Maharana Pratap 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Everybody gathers in assembly room for gangaur poojan. All the rajkumaris starring pratap. Everybody pray in front of gangaur mata. Uday singh ask about phool? Phool reaches into arena. JB tells everybody about motive of this poojan. She tells that if any girl will see shadow in water of her man, then he will be with him. JB tells to ajab, go and pray. then uday singh says to phool, you also go and do your poojan. Phool tries to remove all the rajkumari’s then uday singh says, phool, go and pray with ajab. Ajab givescompliment to phool and phool also gives compliment to ajab. Phool see pratap’s shadow in water.
JB and uday singh fights for pratap, phool and ajab. Jb says, i only send pratap for water. JB washes uday singh’s legs. Uday singh bless JB that she will get perfect daughter in law. Ajab thinks in herself that what i am doing here? Phool tells to ajab that i have seen pratap’s shadow. Phool ask, you see whose shadow? Ajab struck with pratap and says sorry. JB says, now it is also shown by this.

JAlal’s soldier gives slogan of jalal. Jalal says, i know you all are great but you have to show your bravery. Jalal says to bahram khan to tell his strategy. Bahram tell his strategy to every soldier. One soldier came late and says, sorry. Jalal says, i am not here for forgiving you. Jalal kills soldier. Jalal says, nobody will go to home and neither calls to his family. we have to capture nearby places of rajputana. Uday singh ji pulling legs of JB about food. JB says, bring bride for pratap. Uday singh says, i will not select bride only for this. Pratap says, why are you fighting? Jb says, tell your father, with whom you want to marry? Phool ask from ajab about food. Ajab denies for dinner. Phool says, i dont like to take dinner alone.JB says, i didnt say that phool is bad girl but ajab is perfect for pratap. Uday singh says, that was unfortunate.

Uday singh says, i decided pratap relation with mewar only for rajputana. Pratap gets fed up and says, i dont want to marry with anyone girl. YOu talk about marry for unity but you fight only on single matter. JB cries and uday singh says, why are you crying? Jb says, you dont love me. Uday singh says, i will think about this. Phool says, i have heard that whenever we will stay hungry then our face shine is totally gone. Ajab says, ok i will come with you. Pratap confronts phool and ajab. He moves away silently. Phool says, what happens to him. Sajja ask, didnt pratap not taken his meal. Phool surprusingly says, what pratap havent take meal. Sajja says, it doesnt take meal because of you. All rajkumari’s make fun of ajab. Ajab says, i am happy with it that pratap is not marry with anyone of you. Ajab sees pratap in dangal, riding his horse and practising with his sword. Ajab says, he didnt take his meal and then also he is doing practise with his weapons. Pratap moves towards ajab then she gone away. Ajab bring food for pratap. JB says, she is going to give food for pratap. Ajab bring food in front of phool and says, go and bring it to pratap’s room. Phool says, i will not go to his room. Pratap didnt see me at all. He always thinking something else. You tell me what will i do. ajab gives food to phool and says, do what will i say.

Sajja is in kitchen and dassi inform her that uday singh is coming. Sajja says to uday singh ji, i am sorry if i have done some mistake. Uday singh says, i want to talk with you. phool says to pratap, you have to take your meal. Pratap says, i will take my meal, you go. Phool says to pratap that ajab had told her. Pratap says, give it to me, i will take my meal. Pratap then take his meal. Phool says, can i sit here. Uday singh says, i cant live without JB, else if i fight with her. Phool says, i want to ask you something, Do you like some girl. Sajja says, i know you missed DB. Uday singh says, you select phool kanwar for both states. I will not let it go from my hand. Pratap says, why are you saying like this. Phool says, i know it will happen and you have taken your meal. Pratap thinks in himself, i was right that ajab sent this meal for me.

JB waits for sunset and uday singh reaches there and says, you know JB that we forgot his mother. JB thinks about DB and ask, for whom you are talking? Uday singh says, Sajja baiji. Let her ask!!! Sajja says, i like phool. JB says, i cant believe that you are saying this. tell me with your heart. PRatap and ajab likes each other. Sajja surprisingly says, really!!! I will ask from pratap.

Precap:- Uday singh ji says, why you dont like to take DB’s opinion. JB says, i dont like it. Uday singh goes to meet DB.

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