Maharana Pratap 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

US is angry. You all are taking my investigation as a joke. Don’t you all know that the culprit will be given death penalty? Everyone looks at him in shock. One of you has shot Chittor’s Maharani DB. You (Pratap) will tell me who the shooter it. If you cannot tell me the truth then lie to me. I will try to find out the answer from your lie only. I must tell you one thing, your silence will only make people doubt on you only. DB interrupts them. my son has not done anything. Dint shoot at me. AJabde is relieved that the truth is out in the open now. DB says I have no idea where the gun came from. But it was lying outside the guest room along with lot many bullets. I picked it up out of curiosity and hurt myself. US asks DB to fill the gun with the bullets then. DB picks up the gun, the

bullet, and looks at them in confusion. US tells her to let it be. You don’t even know how to hold it. How will you shoot yourself then? My family members know how to kill each other and also know how to knit stories to save one another. But you all are forgetting that this is Rana US’s court. No criminal can get out of my hands so easily here. He stops mid sentence, realising that Jagmal is not present in the court. He summons Jagmal in the court asap.

Mahamanga angrily throws things in her room as Bairam Khan’s words continue to haunt her. Servants / soldiers bring in Peer Mohammad in a box. Peer Mohammad is dressed as a eunuch. He immediately holds Mahamanga’s feet. Please save me. I don’t want to die. Mahamanga pushes him. she instructs her servant to take Peer Mohammad to Shehanshah. He can feed him to tigers. Peer Mohammad suggests keeping him alive for her benefit. You can use me as a weapon against Bairam Khan. I have survived in Agra but how? I can understand the pain that Bairam Khan has given to you. your pain will be mine from today onwards. Mahamanga refuses to believe him as he is Bairam Khan’s disciple after all. PM nods. I am well aware of his thoughts, all this plans as I was once his disciple. Mahamanga gets thinking.

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Jagmal is walking in the corridor. Ekling ji, please save me today. I promise I will leave all the wrong things. Please save me today. he composes himself after noticing soldier staring at him.

US is getting irritated as Jagmal is taking too much time in coming to the court. Right then Jagmal enters. US is surprised seeing the turmeric lep on his face. What has happened to him? He turns to Pratap. Was there some kind of war in this palace while I wasn’t here? What is happening here? Chittor’s Rani got shot; Chittor’s prince is badly wounded. So much happened yet no one has any explanation for it. DB says I know Jagmal’s wound and me getting shot is connected. But Jagmal tripped from the stairs while he was coming to my room to check on me after hearing the gunshot. Ajabde is shocked. He got up from there and banged in the wall. It was not a small thing seeing his mother lying in a pool of blood. US agrees to buy her story for some time but the question remains same. who was the shooter? Truth is, everyone is ready to take the blame on himself / herself. Everyone is trying to save a particular member of the family, possibly the person whom they love the most. It can only be you Pratap. My doubts get confirmed when DB takes all the blame on herself. All the other family members are not suspects anymore except you. plus the gun was with you only. You will tell me who shot the bullet. Was it someone from the family or was it you? I am asking you for the last time. Your silence is making me believe that it was you indeed. Ajabde, Maan and VB eye them sadly.

Rawat ji comes there. DB panics hearing him say that he has got a very important info to share with US. Rawat ji tells them that the arms seller had come in their palace. Our security guards had seen him coming here. US demands to know whom did he come to meet here. Rawat ji takes Pratap’s name. They all look at Pratap in shock. US wants to meet the arms seller face to face. I will ask him straight forwardly and the truth will come out in the open. Bring him here. Rawat ji stands rooted to his place. That arms seller has left Mewar. He was ordered never to enter Mewar again. US loses his cool. Who is it in Mewar who has dared to order someone to never enter our Mewar again? tell me the name of that person. Rawat ji yet again takes Pratap’s name. US confirms with Pratap if he will still not say anything in his defence. Pratap nods. US says I haven’t made any decision yet so my investigations will continue. Pratap is not allowed to go out of the palace till the time I come to any conclusion. Pratap will stay in the palace as a prisoner. Jagmal is pleased. US leaves followed by Rawat ji. Ajabde kind of glares at DB.

US is irked with Pratap’s silence. I tried so much but he kept quiet throughout. He knows it very well that he cannot lie. This is why he is keeping quiet to hide the truth. He wants me to believe that he has shot DB? Am I a fool? If someone else, even if it was me, then I would have believed it for a second that Pratap might have fired a shot accidentally but this is impossible in DB’s case. Once DB was ill, Pratap was young at that time yet he prayed to Ekling ji by standing on one feet. DB got well but Pratap was on bed rest for a few days. When I know it clearly then how can I accept it that Pratap is the shooter? Rawat ji calms him down. I have been observing you doing justice since so long. I know that the truth cannot be hidden, even if someone tries to do it but they will eventually fail. US is worried as Pratap is not a common man but I am a helpless King who has to do justice. How will I save him if he continues his silent act? Rawat ji assures him that that wont happen. As soon as I get that seller I will find out the truth. US too wants to go with him. the father inside this king wont be at peace till I prove my son innocent. I wont be able to fulfil my duties till then.

Precap: A priest tells Pratap that there is a merciless killer in their state who is after our cows now. Ajabde says cow is considered equivalent to our mother. It is our biggest dharma to save them. don’t think about anything else right now. follow your dharma. She gives him his sword and he smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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