Dil Dosti Dance 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 5th November 2013 Written Update

Swayam tries to avoid dancing with Sharon and approaches Rey to show a lift.Sharon looks upset and Swayam notices that.He looses his concentration and the move goes wrong. Both Rey and Swayam fall on the floor.They start laughing even in pain.Sharon starts admiring Swayam’s smile.Simi says they are so cute and they care for each otehr.Boys take it in wrong sense and think there is something between Rey -Swayam.Rey teases them futher by calling them near him.Sharon tries to help Swayam and admire him.Swayam notices Sharon lost in him.They share an eye lock.

Sharon comes out of RH thinking about Swayam.She recalls how Swayam desperately wanted to dance with her.She gets flashes of past when Swayam said its his dream to share stage with her.How he came to wish her luck.He waited so much for her to come back from Delhi.She thinks there was a time she used to avoid him now he is avoiding dancing with her.She recalls their dances and their fights.How she broke his heart so many times.She thinks she deserves all the pain he is giving her.So she will face all the pain.

Vicky says he knows Rey since childhood but he shared about his love for men only with Swayam.Nilesh says if Vicky is also like Rey.Amar says they should think about Swayam as he got hurt on the same injury again.

Swayam is showing his injury to physio in BB court and Rey is in Medical room.Both of them call Vicky for pain reliever .Vicky and Nil decide to give pain reliever to both of them.Sharon thinks she is the reason behind Swayam’s every pain.So its her duty to take care of him.She decides to go to boys to borrow pain reliever for Swayam.

She goes to boys and ask for pain reliever.She says its for Swayam.Than she says also for Rey.Vicky and Nil sthink she is in different mode so they give her the pain reliever .She asks where is Swayam?Vicky mixes up the place by mistake and tells medical room.Aashi comes to them and ask about Swayam’s health.Than she adds about Rey.They send her to BB court thinking Rey is there.

Aashi is blaming god for putting her in awkward situation.Swayam notices her and asks for the medicine.A new person enters the college and he notices Aashi and Swayam .He thinks they are perfect for Ram and Sita.He visualize them with costumes of Ram-Sita.He enters college building .Rey comes out of Medical room and meets Sharon who is rushing to see Swayam .She says she is going to give pain reliever to Swayam.Rey says he asked for it.He tries to apply it ,Sharon offers help.The new person sees them and picture them as Ram-Sita second choice.He decides to cast any one of there two pairs as Ram Sita.

Whole gang meet in atrium area.Vicky asks Rey and Swayam if they got pain reliever.Sharon asks Vicky he told her Swayam is in medical room.Aashi says he was in BB court.Vicky says he got confused.The new person starts some announcement.Sharon says what the hell.Swayam replies its not hell,its a Bhopu .Sharon looks at him in anger but starts smiling looking at him.She asks sweetly to tell some more about it.Swayam is surprised to see her smiling instead of angry.

The person announces he is the new director of Ram leela..Gang dont understand his hindi so Swayam translates for him.Nil says why they didnt get a female director.New director says they have to do as he says.

Precap:Casting for Ram leela.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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