Maharana Pratap 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 5th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shams khan worrying about his guards, who went to meet Devidas. He says he is not getting fun, and slaps one of his guard. He says he becomes angry when he does not get fun. The guards come and say Maharaj Rana Udai Singh has killed Devidas, as Pratap came to know that Devidas worked for us, and he told Rana Udai Singh about it. Shams khan is shocked and angry. Shams khan says Devidas dies because of Pratap, and his guards are missing or have died. He says he wants both Udai Singh and Pratap killed.

Scene shifts to Pratap:

Pratap is washing his face, and thinking about Devidas. He thinks how good was Devidas with him, but he has leaked the palace’s secret info to Shams khan. Pratap also thinks how he got killed. Pratap could not see that happen. Maharani comes and gives him a cloth to wipe his face. She says him that she has seen pride in Maharaj’s eyes for him. Pratap says I fell in my own eyes, Devidas loved me. Maharani says whatever you did today, that would make an ordinary kind an extraordinary king. After knowing everything, you should think only about Mewar. She says about Gita, and whats written in it. She says you have to fight for everyone, for Mewar, thats your duty and your identity.

Scene shifts to Maharaj Udai Singh:

Maharaj is doing some work about the palace, and his minister says they are saving food. A guard comes and tells him that Shams khan is coming. Maharaj asks them to stop working, and Shams khan enters the palace. Maharaj tells you did not inform that you were coming. Shams khan what would you do to welcome me, if I told you I was coming. He says I will go back, and inform you and come. Maharaj asks him the reason he came here. Shams khan says that his two guards are missing. Maharaj says if they get missing in the jungle, ask them not to go to the jungle. Shams khan laughs and says its a good suggestion.

Shams khan sees the bags kept there, and asks Maharaj whats in the bags. Maharaj says it has food for the animals. Shams khan laughs again. He says is this the food for animals, you are saving the food for yourself, but why, do you want to take food from us also, or is there any feast. Shams khan says if you get info about my guards, let me know, and he leaves. Maharaj says he did nto come to know about his missing guards.

Pratap comes to Maharani, and asks what she is doing. She asks him why did not you sleep, he says Mahara is preparing for the war, you look worried, why is the air full of fear, its not good. Maharani says some fear is good, it warns us, she explains him. He lies in her lap. She asks Pratap to trust himself, that he has no fear of death. She asks him to trust his father. He asks if they die, she says if so, they will become Amar in our thoughts and in our history, she says this war is not yours, its your father’s. The time will come for you to fight, till then you have to see and understand, remember without any tension. He asks her why she is worried, is this war hers too.

Scene shifts to Maharaj:

Maharaj and his ministers are preparing for the war, in disguise. They greet Maharaj. He says did anyone see you coming here, Maharaj says he called them to discuss something. Shams khan came to know about the war, and it is final. He says our neighbor Rajyas Gwalior, Malwa and Jaisalmer are giving us support. His ministers say they have messaged that they will help us, but it will take some time. Maharaj says if Shams khan attacks us before that, we will not run, we have come ahead and the war will take place. If they have weapons, we have courage, we will definitely fight. If the need arises, we are ready to die.

Maharaj tells his ministers to leave safely, and now they will not meet again. Maharaj plans and says now we will meet in the war ground. His minister says Mewar is his responsibility, but he wants to remind him that when we go to the war ground, its their last battle. He says Maharaj that not to come in the battle. As they know, what will be the result. If anything happens to Maharaj, who will take care of Mewar. Maharaj says you have said that my son has become ready, his minister says he is young. Maharaj says you are there for him, and whatever happens now, Mewar will be free. Maharaj leaves saying this.

Scene shifts to Shams Khan:

Shams khan sees his guards sleeping, and they all get up seeing him. He says you all were sleeping, he asks them to sit. He asks do anyone of you heard me coming here or burning the flame. They say no. He says Udai Singh is making plans of killing us, we should hit back on him. We will also prepare to fight. He says now it will be fun.

Maharani says she is doing her duty.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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