Maharana Pratap 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 25th November 2013 Written Update

SR says that the person who help him get rid of sakha veer will be his gud frnd n he point toward BK,n ask US that will he able to help him, if he’ll help him then he’ll ask BK to leave for delhi, US got angry n ask pratap to leave but he was starring BK, US asked twiced n then they leave.

SR ask BK that if he still feels that SV n pratap are same person, behram says yes, surtan ask him that y havn’t he arrested him than, behram replies that its bcoz udai dnt knws abt it n he want to see his pride n respect get crushed when he get to knw of it.

On thr way to mewar, behram’s words were haunding pratap, udai says that its bcoz of sakhaveer he faced such insult n wished that he got arrested very soon. Pratap thinks that for the first tym thr thoughts differ on this, he feels lyk gng bck n taking revenge of his insult n removes mughal flag from his rajputana.

Other side, bhatyani was waiting for them as well as for the news from bundi, as she strongly feels that thr’s sum connection between SV n pratap. US n pratap arrives, DB ask abt pratap n saw him coming, she ask him y is he luking worried, he was abt to tell but udai stops him n ask to take rest, bhatyani welcums him n he moves towards jaiwanta’s room, she told that JB is not in palace, udai ask abt her n she arrives.

US ask her y she goes outside with so much pain, JB says that she was having bad omens that sumthing might happen in bundi so she had to go to eklingji’s temple, t pray for hem, US is impressed, she gave him prasad n went to see pratap, bhatyani takes him with her for rest.

JB enters in pratap’s room n saw pillows under bedsheet, she got scared, n before she understand anything she heard of pratap’s horse n as she came to stop him, he just went, JB went to cover up for him, she covered those pillows n ask the guard to not allow any1 to enter as pratap is taking rest.

Other side, bhatyani tries to ask US abt bundi trip but he’s not in mood, she goes to take oil for massage, meanwhile US misses JB n sent her a message that he wanna spend nite with her, she was scared wat if US came o know of pratap.

In bundi, behram n suratan were panning to trap pratap, he arrives as sakhaveer n understand thr trap but still enters, he killed almost all thr soldiers n then behram enters to fight, he fought with him bravely.

Precap: Suratan arrives at mewar n says that pratap is SV, it interupts US & JB’s nite

Update Credit to: Amor

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