Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,nisha gets ready n comes down sees , roopan chachi asks bunty to help her n go n repair her sandals n if he does so she will give him foreign chocolates, bunty says he wont bcoz she always fools him by giving cheap local chocolates n says i have lots of work, chichi says ur like ur father always giving reasons n doing nothing, nisha says chichi my dad does a lot for us, chachi says yes i know during our engagement ur dad was supposed to get our engagement ring but he didn’t n i saved him from dadaji,nisha says chichi i guess ur pakodas are burning n if they burn u will lose the competition, nisha asks bunty where is mummy, bunty says she n dadi are busy waking papa, nisha goes to her dads room n gets to know the room is locked from inside, nisha asks dadi where is dadaji , dadi says she has hidden his watch so it will take time for him, nisha says thats good now only way to go in dads room is the secret way from dadajis room , dadi helps nisha to hide her from dadaji n help her reach secret way, nisha reaches her dads room by window n starts waking him up, dadaji n dadi walk towards dining all cousins and family gather at the dinning, dadaji n family takes their seats , dadaji looks at cousins n say its good to see u all without cellphones, nisha wakes her dada n send cousins message that she will be there in two minutes, n=by hearing msg tone dadji gets to know that the cousins phones are still working he notices nisha n ramesh aren’t at the table he says i m in the next room call me wen they come even if cold we will all have breakfast together n ask viren n mohan to accompany him, while nisha n ramesh come, ramesh apologies for being late dadaji asks ramesh to accompany as weel, dadaji hands over salaries to them nisha sees that ramesh has been paid less, nisha gets angry her mother asks her to calm down nisha says this happens always, nishas mom calms her down, mohan asks ramesh to cheerup, dadaji asks why is there loss this time, ramesh says he is confused as well as he has done his work upto the mark n may be there any problem in making, viren gets angry n says no there wasn’t any, mohan says yes there was a prblm in design, viren says the client had called me to change design n at that time ramesh wasn’t there n so there was all this confusion, ramesh says i was out jst for 10 mins n i had informed bholu, dadaji says ramesh the shop is ours n not bholus. All gather back on dinning table,roopa says i have heated the food again why shd babauji have cold breakfast bcoz of ramesh, ramesh smiles at her comment, dadaji is served the pakodas, roopa says to laxmi ur pakodas don’t look good don’t worry next time try harder, while dadaji declares laxmi as the winner, dadai gifts her bangles, dadaji says to dadai that this is not appreciated this will not help some people realise their responsibilities, nisha asks wat does some means, dadaji says the people who i meant understood it, nisha says this is not fair instead me suku mummy n dady are the more responsible ones viren uncle tries to interrupt but dadaji stops him n turns to nisha n says yes u shd one such responsible act yesterday n not just u ur cousins as well, nisha tells everyone that they were partying last night,nisha narrates the whole story,the cousins get scoldings from elders, ramesh asks nisha why did she take the step of selling her scooty, dadaji says its of no use scolding now, dadaji asks cousins how n where did they spend 35000, nisha says she wont tell the name, n we are ready to accept our fault n pay back the money, dadji says yeaterday u said u all < are equally guilty n today ur saying theres one name, rukmavati informs that there is lalchandji at the door for dolly di mehndis lehnga, dolly gets excited hearing this, dadaji says dolly control ur excitement u will get ur lehnga when u pay him the remaing amount dolly turns to mohan uncle n asks for money, dadaji says no mohan will not pay u cousins have to pay the remaining amt of 25000 n till u don’t pay this u wont get the lehnga, dadaji turns to nisha n says this is ur punishments part 1, u people watch reality shows this punishments will be kind of reality show,lets see who wins.PRECAP: Ddaji gets a call that the cousins are been arrested.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. This is light family humour .. hope it stays like this …we have been having too many sad shows

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