Anshuman says whats the problem. Tanya says dad has sent it for me. Tanya gets tensed. Maa ji comes with another bill. Tanya gets angry on her. Tanya tells Maa ji that Ayaan took the money boxes. Tanya asks Sukhi to give her Rs 1000 back. Tanya scolds him and says I need my money back. Sukhi says from where will I bring money. Tanya says I need it on half an hour else I will not leave you, and send you to jail. Maa ji is shocked. Sukhi cries and leaves.

Tanya breaks Ayaan’ss piggy bank and steals the money. She gets only Rs. 500. Maa ji comes there and says its less time now. Tanya says I know. Maa ji gives her Rs. 1000. Tanya scolds them. Tanya pays the bill. Tanya says I don’t want any bills now. Girish talks to Anshuman what did he decide. Anshuman says I made my decision. I felt that Ayaan and my life is different, but Pakhi came in our life and made me realize that Ayaan is part of my life. He says my happiness lies in Ayaan, whatever happens in challenge, if Tanya wins, I will not make my relation with her as Ayaan is not happy with her, Pakhi will not go anywhere, she will be with us always. Girish smiles.

Pakhi is tying her backstring. Anshuman comes and looks at her. He says Pakhi…….. He turns her and ties the string. Music plays…………….. Bairi jiya tumpe piya…………….. Pakhi feels his touch. Bol dil se……………….plays…………….. He gives her the pin. They have an eyelock. She laughs seeing his shy face and says why are you sweating. He airs to himself and smiles looking at her.

Pakhi tells him that no one can make Ayaan and him apart and he is very nice. Tanya hugs Anshuman that she won. Anshuman says I m sorry, I could not make Pakhi lose, she is Ayaan’s mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Taniya is …….
    Love anshuman and pakhi
    If show will stop don’t know what to do
    This is just. Different then other show
    Just love it

    1. very TRUE

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