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US and JB are in for a shock to meet Marwar’s samant and his son. They have come to ask for Ajabdeh’s hand for marriage. Uma Devi is also present there. She smiles evilly in DB’s direction. Hansa Bai shows the shagun which they have brought. Uma Devi adds that that’s all that they all wanted. An equal match – a samant daughter and son will be a perfect match for each other.

Ajabdeh is getting ready. Daasi’s are adorning her with jewels. Pratap smiles as he looks at her from a distance. She too is smiling broadly. He looks at the rose that he has brought for her but quickly hides it as she turns to look at him. they both move towards each other. He holds out the rose for her. that auspicious moment has arrived today when you should know about my feelings for you. I have brought this flower to express my feelings (love) to you. She takes it with a smile. I knew that you will definitely come. We should marry before something wrong happens. He agrees. Looks like he has been day dreaming as he is suddenly brought back to reality by Ajabdeh voice. She doesn’t want to wear so much jewellery while he realises he has been dreaming. Now is the time to put forth the wedding proposal.

Mamrak ji introduces Toranmal and his family to US and his family. he is surprised to actually see them all here without any prior info. US, JB recall the happiness which their family had expressed on Pratap-Ajabdeh’s alliance. JB lies that they were just passing through Bijolia. We were going for kuldevi darshan so stopped by to meet you all. Uma Devi appreciates their thought. Tell Hansa ji and Mamrak ji about our choice of groom for Ajabdeh. She asks US’s opinion as well who cannot do anything but force a smile. It is bound to be good as it is your choice. JB tells VB that they should keep the shagun in their carts only. No one should get to know about it.

Ajabdeh declines to wear all this heavy jewellery or make up. Pratap realises that this isn’t the right time to say all this as she is not in a good mood. A daasi comes to tell her about US’s arrival in Bijolia palace which surprises her. Meanwhile, Pratap hides. She is sad to know about their arrival and suddenly notices Pratap’s reflection in the mirror. She sits down while looking at him and hurriedly starts getting ready. Pratap keeps watching her mesmerised as she dons a veil over her head. Daasi’s compliment her on her beauty. She dismisses them so they leave from there. She calls out for Pratap next. He is yet again brought back to reality. He walks inside holding the flower behind his back. He is smitten by her beauty and compliments her.

US tries to take Mamrak ji’s leave but he wants them to stay back till the ritual starts. JB talks about the puja at the kuldevi temple. Hansa Bai wants her to bless Ajabdeh as she considers her her own daughter. DB too insists so they have no option but to stay back.

Ajabdeh and Pratap are in the garden. He wanted to talk to her here only. She is getting late so asks him to speak up. He teases her about patience and keeps his finger on her lips as she tries to say something. They share a long eye lock. He tells her to be quiet. Today I will speak and you will have to listen to me. He tells her that there have been so many ups and downs in their relations / feelings since he has seen her. trust me, last time I had decided to stay away from you, not think about you but whenever I try to go away from you, you came near me. Sometimes I feel that if Meera Ma was here then she would have compared it with the similar feelings that she has for her aaradhya Krishna ji. I am doubly sure that we both are feeling the same way. He tells her to remember all their past meetings / incidents, you will realise what I am trying to say. She goes into flashback and recalls their very first meeting and many more after that. He is surprised at the bliss / peace / happiness that these memories bring to his heart. If they stay with us forever then it will be so good. He finally brings out the rose and holds it out for her. I know you are mesmerised by its fragrance. It is a symbol of love. She loves its fragrance and cherishes its soft petals with her closed eyes while he looks at her adoringly. I want to fill your life with a similar fragrance (happiness) by marrying you. She recalls Phool’s allegations that she snatched Pratap from her; DB telling her to stay away frmo them. He tells him about his father agreeing for this alliance. He is so impressed with you that he himself proposed for this. At this very moment, our parents are discussing the same thing. I thought to tell you about my feelings in the meanwhile. I always used to think about it but couldn’t say it out loud. She continues to cry with her back towards him. he mistakes her silence and continues to tlak about his happiness. I have never been happier. She asks him what he wants from her. truth is, your dreams can never turn out to be true as my alliance has been fixed with Marwar samant’s son. He is heartbroken to know this while she continues to cry. I am not worth your flower. Keep this with yourself. Give it to someone who is chosen as your life partner by fate. I don’t deserve it. the flower falls from his hand while he keeps looking at her with disbelief / pain.

Uma Devi gives gift to the groom. She wants the bride and groom to see each other now. Mamrak ji has done some special arrangements for the same. Toranmal ji will have a big pot full of water kept in front of him. Ajabdeh will pass from there and he can see her reflection in the water. JB suddenly realises that Pratap isn’t here with them. Hansa Bai goes into flashback recalling the bond shared by Ajabdeh-Pratap. She sends a daasi to bring him. Uma Devi wants to go and bring Ajabdeh herself. DB too accompanies her.

Pratap isn’t ready to believe it. how can you marry someone else? Don’t think about what will happen to me. think about yourself. You will cry for your whole life. Do you want to spend your whole life like that? She tells him to control himself but he doesn’t want to. I don’t lack anything. I am Pratap Singh who is highly praised in the entire Rajputana. My Rani Ma tells me that I am from Raja Ram’s lineage. Hansa Massi and Mamrak ji too think that I have very good values. You saw in Gandharv puja that so many princesses were after me to marry me but I dint look at any of them as I like you yet you agreed for someone else so easily? I wont listen to you. I have decided to marry you. Now I will marry you only. Just then Uma Devi and DB come there. They aren’t happy to see them together. Ajabdeh lies that they came here just now. Uma Devi tells Ajabdeh that Toranmal wants to see her reflection in water. She agrees. Pratap too wants to come along. I too want to see who this lucky many is. Uma Devi agrees. He is your friend after all. Pratap gestures Ajabdeh to go first. DB wonders as to why her sister allowed them to go together. Uma Devi replies that everything will happen according to her wish now. I sent them together as it is time to avenge for my Phool’s tears now.

Mamrak ji brings Toranmal to the room from where he can see Ajabdeh’s reflection. He leaves from there and Toranmal eyes the water expectantly.

Ajabdeh and Pratap are walking together in the corridor. He suddenly stops. She is confused. Why did you stop? The window is there. He thinks that he might not be able to see her so called groom from there. I want to look at him closely. He even misspells his name knowingly but then corrects it. she is all nervous and is surprised at his intentions of seeing Toranmal. He asks her about it. you were so confident a while ago and are nervous now? She denies feeling nervous. You can go wherever you want to. He leaves from there. She keeps looking in his direction but he is gone. Daasi’s come there so she resumes walking in the direction of that particular window. Just when Ajabdeh is about to reach the window, Pratap throws a pebble in the pot which blurs her image in the water. By the time Toranmal looks up she moves aside. He leaves from there in a huff just when she comes back but he doesn’t see her.

Pratap comes to where Ajabdeh is. He smiles as he looks at her reflection in the smaller pot that he is holding in his hand. She is shocked to realise what he did. He praises his aim. She tries to make him understand the reality but he grows serious. But then he bursts out laughing. I have looked into your eyes and have read your heart. You are not good at lying. My name is Pratap Singh. She tells him that she has decided to go ahead with this wedding. I expect you not to do all this ever again. it doesn’t suit you. He is not ready to budge. You think I am unable to see the last ray of hope in your eyes regarding our marriage? She lowers her eyes. They cutely fight over it. he wants to know why she agreed to let him come with her. She promises that she wont let him have any other doubt from now onwards. He fakes to be hurt but cannot control his laughter. You are talking about going away from me but you are still here. She turns to go but then questions him about it. you are coming after me and not the other way round. He promises that once they get married she will never ask him to go away from her. she is sure it can never happen. He is hopeful. He tosses a coin in the air and then gives it to her. this is for your Toranmal ji. She prays that the guests are saved from his mischievousness.

Uma Devi and DB come out as they watch Pratap goes from there. He stops to greet them and then leaves. DB is sure that this alliance can get cancelled if Toranmal gets to know that Ajabdeh has feelings for Pratap and vice versa. I have seen bigger and stronger people run away from the warzone upon seeing Pratap. Your groom is not some special case. Uma Devi is sure that nothing can go wrong now. I will make sure about it.

Chakrapani wants to know how Pratap will stop this marriage now. He is sure he will find some way. The good thing is that the guy hasn’t seen the girl yet. The engagement date cannot be confirmed till it happens. He comes to the place where all the elders are sitting. Mamrak ji asks Toranmal if he liked Ajabdeh. He is confused what to say as he couldn’t see her. Pratap is confident that he would say no but to his shock, Toranmal praises Ajabdeh. US and JB are not happy whereas Mamrak ji and Hansa Bai hug their new relatives. Chakrapani wants to confront Toranmal right away but Pratap stops him. I know what to do. He goes from there. Engagement is finalised after two days time. US and JB too congratulate the proud parents. JB leaves from there followed by VB and US which surprises Hansa Bai.

In her room, Ajabdeh recalls Pratap’s proposal; his pain upon knowing about her alliance. Uma Devi comes to meet her. she is not happy to see her without all the makeup and jewellery. What if your in-laws see you like this? You should be all decked up right now. I will do it for you. She talks to her about Phool’s eagerness to marry Pratap; her getting so many clothes, ornaments ready for the same. I am happy that you both have forgotten whatever happened in the past and are moving ahead in life by choosing the right guys for yourself. You look beautiful. I will call you once all the preps are done. Ajabdeh looks in the mirror with a worried expression on her face.

Precap: Akbar has finally come to know that Pratap has won over Ajmer and Alwar long ago. Chakrapani creates doubt in Toranmal’s mind. Who can it be who doesn’t want you to marry Ajabdeh? It might be someone stronger than you. Chakrapani tells Pratap that he has a info after which Ajabdeh and Toranmal’s alliance cannot happen.

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