Maharana Pratap 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with pandit says to uday singh that you all must attend this ceremony. Uday singh ask about JB frm DB then DB taunts that she is elder thats why she will come by own. JB comes with veer baiji and says, now veer baiji is also our family thats why she also attend this function. Pandit ji calls pratap for kusha. Pratap only thinks about war.
Here guru ji and his student getting prepare for war. student inform to guru ji that mughal is coming towards us. Kheta ji says, we send our leader to denote as a leader of mewar. Hakimpur prince says, i will go there and ratan singh ji says, i will stop him.
Here at johar ceremony, pratap gets an clue by guru dev by fire cracker. Paras and ratan singh reaches near to mughal troop and pratap gone from fort and hukum singh follows him. Paras and ratan singh run towards mewar again and mughals also follow them. Guru ji says to kheta ji, i am praying from god that our soldier will come back and pratap will get clue from our cracker.
Pratap ask from soldier that where is my horse then hukum singh came with horse and says, here is your horse?
Paras and ratan singh run towards guru ji’s camp. Guru ji calls them, come fast. pratap goes towards guruji but his horse stops.
Uday singh ji gets angry on pratap and JB pray from holy spirit that save my child. Pratap goes with another path and here mughals follows paras and ratan singh. Ratan singh reaches in fort but paras stops in front of fort, then paras says, i will teach lesson to mughals, paras killed muughal soldier and but he gets killed himself.
Kheta ji says to guru ji, how will we face these mughals. Guru ji then tells him about Lord rama. We all will fight together and mughal attack on guru ji and his student. Guru ji says, we will fight with strategy. Guru ji says, we have to kill mughal on every arrow. Guru ji ordered for throwing arrow. War starts. Jalal sasy, they are really brave. Jalal gets frustrated to see and says, think something nasir. Nasir made a plan that few soldier towards next way and here nasir is opening the door. Pratap fall down in a ditch and JB gets some signal of some ominous.
Ajab pray for pratap and here pratap calls for help and arrows gets finished then kheta ji came back with canon. everybody gives slogan of kheta ji. Chakrapani and benidas repars gate. Here pratap calls for help regularly.
guru ji calls chakrapani and benidas and anuj chakrapani and benidas return back to guru ji but anuj stay there for final check and unfortunately he gets killed. Pratap drowned in ditch.

Precap;- War starts in between pratap and jalal.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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