Hitler Didi 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Hitler Didi 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 4th June 2013 Written Update

Rishi introduces the new man as Beera, his cousin brother. Indira is surprised seeing the way they greet and asks Rishi what else he hid from her. Beera says, there’s a lot that you don’t know about. They are leaving for some Jwala Devi’s darshan now. Beera asks Indira and Indu to sit in a different car. Indira says, she will sit with Rishi only, but Beera says, here things won’t work your way. Indira and Indu go in a different car. One of Beera’s men asks him, she took out her sandal on you, won’t you do anything? Beera says, there’s right time for everything and goes in the car.

While they are going, they are continuously firing bullets in the air, and this scares Indu. Indira asks them to stop it, but driver says, it’s Jwala Devi’s order. Indira says, whose this Jwala Devi?

An elderly lady/Jwala Devi is shown doing pooja.

Indira tells men in her car, I don’t care about any Jwala Devi. Stop the car, right now. The men say, even a leaf doesn’t move here without Jwala Devi’s permission. Indu says, you don’t know us.. we have taught lesson to many. She is Hitler of Chandni Chowk. The men laugh off and says once you meet Jwala Devi, all your Hitler giri will be gone. Cars stop as Jwala Devi comes.

Jwala Devi orders some women to go and change Indira’s clothes. Rishi tries to stop, but women say, don’t interfere. It’s Jwala Devi’s order. Bahu rani can’t go like this in front of her. After they change her clothes, Indira goes to Rishi and says, what kind of people live here? Will I have to dress such clothes now? Rishi says, you look beautiful. Jwala Devi interrupts and tells Indira that you don’t take husband name like this else you go to hell. She puts her ghunghat on and asks, didn’t your mother teach you anything? They continue talking and have disagreements. Indira says, these days both men and women are same, but Jwala Devi says, they have to control women else they go out of control. (I don’t understand language that she is using much so if I am wrong, you can correct me). Rishi takes blessings from her. Jwala Devi introduces herself as Dadi saas and asks Indira to take blessings. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com Rishi tells Indira that she is his dadi (grandma). Indira takes blessings from her. Jwala Devi says, most of the things are good in her, just she has to learn to respect everyone else won’t be able to last in this village. Beera agrees and says she didn’t touch her brother-in-law legs. Jwala Devi gets surprised and asks Indira to touch his legs. Rishi says to let it go as she doesn’t know all traditional things, but Jwala Devi still asks her to touch Beera’s legs.

When Indira does that, Beera stops and says, don’t respect me so much. You gave me respect by slapping me with your sandal. Jwala Devi gets angry, but Rishi defends Indira saying she didn’t know him. Jwala Devi asks Indira to put her head in Beera’s shoes and says, that is how you will learn what’s a brother-in-law’s place. Indu interrupts now and asks Jwala Devi, don’t you have shoes’ cabinet in your home that you keep shoes on your head? Jwala devi asks, who are you now? Rishi whispers that both daughter and mother messing up everything. He tells Jwala devi that Indu is his daughter and her grand daughter. Jwala devi says to him, I don’t know whether I should congratulate you or feel sorry. You brought all bitterness for me.

Jwala devi sees Indira staring at her and asks why are you staring at me? Put your head in Beera’s shoes, and then we will go to your sasural. Rishi asks Jwala devi to let it go saying she didn’t know him. Jwala devi says, we will have to make her know. She takes Rishi’s mother’s name ( I think) and says I don’t want to regret again in future.

Indira takes Rishi on a side and asks, where are cameramen? I am not going to get trapped. I know very well that you’re making them do all these drama so I get scared and lose challenge. It looks like they are cheap tv actors whose doing a daily soap. Rishi asks her to ssshhh. Indira asks, what sssshhh?

Jwala devi is going to them, but Indu stops them and says, let them talk. Don’t you even know that you don’t disturb while 2 people are talking with each other? Jwala devi gets surprised.

Rishi tells Indira, this is no shooting for any TV serial. This is my family for real. I know you’re not getting all this because you grown up in Delhi, but this is the truth.. they are my family. This is how they think. I am not acting. Indira says, so all this happen here? And you knew that from before? Rishi says, if you don’t like here, then we will just say hello hi, eat lunch and then go back. But you will have to accept that you lost this challenge. You can’t become a bahu, like other normal women.

Jwala devi tells Rishi to tell Indira to keep her head on Beera’s shoes. Indira says to Rishi, I won’t give up that fast. I won’t go back to Delhi. Rishi smiles. Indira continues, but I won’t let myself get insulted. I won’t keep his shoes on my head.. that means I won’t.

Indu comes to Rishi and whispers to him, you’re stuck now. How will you solve this?

Precap: Jwala Devi and Rishi are in same car. Indira is in some traditional car (that is how groom’s family take their daughter-in-law to their house in traditional parts of India).
Rishi tells Jwala devi that Indira is like a coconut. Tough from outside, but soft from inside. Jwala devi says, i don’t care about all that, but if coconut cannot be used for pooja, then it’s useless.

Update Credit to: Julia

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