Maharana Pratap 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 27th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with shamskhan opening his new and changed face in that cave. Then the person tells him that his face is getting changed. Then shamskhan says that for the work he has come, it is important for him to do this and he laughs. Then his face is opened and his face is changed a little on the right hand of the face which had been burned. Back at the palace, dheerbai is cleaning the throne of mewadnath who is pratap. Then jaivantabai comes and scolds her for not cleaning it well and tells the soldiers to put her in the jail. Then she asks for forgiveness but jaivantabai orders the sol;diers to put her in the jail. But then dheerbai tells rana udai singh standing there to save her.

Then udai singh tells her that he is not the rana now as pratap is the rana now. Then

she asks udai singh that why he made pratap the rana and asks him that continuously until she wakes up from her dream and starts crying near kokaiya. She then sits on the bed and then suddenly her stomach starts paining badly. Then kokaiya tells her that the moment has come when her child will be born. Then another dasi get’s to know and she starts announcing it everywhere in the palace. Then sacchabai gets to know and even jaivantabai gets to know about that and pratap whose jaivantabai is doing a puja goes running towards dheerbai. Back at the mandir, ranaji is doing a havan so that his coming child’s future should be safe. Then the pandit tells him to put ghee in the havan, ranaji puts ghee in the havan but the havan does not burn. Pandit again tells him to put some more ghee, rana puts some more ghee but still the havan does not burn. Then the pand it gets shocked and tells ranaji that it is a apshagun for his coming child. Then he says that it will all be fine. Then one soldier tells ranaji that the mewad’s praja is waiting for him. Then pandit tells him to go and tellks him that to avoid this apshagun, he should distribute as much food and riches to the poor and should be helpful to them so that it can be avoided. Now when pratap is running there, the palace is being decorated and while running a small pillar falls down but pratap is saved.

Then jaivanta comes there and asks him whether he is fine or did he get hurt. Then he says no and then goes to dheerbai’s kaksha. Then girja dasi tells jaivanta that as pratap got the knews of his brother’s birth, there has been apshagun as the pillar was going to fall on him. Then they all go and stand outside dheerbai’s room and pratap tries to look through the wall holes in the room to see his brother. Then jaivanta tells pratap to go to gurukul as they are there to help dheerbai. Then pratap tells jaivanta to inform him immediately at gurukul when his brother will be born. Then jaivanta says yes and pratap goes to gurukul. Then kokaiya comes out of the room and tells jaivanta that dheerbai is calling her. Then jaivanta goes in and then sits near dheerbai. Dheerbai tells her that she is getting bad dreams and tells her that she is getting scared of pratap as she feels that her son will be infamous because of pratap. Then she tells her to read the ramayana so that she can get calmed. Then jaivanta reads the Ramayana. When dheerbai is listening to the Ramayana she shouts from pain and the dasi’s come to cover her. Then she pushes her stomach hard and the doctor there helps her. Then her child is born. Back at the gurukul pratap is doing sword fight and then he hears his brother’s cries and he tells the students to wait for a minute and then he tells guruji that he is hearing his brother’s cries. Then guruji tells him that he is not paying attention on his sword abhyas and is still in his family emotions.

Then pratap asks for forgiveness and tells him that from next time it will not happen. Now at mewad , shamskhan enters there in disguise and is wearing a wig and a moustache. He comes in mewad fort near the shops there with that person who helped him change his face. He then comes there and then buys gunpowder which according to the laws there is not allowed and is a crime. He takes gunpowder from one man there quietly. He then takes it and trows it purposely down, the soldiers see him throw that gunpowder, he then runs away and the soldiers there catch the person who provided him with gunpowder.

They then run behind shamskhan and they catch him and tell him that it is crime to take gunpowder and they take him with them and put him in the jail. Back at the gurukul, shakti is doing sword fighting and he does it very well. Now it is time for guru to announce for the results for the people who are selected in the sword fight competition. Shakti stands first and comes in final, whereas pratap and chakrapani come in the semi final round and are going to fight with each other. The one who will win will come in the final against shakti and will be in the sword fight competition with shakti. When they are cheering for the results, a soldier comes and tells pratap that his brother has taken birth and he tells them that they can come to the palace. Then shakti and pratap ask for guruji’s permission and guruji allows them to go. Then pratap tells guruji that he knew that his brother is going to born as he heard his voice too. Then they both go. Back at the palace , ranaji is holding his son and he thanks to dheerbai for this special gift. Then pratap comes running to see his brother. He then sees his brother in ranaji’s hand and goes to hold him when dheebai stops him and then says that why he wasn’t he here when she needed him. Then he asks for forgiveness and then ranaji tells her that she should forgive pratap this time and he will complete his forgiving task by giving a name to his brothere by himself.

Dheerbai says ok and then pratap says to himself that he will keep the best name in the world for his brother. Then ranaji goes as he is being called by chundavat. Then ranaji goes in the jail where all the criminal’s are kept. Chundavat tells ranaji that these people were caught doing all suspecting things in mewad. Then ranaji goes and sees all criminals and there is shamskhan too in them. He looks at everyone carefully but does not get to know that he is shamskhan. Then he tells everyone that they are forgiven as his child was born today. Chgundavat tries to tells ranaji to not do kit bur ranaji allows all prisoners to be set free and start their new life without any crimes and live peacefully. All get happy and praise ranaji. Ranaji goes from there.

Precap: The person who changed shams’s face is asking him that did he come only to see that does ranaji recognize him or no. Then shams’s says that he has come to kill pratap too. Back at the palace, ranaji is telling pratap that today is the biggest day of his life as if he wins in the sword fight competition, then he will be finalized as the next rana. Shamskhan is that person about his work over there to kill pratap


Update Credit to: Vishwal

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