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Ansari is angry as she and her husband both have fooled Pakistani police. We policemen aren’t bad. We are just doing our duty. If you and your husband are innocent then we might help you in sending you back to your country, I promise. Meethi too wants to trust him. He again wants to know about the guy who has helped Akash in escaping. She takes Asgar’s name. Trust me he did all that without any wrong motive. He did it to send me and my husband back to India. She pleads him to punish her but they are not to be blamed. He claps for her. You have formed a nice relation with that Pakistani family. they save you while you try to save them.

Kajri stops Maiyya who gets upset on her. I have told you so many times not to interrupt me when I am going outside. Kajri thought that she would be happy after talking to Meethi. maiyya affirms. She had taken a mannat (wish) and is going to offer silver slippers for that only. You stay near the phone. If Akash calls then tell him that I have realised my mistake and I repent it. explain it to him ok. She leaves for the temple. Kajri prays that everything goes well with Akash and Meethi now.

Meethi tells Ansari that Asgar ji has kept Akash in a safe place so that police is unable to locate him. he is only helping us but then Khalid bhaijaan was murdered. If that incident wouldn’t have happened then we would have reached India by now. I have told you everything. You promised to help us. He is still not ready to believe her. you might be telling me another story like always. You both might be a terrorist. You might be after a new target after the bomb blast and Aman ki Dua. Do you think I am mad? He walks out from there while she continues to plead her and Akash’s innocence. You promised to help me. Trust me we are innocent.

Maiyya takes garland from a florist outside the temple and also leaves her slippers there when the lady tells her to.

Ansari wonders if Meethi is telling the truth or knitting some new story. Is it all true? Or is she some clever criminal from India? How do I trust her? On the other hand, Meethi prays to Lord Ganpati. I have followed your path. I have told the entire truth to Ansari ji. Save me and Akash now as you know that we are innocent. Ganpati chant plays as Ansari finally notices Meethi’s photo by some stroke of luck. He looks at it in shock. He recalls the call from Indian officer telling him about Damini and Meethi travelling in that train and how Meethi is missing since then.

Maiyya prays for Akash and Meethi’s safe return, accepting all her mistakes. I lost my son in the process. Now I want my son and DIL back in the house. A thief notices the silver sandals that Maiyya has brought as an offering. The priest tells her to wait for the main priest of the temple. The thief steals the sandals and runs away but the lady (florist) takes it from the thief. She gets hurt in the process as the guy pushes her. It is Malvika. maiyya offers to take her to some clinic or hospital but the lady declines. distribute something in the poor if you want to do something. Maiyya is surprised so she decides to buy all the flowers from her shop.

Ansari has called up at the Indian police station to inform them about Meethi. I would need her ID and necessary documents to prove it here in Pakistan that she is innocent. The Indian police inspector agrees to do so asap. Ansari is surprised that he was wrong for the first time in life. He tells the lady constable to bring Meethi here. He is thankful that some innocent wasn’t punished.

The main priest keeps Maiyya’s offering in front of the Shiv ji idol. Malvika wants justice for Ambika. I am very close to my destination now. She will be in your home very soon Ekadish ji.

Ansari affirms Meethi that she was right. She is happy to know that she and Akash can go back to India now as he had promised. He points out that they both came here illegally. It is my responsibility to hand you over to Indian police asap. He tells the lady constable to start the process asap. Meethi declines to go back alone. I will go back with Akash only. He assures her that Akash’s documents will be invited as well. If he is also innocent like you then he too will be sent back to India. She nods. He asks about Akash but she has no clue about the exact location. Only Asgar ji knows about it. he agrees to call him here. Just then Asgar walks in. Ansari calls his timings perfect. Your guest has told me everything honestly.

Maiyya is going home in her car. She watches how the strong wind blows away that lady’s (Malvika’s) make shift home. She feels bad about it and gets down the car. She tells the lady to come with her to her home. Malvika’s mission is successful. She looks relieved.

Asgar brings Ansari to the place where he had kept Akash. Juman chacha is holding his head and muttering in pain while the room is in a mess. He hit me on the head and ran away. meethi comes to meet Akash but is surprised to see the state of this room. Asgar adds fuel to the fire. He gets up to go look for Akash as well but Ansari stops him. I want to ask you so many questions. I have doubt on you. You came in jail as fake poice commissioner and then helped Akash in escaping. You kept him here but he is absconding now. It might be that you have kept him somewhere. Asgar cross questions about it. what can be the motive behind it? ansari replies that there is no reason for what all he has done so far. I am warning you. If I don’t find Akash then I will put you in jail. Meethi still talks in Asgar’s favour. Don’t doubt him for no reason. ansari doesn’t want her opinion on it. I doubted upon you and my doubt wasn’t wrong though I made a mistake. I trusted Rizvi family a little too much which I wont do anymore. Asgar tells him that there has been a murder in their house yet he has come to help her. is it wrong? What will I get by hiding Akash? What did I get by sheltering Meethi in our home? If you still doubt my intentions and your law is more than humanity then I am ready to be handcuffed. Ansari isn’t ready to show any lenience towards him. you have helped a Pakistani criminal escape from the jail. You are a criminal in the eyes of law. Meethi continues to plead to him. he is amazed that she isn’t worried about her missing husband but Asgar. Meethi is worried for Akash but she doesn’t want to put Asgar’s life in risk for helping her. ansari warns Asgar not to play with their country’s law. Nobody from your family (including you) will go out of town or country till we send Meethi and Akash to India. Asgar tells him to trust them as they aren’t criminal. Ansari has asked Rehmat Ula to bring Akash’s photo (taken when he was arrested by him). it will help us in finding Akash. He promises to keep them informed. Asgar and Meethi leave.

Precap: Meethi asks Asgar to call her when he gets any info about Akash. She gets down the car. She comes back to look for the anklet in the car. It has fallen here somewhere. Akash is in the back seat of the car (unconscious).

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