Maharana Pratap 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 5th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Sakha Veer standing in front of Surtan Rao and challenging him. Rao Sutan sits on his horse and goes after him in anger. Krishna follows them along. Sakha veer rides the horse at a good speed and Rao Surtan loses him . Krishna Stops Sakh Veer when he is going away from his hiding place and tells him thanks for saving them today . But what about other times when he is not around , how do they call him. Sakha Veer gives her orange colour something and goes away from there.

On the other hand Jalal gets to know from his spy that some Sakha Veer has created havoc in Boondi and he wants to find out who he is. He is sure that he is none other than Pratap and once his Khan Baba reaches there , two birds will be shot in one go. By killing Sakha Veer , the prince of Mewar gets killed and that territory gets weak . Sakha Veer comes back as Pratap to Pannatai’s home and Krishna and his other friends sacre him and laugh at him for getting so sacred.
Pannatai takes him in and Pratap says he will do all the work and cook as well, when he hears his mother’s voice saying enough. Pratap is sacred and tells her they don’t know anything , but Jayvantabai says Pannatai knows everything , a woman who sacrificed so much , how can she not recognize Pratap the future of Mewar. Jayvantabi tells him that it was Pannatai who made her understand and she broke the promise that she had taken from Pratap.

Pannatai tells them that Jayvantabai needs to get out of Boondi and reach Talithi soon before anyone finds out . They are going towards the border , when Udai Singh’s procession passes by and the caravan is ordered to stop. Pratap is excited and wants to meet his Daarjiraj but Jayvanta Bai stops him and also covers her face . Pannatai is surprised at this and Pratap also asks why can’t he go meet his father.
Jayvantabai sends him away but Pannatai asks her what’s the matter to which she refuses to reply. Pannatai says she will ask someone who cannot refuse her the answer. In the Mewar Palace we see Dheerbaiji decorating the Mahal with lots of Flowers and diyas for the Diwali preparation , and Udai Singh is not very happy. But Deerbaiji says she is going to sit for Laxmipuja first time with him and when he prays for them and Jagmal , Udai Singh tells her for people of Mewar as well and she says yes for them also. He picks up Jagmal who is crawling towards the throne and at the same time Panna Tai enters.

Udai Singh is so very happy to see her and orders for special feast to be prepared and to decorate the Mahal in a grand way. But Pannatai says she has not broken her promise for all this and says she is here for a reason. She questions him as to who supported her all his life, fulfilled all the marriage vows, who is close to your heart and without whom it is difficult for you to lead your life normally. Udai Singh says Jayvanta, and Deerbaiji is getting panicky and interferes in between to which Udai Singh says not to do that.
Pannatai demands the reason as to how come he never asked her as to why is she doing all this, Udai SIngh says he asked but she didn’t reply and left the palace and took away his son from him. Pannatai tells him to understand a woman’s dilemma and there has to be a very concrete reason for Jayvanta behaving in this manner. on the other side we See Jayvanta lost in thoughts of Udai Singh and preparing for Diwali.

Precap: Udai SIngh come to Talithi and tells he has come to take them back to the palace. Jayvantabai refuses but Udai Singh holds her hand and pulls her to come.

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