Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sid coming to his room after his marriage to Juhi. Juhi gets up from bed, Sid asks her to sit and asks what she is thinking about. Juhi says she is thinking about Ram and Priya. Sid says today is very important for any couple. He asks, do you really love bhai. Juhi keeps quiet. Sid says I got my answer. You loves him very much. He says I am not angry with you. He says bhai loves bhabhi a lot and nobody can take her place. Juhi asks, why you got married after knowing everything. Sid says he was lonely and was in jail. You was also thought about the kids and never think about yourself. My life came to an dead end. I am tired of running so thought of giving a chance to life. This story is theirs and says if you wish then we can create our own story. We shall have home, a lifepartner etc. He asks her to sleep on bed and he will sleep on sofa.

Vikram tells Neha that Priya is at Sharma house and Ram is sitting outside Sharma house. Neha says it is difficult to forgive and says you took time to forgive me about Rehaan issue. Priya needs time to forgive Ram. We all have lied to her and hide this. She can’t forgive him overnight. She will forgive him for sure but not today. She needs a little time.

Ram is sleeping in his car and is snoring aloud. Priya comes and wakes him. She asks him to come and freshen up. She asks him to go by lift and she will come by stairs. Priya comes and waits for Ram. She calls the watchman and says Ram is inside the lift. Ram calls the watchman. Watchman says he called the mechanic. Mechanic comes and repairs the lift. Priya gets tensed for Ram. Ram comes out of the lift and thanks Priya. She asks him to freshen up and she will make tea. Ram asks, why you are doing this if everything is finished for you. Priya says she is doing this for respect and don’t want anyone to laugh on her. She don’t want anyone to joke on him.

Sid and Juhi comes to Sharma house and Sid says we came to take you home. Priya asks, which home where everyone hides things with her. Sid says he got a chance to rectify his mistake and requests her to come home. Pihu says I did so many mistakes and you are upset with us. I want to tell you something, when Papa and Juhi mom was getting married, I was with you in the hospital as I loves you a lot. She asks her to come home else she will think she didn’t forgive her. Priya says, when her husband didn’t fulfilled the relation then.. Pihu asks her to come home. Natasha asks her to decide after much thinking.

Natasha asks Priya, are you sure that you wants to go. She asks,did you forgive him. Priya says she has to fulfilled her responsibility towards home. Natasha says I am always with you. Priya says she knows that.

Sammy tells Suhani that you take good care of your patients. He asks, did you pack your bags as Priya aunty is fine now. Suhani says she will not feel hurt with his talks. Sammy says everything is finished. Suhani says she is leaving early morning and making lists of medicine. She says she has enrolled additional course and she is leaving. Sammy asks, you are still studying. Suhani says, it doesn’t matter to you. Sammy says it doesn’t matter to him and thinks he can’t believe she is leaving.

Ram asks Sid to take Priya in his car and thanks him for the gift which he gave on his wedding. Dadi says wedding is done here but no one is happy as my Priya is not here. She says Ram and Priya will overcome this problem. Pari, Mayra and Khush welcomes Priya along with Dadi and Maa. Priya takes Dadi’s blessings. Sid asks Priya to do the grah pravesh for them.

Suhani tells Ram that Priya will be out of this situation because of his love as she came out of coma. Ram says he will put all his efforts. Pihu hears their conversation and asks Suhani, who is she to gives orders to her father. Suhani says she didn’t say anything to Ram. Suhani says just take your salary and go. Sammy stops Pihu and says don’t talk to her. Pihu says you don’t know her. Sammy says she is going. He tries to convince Pihu that Suhani takes care of Priya and she has to take care of Priya after Suhani is gone. He says we don’t get time to spend with each other. Pihu asks, how we will spend our time? Sammy says outing, movie etc. Pihu says she will stop Suhani from leaving.

Suhani comes to Priya and gives Priya’s file and medicines list. Pihu comes and says Suhani is leaving. Suhani tells her that she enrolled in some course. Pihu asks, will you let her go? Suhani is surprised.

Priya does the aarti and Sid and Juhi enters the home after the grah pravesh/house welcoming. They takes elder’s blessings and then bends to touch Priya’s legs, but Priya asks them to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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