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Pratap meets Uma Devi when he was going to meet Ajabdeh. She praises Ajabdeh. She is all decked up for meeting her in-laws that I feel happy for her. she goes from there while Pratap eyes Ajabdeh’s room. Ajabdeh remembers Uma Devi’s words about how Phool is excited for her wedding with Pratap. She wipes her tears as she notices Pratap in the mirror. He tells her that he cannot go ahead with this marriage. She wants to know why and how it affects him. he says the guy is lying. It matters as you are my friend, I know that you hate liars then how can you marry a liar? She corrects him that he is calling her would be husband a liar but he stays put. He dint even see your reflection in the water yet he complimented your beauty and agreed for this alliance. She tries to divert it but he keeps it to the point. He tells her to come with him and tell everyone that she wont marry a liar. She firmly repeats that he is calling her would be husband a liar which she wont allow. You said that you are my friend so must not show me some wrong way. All this doesn’t suit you. You are our guests so we should maintain the dignity. He starts laughing hysterically. I understood it. you have done it earlier as well. Whenever you try to distance me from yourself then you talk like this. But I am not going to fall for it this time. She asks him what he wants from her. He looks into her eyes, says that he wants to marry her. You too want to marry me. she declines but he knows its meaning. I am Pratap Singh and I have always sided with truth. I will support truth today as well. She tries to say something but he leaves from there.

JB is sitting on the porch. She sadly recalls her son’s love for Ajabdeh, US agreeing for Pratap-Ajabdeh’s marriage and then Ajabdeh-Toranmal’s alliance. A daasi comes to ask her about the shagun in the cart. JB retorts that they all should be thrown away. I have no idea whatsoever. US tells her to get all the gifts from the cart. We will donate them in the temple. Daasi leaves.

JB apologizes for her behaviour. He takes the blame on himself. I came here without giving any prior info without even thinking anything. We should have sent a messenger earlier. I took a decision and was swayed away in emotions. She knows his pain well. I can feel that you are hurt. He agrees he is feeling insulted, helpless in my own eyes. I have never felt this way in life. I never thought that I will have to return empty handed from this place where I had come with shagun for my son. Don’t know why God is punishing us. We should leave from here asap. You have to handle Hansa ji but we must leave asap. Make sure no one gets to know about our real intentions of coming here. Whatever respect is there now will turn into public humiliation.

Toranmal comes to where the big pot is kept. He recalls waiting for Ajabdeh to appear in the window. He had a small glimpse of her before the pebble was thrown in the water. Chakrapani interrupts his thoughts. He raises doubt in his mind. Who can it be who doesn’t want you to marry Ajabdeh? It might be someone stronger than you. It can be someone who can end your existence in a split second. Toranmal looks scared. Pratap comes there. Toranmal is taken aback by his commanding presence and Chakrapani makes use of it. once he leaves, Pratap asks Chakrapani what he was trying to do. I know you are upset over this alliance but I wont do something that is against his code of conduct to get the love of his life. Chakrapani nods. Pratap wants to think of some plan which is proper and noble.

DB removes evil eye from her sister. She appreciates her schemes. I had told you yesterday only and you arranged all this so soon. You changed the entire game plan. You acted as if you are the biggest well wisher of Ajabdeh and her parents. I dint realise that Ajabdeh is the kind of people who can sacrifice anything for their loved ones. You only told her that her best friend will be heartbroken to see her marriage with Pratap so she backed off. I am proud of you. Uma Devi tells her to wait and see how Ajabdeh will sit in the mandap happily and marry Toranmal. DB is scared what if Toranmal gets to know about Pratap and Ajabdeh. He will run away. Uma Devi wont let him. His father has taken so much debt from our treasury that he run away anywhere. I have kept him under my control. I have strictly told him that he has no choice but to go ahead with this alliance or repay the debt. A daasi comes to tell him that Surajmal (Toranmal’s dad) wants to meet him. she tells her to send him in.

Hansa Bai is surprised to see Ajabdeh in the kitchen. She tells her mom excitedly that I have got to know what all he likes. Hansa Bai takes Toranmal’s name and Ajabdeh nods back. I wanted to make his favourite sweets on my own. I thought that I should make his favourite dishes as we are going to get married soon. he will like it. Hansa Bai appreciates that she has got herself ready for this new change. She wants to see what all has Ajabdeh made. She tells her and Hansa Bai realises that they are Pratap’s favourite dishes. Ajabdeh checks the list again and is taken aback. Hansa Bai points out that she hasn’t made a single item from this list. Ajabdeh goes from there.

Surajmal tells Uma Devi that his son has come to know of something about Pratap. Rana ji is here with his family only. My son is very much scared. Uma Devi gives him gold coins to get new clothes, ornaments for his family. bijolia should get to know that Marwar’s samant is here. He stays there worried over Pratap-Ajabdeh’s story. She tells him to act like the father of the groom. Show your power a little. I want this marriage to happen so it will happen. No one will be able to save you from Maldev ji’s anger if you do something stupid now. I don’t want anything like that to happen. Go and do preps for engagement. DB is as always impressed with her sister.

Hansa Bai wants to talk to JB. She is taken aback to realise that her friend is leaving. JB reminds her that they have to resume their journey to the temple. It will be good if we leave asap. Hansa Bai is confused. JB cannot tell the truth so talks about seeking blessings from kuldevi. Hansa Bai has a feeling that they had actually come here for something else. JB dismisses the daasi’s from there. Hansa Bai tells her that she had thought that they had come here to ask for Ajabdeh’s hand for their son. JB gets thinking. She tells Hansa Bai not to think all this right now. you should focus on Ajabdeh’s wedding. We should leave. Hansa Bai leaves from there sadly.

Pratap is unable to decide of a way to prove his strength to Toranmal. I thought to challenge him for a fight and prove it but we aren’t equal. He wont be able to survive my sword or any fight. I cannot give up my dharma. Chakrapani reminds him that Toranmal lied to marry his Ajabdeh. Pratap understands it all. We caught his lie so easily. He might have said so many lies by now. How much will Hansa Massi and Mamrak ji know about him? this relation was fixed by Uma Devi and Maldev ji. I anyways don’t trust them. I will tell my dad about it. he will surely find out the rest. Chakrapani is doubtful that Rana ji’s interference can exaggerate the situation. Pratap wants to know the background of Toranmal. There will be something that can prove out to be beneficial for me. till then I will meet people one by one to make situations cool for myself. There is no use of talking to Ajabdeh anyways.

Hansa Bai checks the stuff brought by US / JB and realises something. Ajabdeh comes there. Hansa Bai confirms it to Ajabdeh that she was right. They dint come here on the pretext of going to kuldevi temple. This is all shagun. JB lied to me but she doesn’t actually know how to do it. Ajabdeh reminds her that the shagun has already come from Marwar. Daasi also told me that all this is to be given as a donation but Hansa Bai knows the difference between shagun and donation stuff very well. Ajabdeh asks her her interest in all this. They will be taking it somewhere, why do you worry so much? You remember that my engagement has been fixed after two days. Hansa Bai looks at her daughter lovingly. At times I feel that you aren’t mine but JB’s daughter. Same manner of speech, thought process, way of communication. JB is also hiding what’s in her mind and you too are doing the same. Pratap affirms it. He also confirms that Massi is right. We had come here for my alliance with Ajabdeh. All this has been brought for Ajabdeh only. Hansa Bai doesn’t let Ajabdeh speak. She teams up with Pratap. He wants her blessings and she is more than happy to bless him.

US gets ready. VB comes to talk to him. He wants to look at the preps to leave first. His arm brushes with her arm and he stops in his tracks. She requests him to listen to her once. She says, Ajabdeh-Pratap like each other a lot. He doesn’t want to talk to her on this topic as she is not concerned with any of this. She cannot see her jija in pain. She was the only one who got me my due respect in that big palace of Chittor. I cannot see Pratap upset as he had called me Choti Ma when I had first come here. You think you don’t care or are very strong? No, you too have a very soft heart like Jija, Pratap or me. you are equally sad. I don’t know why I have this feeling that you will set everything right. When I had first met you in your pavilion, I had the same feeling. Flashback of the same is shown where he had married her to safeguard her dignity. She asks him what she should do with her belief. He understands her emotions but there is no way left. She suggests him to talk to Mamrak ji as he respects you a lot. He appreciates her suggestion and thanks her for the same.

JB gets all the stuffed packed and orders her daasi’s to keep them in their carts. She meets Hansa Bai on her way. Nice coincidence, I was coming to meet you only. I have brought a gift for Ajabdeh on her engagement. Hansa Bai points out that she has brought so much more for AJabdeh from Chittor. JB is taken aback. She tries to decline but Hansa Bai tells her not to. I too tried to overlook Pratap-Ajabdeh’s match but it dint happen. It is the best match. I cannot stop myself from thinking about this. JB confesses that this is what they had come here for. Hansa Bai is on cloud nine. She wants to distribute sweets in the entire Bijolia. JB stops her. it is too late now. The engagement has been fixed too. Hansa Bai says, only the date has been fixed. It hasn’t happened yet. Think how many times in the past have we changed the situation for our good. Today it concerns our kids. Will we keep quiet and not do anything? Are you with me? JB agrees. They share an emotional hug.

Akbar gives another winning speech over Rajputana. I had promised myself that I will get all the rebellion states under my control. I did what I had said. He wants the prince (Tirathmal) to bend his head in front of him. the other leader makes Tirathmal understand that this is the need of the hour. He has a big heart and has forgiven me. he will forgive you as well. Tirathmal tells him that he is wrong to trust Akbar. These people don’t know how to forgive someone. Plus I will not bow down before this coward till my last breath. This infuriates Bairam Khan. Akbar stops him. he moves closer to Tirathmal who stands there unfazed. He praises Pratap. You attack on us when we are alone or unguarded but disappear when Pratap is in the front. Bairam Khan doesn’t want him to indulge in all this but Akbar wants to give Tirathmal a reply. Maybe you are not aware of your surroundings. Where was your Pratap when I had won over so many states of Rajputana and put my Nishan-e-Mughalia on Ajmer? I have got Alwar too. Why dint he come then? Who is the lion in front of your eyes now? Tirathmal laughs uncontrollably. Now I trust that you are an ignorant kid who lives in / with his dreams. You have started to live in your world of dreams when the truth dint turn out to be the way you wanted to. Bairam Khan tries to divert Akbar’s attention but Akbar stays put. He is scared to see his death in front of him. have you lost your mind? Tirathmal corrects him about Ajmer and Alwar. Pratap has won it back long ago. You couldn’t do anything about it. rather you ran away with your army from there. Possibly, you are alive because of the same reason or I might have been standing next to your dead body right now. I feel pity for you (Bairam Khan). You might have to put up so many acts to fulfil this kid’s dreams. Akbar is angry. He recalls the incidents at Ajmer and eyes Bairam Khan angrily.

Precap: US tells Mamrak ji about why he had come here. We have seen this dream together so let us fulfil it together. Pratap shocks everyone by telling them that this engagement cannot happen as Toranmal is already married. I have proof as well.

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