Tumhari Pakhi 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ayaan telling Pakhi that dad stays much sad and takes good care about me. He helps even in my homework. Pakhi says he is world’s best dad, are you taking care of him. Ayaan says yes, he loves you a lot. No one knows we talk daily. He says dad’s secret is he did a good work. He shows her the ad in the paper and says he thinks I don’t know anything. Pakhi says don’t tell anyone’s secret to anyone else. Ayaan says who stays with you. Pakhi makes him talk to Anuja. Ayaan talks to her and says your son will also be missing you, if you were a mum, you would be very great mum.

Ayaan talks to Deepika. Deepika leaves the tea plate and says I will take the upper page. Anuja scolds her. Deepika says I m getting late. Pakhi cleans the floor. Deepika switches on the fan and asks Anuja to read the paper. The paper flies and goes below the bed. Pakhi says I will take it out and thinks of her and Anshuman. Saiyyan………………plays……………… He takes out the paper and gives it to anuja. Anuja thanks her and says I will read the whole paper today.

Anshuman gets a call and it’s a lady about the paper ad. She asks is this a contest. Anshuman says no, its not a contest and ends the call. Anuja reads the paper and covers it seeing the house owner lady back. She tries to avoid her and says will you have tea. The lady says no, is there no one at home. Anuja says they went for work. The lady takes her. Anuja does not see the ad. Pakhi works as tourist guide in Delhi and shares knowledge about a fort with the people.

Deepika calls Pakhi and cries. Anuja tells Pakhi that her model is not doing the project, she does not have any model, so she wants to go back. Anuja says we will come there, I can’t handle her alone. Anuja pacifies Deepika. Deepika says shall I call Prateek. Anuja asks her to trust herself. Pakhi meets them and pacifies Deepika. She praises her to cheer her up. Deepika sees Pakhi in her camera and takes her pics talking to people and gets an idea. She tells Anuja that she got the model, Pakhi. She says Pakhi can help me, she can do modeling for me.

Deepika says we should tell Pakhi that we took her pics and should sent for approve. Anuja says send it first, lets see if the clients like. She gives a chocolate to Deepika and her children’s pic falls. Anuja asks Deepika to forward the pics. Pakhi talks to Bhaisa and asks him not to worry about her as she is fine. Deepika sends the pics. Pakhi sees Anuja and Deepika and goes to them. Anuja says that lady came again, act like daughter and bahu. A man takes Anuja’s purse.

The lady asks Anuja for some change. Anuja is shocked to see her purse missing and panics. Pakhi says where did it go. The man looks the money. Anuja looks for her purse. Anuja says I kept it safe all these years. The man returns her purse. Anuja sees the pics and hide it. She thanks him and says you did a big favor on me. Anuja gets happy. They leave to go home.

Ayaan comes to Anshuman and says I have holiday so I came to have lunch with you. He says he talks to Pakhi daily and Anshuman is shocked. Ayaan says I talk to her closing my eyes, you also try, you will feel she is infront of you. Anshuman says I don’t know whether she misses me, lets have food. They have lunch together. Ayaan and Anshuman make each other have food.

Anshuman sees Pakhi’s pics and thinks to go Delhi. Ayaan asks what will you say meeting her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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