Suvreen Guggal 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 27th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Ira answering the telephone JD asks for pepper… Ira says wrong number this isn’t a restaurant… Suvi is very worried… JD says Pepper is a person this is the right number… Ira is really annoyed says its Wong number… Suvi decides to handle the situation she takes the phone from Ira SUvi says hello.. luckily by that time JD disconnects the phone..

In the bhoot haveli outside… Yuvi tells everyone to stay together they are about to go walking Samar says he left his wallet… Ash says the wallet isnt important than his life… saar says he has important docuements in the wallet it will take so long to make them again…so he goes back to get it…Maxell is right behind Samar with knife…

Mama and papa guggal both are waiting for Suvi…

Papa guggal suggest he will go and get Suvi but Mama guggal stops him and says Suvi will come she must be busy in office… Papa guggal asks mama guggal if Yuvraj is back yet… Mama guggal says no…

Ira is diving preeti and Suvi home… Suvi says to herself I wonder what happened at ira trip that she has become so nice behaves well with all of us… Preeti says to herself no matter what ira eats he still stays skinny wonder what magical things she ate in her trip… Ira asks Suvreen how is Yuvraj? Suvi says he is fine… Ira says i hope Samar isnt scaring the models to get his wok done… she then says to preeti hws the shoot getting on.. Preeti says Suvi will be able to tell you more bout her and rc both went together for the first day of shoot

Back to the bhoot haveli… Samar slaps Maxell he says to him why did he scare Ash? Maxell. Says he thought it would be funny.. Samar then says thank you… Maxell says he gt into the character fully just the way Samar explained everything… Samar tells him he got terrific shots of everything… Samar captured real life emotions reactions of everyone in his camera… Maxell says thank you sir… Samar says that’s how maddy rules baby… Maxell says who is maddy? Samar tells him not use his brain much… He tells here’s the car keys leave after 15minz when everyone sees you they will be surprised…

Samar tells everyone he isn’t leaving because his shoot is left… Both yuvi and ash say his life is important too if he stays here that will be over too.,.. Ash says to Samar. He can stay and die but they are all leaving… Samar says if he can’t go none of them can go… Samar says he needs to take photographs he has to show the client he has some reputation… Ash says I know exactly how your reputation is like… She then says you can’t put any of your crew ad colleague members life in danger… Ash says dont you care… Samar says no not really… Yuvi ass he is face of the campaign he will file a as against Samar for putting all their lives in danger… Samar says the law won’t believe your bhoot story.. He says I’m not scared of law or bhoot… Maxell comes behind with knife and puts it on Samar… Yuvi screams maddy and slaps Maxell he falls on the floor… Samar says I told you I’m not scared of bhoot especially when they are wearing make up… Yuvi punches Maxell and shouts at him how could he do that to them…Maxell says he was just following orders the writer and director is him pointing towards Samar… Yuvi is really angry

Ash goes up to Samar and says so all this was your plan? She raises her hand to slap him but Samar stops her.. Yuvi is very angry

Ira drops pretty home… Then she asks Suvreen how come she didn’t tell her that her and Rehaan went lonavala… Suvi is scared and worried she says ganuji in a short while my chopsi will be done… Ira then asks Suvreen about the set up of shoot and if Yuvraj said anything o Suvreen… Suvi says no she hasn’t spoken to yuvi there’s no network,,, Suvi point of view she says thanks ganuji ira mam didn’t ask about rc sir she just asked about shoot… She then says I wish I don’t get to see ira mam dark side…she then says since parents have come she hasn’t been able to spend time with them

Yuvi tells Samar he won’t do shoot itch them… Ash says Samar raghvanshi you don’t Watusi wanted when I go t Mumbai I will do what I want… Yuvi says to Samar you’re so scared of ash … Samar says I didn’t know cheeta was scared too when you’re girlfriend finds out it will be funny

Suvreen buys ice cream for her parents she also gifts ira chocolate ice cream.. Ira apologises to Suvi and then Suvi forgives her… Suvi says to herself she done mistake hope mam never finds out about stuff… Suvi comes home… Suvi apologises to her parents for being late… Mama guggal says your papa was getting worried… Papa guggal says no he wasn’t worried… Suvi says you guys were waiting for me… She says she’s taking her parents for granted everything is ready on time for her clothes set up food and all she apologised again… They have Ice cream before dinner

Yuvraj rings Suvreen she answers the phone Yuvraj says good morning topper…Suvreen says Yuvraj

Where are you I was trying to ring you but it wasnt going through it was no network yuvraj says topper the network won’t go now… Suvi says really network came… Yuvi says no he came (so sweet love yuvi so glad he’s back ) Suvi says when did you come? Yuvi says 2 hours ago … Suvi says thank you ganuji .. Yuvi say he will thank ganuji when he sees Suvi… Suvi says they will meet in iris… Yuvi says he will reach iris first… Suvi says she might reach first… Yuvi says ok Suvi says bye nd disconnects the phone

Suvi says to herself how will she talk to yuvi what if he doesn’t understand and does break up… Just then AMA guggal comes with breakfast…
Mama guggal gives tea to Suvi … Suvi says thank you mama mama guggal says u dot need to say thank u to mama.. Suvi says yes u need to say thank. And I love u… Mama guggal ass so much sweet talks early morning… Suvi says she is saying the truth.. Mama guggal says if u ave gd tea ur whole day wil. Go gd

Mama guggal drinks tea and no sugar in it… She tells Suvi she should of told her u shouldn’t hide anything from loved ones…

Precap: Suvi tells Yuvraj she kissed rc… Yuvraj isn’t very happy and walks away


Update Credit to: Anam-ali

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