Code Red 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir is watching news. A very talented girl, Swati Singh, from Haryana has committed suicide by taking poison. The reason behind her action is still not clear. Police tells the journalists to wait for the post mortem report. Kabir is on his way. Old people from there blame the girl’s parents. The girl was young so they should have been careful. Kabir reaches there.

Swati’s father says Swati was very sharp in studies. She wanted to go to Harvard for further studies. Her dreams were too big. We couldn’t fulfil her dreams. Swati’s mother and relatives are crying badly for her daughter (the dead body is there only as of now). Let me see her once! Kabir wants to know the reason that prompted Swati to do this. Her father blames himself for sending Swati to college. This wouldn’t have happened if I wouldn’t have sent her to college. She would have been alive today atleast. He breaks down too. People tell Kabir not to trouble Swati’s father. They console him. A girl (Bhavana) walks up to Kabir. I will tell you everything.

Bhavana tells Kabir about Swati. She was really bright in her studies but was very innocent in nature. She had big dreams. She was the first girl from their district to clear GMAT exam. Even the teachers were proud of her. Whoever clears this exam is eligible to take admission in foreign colleges. Swati will be qualified to go to US after clearing her TOEFL exam too. Everyone had clapped for Swati. Swati appreciates the education system of US and how she has always dreamt of studying there. A guy (Subhash) had got up in between in her speech and had teased Swati to take him with her to America. Teacher had taunted him on his pronunciation. Subhash had started troubling Swati afterwards.

Bhavana was a Kabaddi pro. Her coach too was proud of her. I am sure you will get selected for the nationals this time. BHavana and Swati share a hug. Subhash had suggested a practise game between him and Bhavana. She will definitely pray in national match then. Bhavana was about to retort but Swati and her another friend had stopped her from doing so. Flashback ends.

Kabir deduces that Sakshi was scared of those guys. Bhavana nods. Not just Swati but we all used to be scared of them. truth is, every girl in our country becomes a victim of eve teasing by the time she is 8-10 years of age. We have become habituated to tolerate such things. Swati’s problem was that she used to get scared very easily. Girls are just a prey for guys there. They follow girls like some hungry dog.

One day, Swati had entered the canteen but Subhash was there as well. He started teasing her once again. you will hug Americans after going to USA. Hug me too, I too am fair. Be my friend once before going to US. He leaves with his gang. Swati tells Bhavana that she is fed up all this. This is the reason why I want to go and study in US. I will gain the courage to fight such people when I will become capable. I will change the atmosphere here when I will return from America. I will try that no girl has to go through whatever I am going through. We will gain our freedom. Bhavana had requested her to call her to America once after reaching there. I want to defeat them in Kabaddi once. Swati and her friends smile. Swati’s room’s wall had posters of US all over it. she used to check the lifestyle of US online at night.

Subhash never used to leave any chance of teasing / mocking Swati. He always used to follow her around and even had tried to copy from Swati’s paper once. I too will go to America this time. Swati had submitted her paper early and had walked out from the class when Subhash had stopped her. Give me your number. Swati had tried to walk away but he continues to block her way. I have tolerated enough. If you don’t stop now then I will complaint to Principal Sir. Subhash isn’t affected.

Swati complains to Principal against Subhash. He follows me everywhere. Please help me. Principal calls Subhash inside his room. Swati adds that every girl has the same complaint. Subhash comes there. I am not troubling her. I love her a lot, it is completely genuine and true. Principal suggests him to keep all this matter outside college only. Subhash agrees. Principal assures Swati that he will set everything right.

Subhash confronts Swati outside the college. My name is Subhash Singh. I can do whatever I want to but I am quiet as I love you. I want to be close to you, touch you, to love you. Principal is going somewhere in his car. Swati looks at him expectantly but he instead closes his window. Subhash laughs at Swati. You complained to this man against me. he dint even so much as stopped to talk to you. Now you have become my enemy. I will make things unbearable for you now. Swati is in tears. She starts walking blankly. Subhash’s friend points out that Swati will leave for America after giving tomorrow’s paper. Subhash denies. I wont let her write that exam.

Swati’s home:
Subhash calls Swati’s home and threatens her father that tomorrow might be Swati’s last day along with her last paper. Don’t let her appear for the paper. If I see her then it wont be good for you. Late at night, Subhash and his friends reach Swati’s house. They honk the jeep and call out for Swati’s father. He instead closes the window from inside. Swati’s mother too is worried. Subhash starts singing songs (he is anyways a little drunk). Come out Swati. We will go to America on bike. Hold me tightly. His friends even suggest kidnapping Swati so that they can enjoy some private time. Subhash continues to shout. Swati you are neither safe inside the house nor outside. Be my friend, then love will happen followed by marriage and then kids. Swati is crying inside the house, all scared. Subhash insists upon going to America with Swati only. I will either go with you or wont let you go to America at all. He throws the bottle at their door which scares all of them, especially Swati. Inside, Swati’s mother warns her not to go out of the house, not even to appear for TOEFL exam. Swati talks about her dreams but her father points out that Subhash’s father is MLA. I am not capable enough to fight them. Her mother starts breaking things in the room, tears the wallpapers, throws the book. Get her married. Swati requests them to let her achieve her dream. I can go to America after appearing for tomorrow’s exam. They lock the door of Swati’s room from outside while Swati looks at her books tearfully. She breaks down finally. Bhavana calls Swati to wish her luck. You know no one can compete with you in the entire district. Show everyone what all a girl can do. Swati is all quiet which confuses Bhavana. She somehow says thanks and ends the call. Her tears refuse to stop.

Next morning, Swati is still locked in her room. It is 6 am. Everyone gives the exam except Swati and Subhash. She looks at the walls of her room (wallpapers, photos) and then sits down to study again. she recalls her teacher appreciating her, Bhavana’s words and her speech at college that day. Clock turns to 9. A tear escapes Swati’s eye and falls on her book. She rests her head on the book and closes her eyes. The exam is over by 10 am.

Swati’s parents had slept on the sofa itself. Swati’s mother sends her husband to check outside. He looks outside his house but cannot see anyone. Swati’s mother comes to her room to wake her but in vain. She is shocked as Swati falls back limply and there is froth coming out of her mouth. Kabir thanks Bhavana for telling him the real reason behind Swati’s suicide. Bhavana replies that it is enough. They cannot take it anymore. Swati’s death should not go in vain. She should get justice. He assures her that he will try all his might.

Sakshi (host) asks Kabir if he is aware of the strength of those rich people (Subhash and his family). The crime rate in our country never diminishes. Nobody is scared of even the stringent laws. Eve teasing is a sign of manliness. Kabir nods. This is the shameful truth of today. Subhash might be the son of a powerful politician but he has got this power through common man only. Swati will get justice at any cost.

Kabir talks to Inspector Manish but he refuses to buy Kabir’s story. You don’t know these girls. Her father might have fixed her alliance with someone else while the girl would have fallen for someone else. Kabir tells him not to say anything without doing proper investigation. Inspector is also against girls getting educated, speaking in fluent English. They should be married as soon as they are of a marriageable age. Kabir deduces that he wont take any legal action against Subhash or his friends. Inspector cannot do anything until and unless someone is ready to register a statement against them. you get emotional. Kabir tries to talk to him but Inspector excuses himself on the pretext of some work.

Kabir writes an article on Swati’s death. Who is responsible for Swati’s suicide? Was a girl, who had seen so many dreams to spread her wings and taste freedom in America, bound to die this way? What is the reason behind her taking such a big bold step? A guy in her college, a big politician’s son, is the main culprit who tortured her and forced her to take such an extreme step. What’s the use of such a society where our daughters are not safe? Why is no one angry seeing the things happening around us? Why do police keep quiet? How many more Swati’s will have to sacrifice their lives to shake them out of their slumber?

Bhavana thanks Kabir for his help. He only wishes that anything that he does helps them in catching the culprit. Please inform me in case you get to know something. Subhash watches them from a distance. He decides to do something about Kabir but his friend points out at Bhavana. Subhash makes up his mind to get even with Bhavana.

Subhash and his friends follow Bhavana in the corridor chanting Kabaddi Bhavana. Subhash even takes her photo in his phone as she turns to look at them. She stares at them but then heads off to her class without saying anything.

Subhash and his friends continue to tease BHavana from outside her class. they even follow her while she is driving her scooty. Bhavana’s brother watches them outside their gate, chanting the word Kabaddi as they leave. He confronts BHavana. She tells him everything. He offers to drop her to the college from tomorrow. next morning, Bhavana reaches college with her brother. He agrees to wait for her outside only. BHavana and her friends are happy that Subhash and his friends are nowhere to be seen. Maybe they all got scared of my brother. They come out and notice SUbhash and his friends beating her brother with hockey sticks. Bhavana runs to save him. They have beaten him badly. Subhash warns her that he has spared his Brother-in-law this time but it wont happen next time. Tell him not to come in my way again.

Bhavana’s brother is sad that 25 people attacked on him all at once. Next time I wont spare them at all. Kabir is there too. He suggests them to register a complaint in police station otherwise they will only become more daring. Bhavana too refuses to sit quietly or to commit suicide. I will lodge a complaint. She leaves with Kabir.

Kabir gives a written complaint to Inspector Manish. He agrees to take strict action against each one of them. Inspector meets Subhash’s father later on and discusses everything with him.

Next day, Bhavana is happy seeing the police jeep in her college. Now Subhash or his friends won’t trouble us. Her happiness is short lived. She notices Inspector cracking jokes with Subhash. Subhash starts teasing Bhavana again in front of the inspector only. The walls, the ground have messages and questions written all over them for BHavana. Will you be my friend; and even some lewd messages. Bhavana is in tears seeing it all. Bhavana is in a room. She thinks of all the instances and how Subhash has been talking cheaply to her. Subhash and his friends come there. He removes her dupatta and touches her waist. She continues to stare ahead blankly (tears well up in her eyes but refuse to fall).

At her home, Bhavana is mentally disturbed. She writes something and takes out a print of all the pages.

Next morning, Kabir reaches his office. He listens to his voice messages. He hears Bhavana’s message. This is the one meaning that I have understood about my dreams. Dreams never come true. Nothing will change here. Thank you for helping me. he immediately picks up his bag and rushes out.

Kabir is on his way while Bhavana climbs the stairs of the college. She thinks of what all that she has written yester night. Swati and I both have been tortured by MLA’s son Subhash Singh. Even the police is not taking any action against them. I saw the inspector cracking jokes with Subhash in the college after registering a proper complaint against him at the police station. He made jokes on me, insulted me in a very vulgar way. Subhash and his friends misbehaved with me seeing me alone in a room. All these people are responsible for my death. We girls want to study, to play. What’s wrong in it? These people should be punished stringently. Everyone here is corrupt. Who all will we be able to fight with? We will have to do something to shake these people completely by doing something different. She stands on the edge of the terrace now. Kabir is rushing upstairs as Bhavana throws the papers in the air. Everyone looks up and notice Bhavana. Kabir reaches terrace and calls out for Bhavana but she jumps nonetheless. Kabir looks at her in utter shock and the students gather around her body too.

Kabir pens down the incident. People are on the roads today to demand justice. The silence has broken after another suicide. People are expecting strict investigation on Subhash and his father. But the question remains – we protest when something big happens. The news is visible for a while but then disappears somewhere. The incidents continue. Life doesn’t stop. How many more such sacrifices will ultimately bring the much needed change in our society? Subhash gets arrested while his father is made to resign from his position. We call women Ma Durga and do their puja but on the other hand, they are trampled by the same men of our society. How long will this go on for? till when will the girls continue to sacrifice their lives? It is high time that women turn into Ma Durga to save themselves.

Soma guys tease a girl in a bus. The girl beat them for their act.

Sakshi urges people to raise your voice to stop such acts around you. maybe that will in turn encourage a girl to raise her voice.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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