Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha coming home upset. Adi asks him what happened, tell me. Ayesha says ask your brother. Adi says Rubel, what did he do. She says Rubel has lied and Nafisa too. She tells him everything about Rubel and Nafisa being together and hugging. Adi says no, this can’t happen, Rubel can’t do this. She says call him and ask. Adi says fine, and calls him. Rubel and Nafisa are coming home and are on the way. Adi asks where are you. Rubel says I m coming home. Adi asks with whom are you. Rubel says no one, why. Adi asks is Nafisa with you. Rubel stops the car being tensed. Adi says I want to meet you both when you come home. Rubel says fine.

Ayesha says I told Nafisa this is wrong. Adi says then why did you not tell me before. Ayesha says I did not know this would happen. He says I would have explained her. Ayesha says Rubel should understand, he is married. Adi says Nafisa should understand, Rubel and Payal have problems and she should not go close to him. They start fighting. Nilofer comes to meet Farida. Farida says we want Ayesha to change her decision but we will wait. Nilofer tell about Ayesha’s dream to go London. Farida says we should support her, let her go London, if fate wishes, Arif and Ayesha will meet one day, Arif said he goes as guest lecturer in that college every year so he can help her there. Nolifer says you are so good.

Adi and Ayesha confront Rubel and Nafisa. Ayesha says I have seen you both hugging. Adi says if anyone knows this at home, three lives were at stake. Ayesha says its Rubel’s mistake. Adi says it was not Nafisa’s mistake, but Rubel’s. Adi explains Rubel that we can go on wrong paths, but we should realize it, this attraction was nor right, Rubel should not stopped it, as he has already committed to Payal, think if Payal came there instead of Payal. We want to end this mistake here.

Rubel says yes Adi, its my mistake, and I won’t blame anyone else. He says Payal and I have many differences since two years and I saw a good friend in Nafisa, I fell for her seeing her care and concern, I forgot that Payal is my wife. Nafisa cries. Sheela and Payal come home. Payal says you just did window shopping, then why did we go. Sheela says I have seen and tried so that I can go when sale starts. Payal says there won’t be any sale. Payal says she missed to visit SM Mall. Rubel says I will give my marriage a chance and trust me Adi, I decided this on the way, I will do this from today, Payal wants to spend her day with me and I will fulfill her wish. Adi hugs him.

Adi says I knew this, don’t take any tension, this thing won’t go out of this room. Adi requests Nafisa to understand and end this relation, and also her friendship. Ayesha asks Adi to stop it, as they have already understood. She asks Rubel to go out with Payal. Rubel leaves. Ayesha takes Nafisa with her. Payal sees Rubel and asks what are you doing here, you had an urgent meeting. He says yes, but I came back, as I want to spend my day with you. Payal smiles. He says we will go wherever you say. Payal says really? And hugs him. Nafisa gets sad seeing them. Rubel looks at Nafisa.

Rubel says lets go. They leave. Ayesha stops Nafisa and says think what mum do. Nafisa scolds her for spying on her. Ayesha says no, it was by chance. Ayesha says am I your enemy. Nafisa says I love Rubel and can’t live without him. Ayesha says but this won’t have any future, you are coming in between Rubel and Payal. Nafisa says I did not trap any rich man, what was the need to create an issue infront of Adi, were you jealous knowing anyone can love your sister. Ayesha says this is your problem, you did not regard me your sister ever. They get shocked seeing Nilofer. Nilofer scolds them for fighting. She asks Ayesha to spare Nafisa ask its her birthday.

Ayesha changes the topic. Nafisa leaves. Nilofer says yes, you will leave us in few days and go to London. Ayesha says don’t make me cry making me emotional and hugs her. Rubel and Payal come home. Payal thinks she did wrong by doubting Rubel. She hugs him. Rubel thinks I m sorry Payal for cheating you, but I promise I broke all relations with Nafisa and won’t let you go far from me. Payal asks are you ok. Rubel hugs her and says it was my mistake. Payal smiles. He says we will start a new life forgetting everything. Ayesha comes to Adi.

He slips and she holds him. He says thanks. He apologizes for being angry on her. She says thanks for not blaming my sister. He says you showed me the right way, it was Rubel’s mistake, he was committed, so I told your lines to him and everything sorted. Ayesha smiles. She says now its equal. He says no, I have to say sorry for overreacting, you said about London, how will you go alone, I can’t live without you, don’t worry, pack as you are going for London, but double the bookings as I will also come. She asks why. He says I will come with you, give me the details.

She says I will give later. Adi says fine. He holds her hand. He asks am I nothing to you. She says what question is this. He says you have to answer. He gets closer to her. He leaves her and says go. She leaves. He says wait, I have a request, when I was finding you for two years in Kullu, I met a family, they were like you, who lost their daughter, I want you to be with me when they meet you, so that they believe miracles can happen anytime. She says fine, I will be ready tomorrow. Its morning, Nafisa talks to Ayesha and says I m sorry, I know what you said was for my good, but I got angry on you.

She says I don’t want you to take any bitter truths. Ayesha says its ok, but I m worried about Adi, who gave me a new life, but I will go to become a famous fashion consultant, lets end our fight today. She hugs Nafisa. Nafisa thinks our fight can never end.

Nafisa says Ayesha has changed, and fills Nani’s ears. Nani looks at Ayesha.

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